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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Kami \Ka"mi\, n. pl. [Japanese, god.] A title given to the celestial gods of the first mythical dynasty of Japan and extended to the demigods of the second dynasty, and then to the long line of spiritual princes still represented by the mikado.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Japanese for "superior, lord," a title given to governors, also used of deities; the word was chosen by Japanese converts and Protestant missionaries to refer to the Christian god.


n. 1 An animistic God or spirit in the Shinto religion of Japan. 2 A basic origami paper, usually printed with a colour or pattern on one side.


KAMI, derived from the IndonesiaKesatuan Aksi Mahasiswa Indonesia ("Indonesian Students Action Forum") was an Indonesian anti-communist group formed on 27 October 1965.

It consisted of Islamic, Catholic, and former Indonesian Socialist Party (PSI) members. KAMI and other anti-communist student groups were backed by the army and organised anti- Sukarno protests which helped strengthen general Suharto's position following the abortive coup attempt that led to the downfall of Indonesian founding president Sukarno. Following the killing of two student demonstrators outside the Presidential Palace in February 1966, Sukarno officially banned KAMI. This was, however, ignored by the students and their army supporters.

Similar groups formed at this time of retaliation against Communists (who had been blamed for the coup attempt) included a high school students' front, KAPPI (Kesatuan Aksi Pelajar Pemuda Indonesia, "Indonesian Youth and Students' Action Front"), and a university graduates' front, KASI (Kesatuan Aksi Sarjana Indonesia). These two groups were formed in early 1966 and had a core made up of members of the Muslim group Masyumi and Indonesian Socialist Party.

Kami (disambiguation)

Kami is the being of worship in the Japanese ( Shintō) tradition.

Kami may also refer to:

  • Kami (1982 film), a 1982 Malaysian film
  • Kami (2008 film), a 2008 Malay film based on the TV series of the same name
  • Kami, a character in the manga and anime series of Dragon Ball
  • KAMI (an Indonesian anti-communist group formed on 27 October 1965)
  • Kami-sama or The Almighty (Oh My Goddess!), a character in the manga and anime Oh My Goddess!
  • Kami (Takalani Sesame), a character on children's television show Takalani Sesame, notable for being HIV-positive
  • Kami (musician), a drummer in the j-rock group Malice Mizer
  • Kami (Magic the Gathering), a race of spirit creatures in the Magic: The Gathering set "Champions of Kamigawa"
  • Kami (caste), a social caste in Nepal
  • Kami people, a people in Tanzania
  • Rasu Kami, a small village in Tripura state of India
  • Kami (official), the highest rank of Kokushi
  • KAMI (AM), a radio station (1580 AM) licensed to Cozad, Nebraska, United States
  • Origami paper: kami is a type of paper often used for origami
Kami (Takalani Sesame)

Kami is a character on Takalani Sesame ("be happy Sesame" in Venda) and Sesame Square, the respective South African and Nigerian versions of the children's television program Sesame Street.

In 2002, Sesame Workshop announced that an HIV-positive character would be introduced to Takalani Sesame, the U.S. Agency for International Development-funded South African version of the show. This idea was considered crucial for an area where AIDS is an epidemic. The HIV+ character's name, Kami, is derived from Kamogelo, which means acceptance or 'a welcoming' in Setswana. Kami is a furry yellow five-year-old HIV-positive girl muppet orphaned by AIDS who always has the sniffles. Her backstory is that she contracted the disease as the result of a transfusion of tainted blood received as an infant; her mother also died of HIV/AIDS. Kami illustrates to Takalani's viewers how to deal with loss and sad feelings in a way that three- to seven-year-olds can understand.

Kami was originally presented by Joel Schneider at the 14th International AIDS Conference in Barcelona, Spain in 2002. Media reports at that time gave many the impression that this character was proposed for the American version of the program; some conservatives vigorously opposed the idea on the grounds that such a character could be "used to teach tolerance and acceptance of homosexuals".

Republican congressmen Billy Tauzin, Chip Pickering, Fred Upton, Joe Barton, Richard Burr and Cliff Stearns also cautioned PBS against introducing similarly-affected Muppets to an American audience, reminding PBS that Congress could withhold funding.

Kami has appeared at the United Nations and at the World Bank and was interviewed by Katie Couric on NBC news. Kami was named UNICEF's Champion for Children in November 2003 and has appeared in Takalani segments alongside Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela, amongst others.

Kami (musician)

, better known by his stage name Kami, was a Japanese musician best known as drummer for the visual kei rock band Malice Mizer. He died on June 21, 1999 in his sleep of a subarachnoid hemorrhage at the age of 27.

