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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ At one stroke they will become the biggest mass-market paperback publishers after Penguin.
▪ Higher education staff see their academic imprimatur as more important in career terms than being accepted by a commercial publisher.
▪ Most of the larger publishers issue two kinds of list.
▪ Yet, some large publishers are still hesitant about committing any money to a black magazine project.
▪ Frith &038; Co. became the largest photographic publisher in the world.
▪ The largest audio publishers release between 70 and 100 new titles a year.
▪ Primary Primary publishing remains a strong growth area, with most of the major publishers producing new courses.
▪ At most major newspapers, publishers control opinion pages but leave decisions on news stories to editors.
▪ However, major publishers will usually supply photocopies of items which are out of print.
▪ Continuing its miraculous journey, the book became the subject of a bidding war among three major New York publishers.
▪ A listing of major factual book publishers may also be of help.
▪ The company had more titles at higher levels than did other publishers.
▪ Approximately half the book production work is material published by Oxford University Press, the remainder obtained from other publishers.
▪ The situation facing other publishers is no better