Kami (1982 film)

Kami is a 1982 Malaysian drama film. It is notable as being the only feature film featuring Sudirman Haji Arshad, a successful Malay singer dubbed the "Singing Lawyer" as he was a law graduate from the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur (an academic background almost unheard of among Malay entertainers). The film is written and directed Patrick Yeoh, who was notable as being the first non-Malay in several decades to direct a Malay film.

The film is unusual for its time, not following the conventional Bollywood influenced formula that typified Malay films of the era.

Kami (caste)

Kami (Nepali: कामी) is a community in Nepal, Darjeeling, Sikkim that belongs to the Indo-Aryan ethnic group. Kamis are essentially blacksmiths and goldsmiths and are scattered across almost all hilly districts of Nepal, districts of Sikkim, Darjeeling (a District of W.B), and Assam; some have settled in other parts of India as well. They are also known as Vishwakarma or Bishwakarma.

The Kami are traditionally held to be the descendants of God or Lord Vishwakarma. The word kami may derive from the Sanskrit word karma or kam, meaning "work". The Kami make the famous Khukuri knives used by the Gurkha Army, and a traditional Nepali drum called a Madal. They are also expert performers of the traditional folk dance Maruni Nritya.

According to the 2001 Nepal census, there were a total of 895,954 Kami in the country, of whom 96.69% were Hindus and 2.21% were Buddhists.

Kami (2008 film)

Kami is a 2008 Malaysian drama film directed by Effendee Mazlan and Fariza Azlina Isahak. It was first released on 1 October 2008. The story revolves around the ups and downs of the life of five teenagers and how they cope with their surroundings.


KAMI (1580 AM) is a radio station serving Cozad, Nebraska. Owned by the Nebraska Rural Radio Association, it broadcasts a classic country format branded as Country Legends 100.1 FM and KAMI 1580.

Kami (publisher)

Kami is a French comics publisher. It publishes manga, manhwa and manfra. It cancelled the publication of most of its titles in 2010.

Kami (app)

Kami (formerly known as Notable PDF) is an Auckland-based cloud-based company that is known for its document and files reader, editor and a collaborative tool which is also available in the Google Marketplace.

Usage examples of "kami".

At the beginning of the eighteenth century there lived a daimio, called Asano Takumi no Kami, the Lord of the castle of Ako, in the province of Harima.

His Highness the Maharajadhiraj Raj Rajeshwar Narendra Kami Shriomani Sawai fai Maharaja Sri Ganga Muazzam Singhji Jah Bahadur!

Kamis, and claimed, as is our custom, a Lakan valley large enough to feed all those lost on this front in this war.

Church was well represented by Bishop Ignacy of Cracow, plus the Polish bishops of Plock, Poznan, Wroclaw, Lubusz, Wloclawek, and Kamien, and the Archbishop of Gniezno, along with hundreds of minor clerics.

In the province of Shimosa, and the district of Soma, Hotta Kaga no Kami was lord of the castle of Sakura, and chief of a family which had for generations produced famous warriors.

On a height, the most conspicuous of them all, is the great red gateway of the yashiki, now occupied by the French Military Mission, formerly the residence of Ii Kamon no Kami, one of the great actors in recent historic events, who was assassinated not far off, outside the Sakaruda gate of the castle.

His steps were long, aggressive, permitting no possibility of pause or retreat, the steps that were habitually his before he took the two hundred fifty vows of monkhood, when he was the samurai Tanaka Hidetada, commander of cavalry, sworn vassal in life and in death of Okumichi no kami Kiyori, the late Great Lord of Akaoka.

She sometimes found it difficult to believe that any real kami would inhabit a plex like Newark, but even mat was easier to accept than the lectures of the Buddhists.

And, after returning many thanks to their hosts, they left the palace of the Prince of Sendai and hastened to Sengakuji, where they were met by the abbot of the monastery, who went to the front gate to receive them, and led them to the tomb of Takumi no Kami.

  And then the kaleidoscope clicked home and all the rectangles folded into place in his mind, all antimonies collapsed  to a single, beautiful rose, the heart of the areophany, kami suffused with viriditas, both fully red and fully green at one and the same time.

And then the kaleidoscope clicked home and all the rectangles folded into place in his mind, all antimonies collapsed to a single, beautiful rose, the heart of the areophany, kami suffused with viriditas, both fully red and fully green at one and the same time.

The two opening sections of this book treat of kami that were in the minds even of the makers of the myths little more than mud and water[13]--the mere bioplasm of deity.

With the Kami one can word process, do update spreadsheets, downlink and uplink to office computers, receive and send vid-byte faxes and vidmail, buy, sell virtually anything, transact business on all the financial bourses.

With the Kami one canword process, do update spreadsheets, downlink and uplink to office computers, receive and send vid-byte faxes and vid-mail, buy, sell virtually anything, transact business on all the financial bourses.

Kami said from beneath his breathing apparatus, while the Karbarrans were busy hurling comminations at Baldan.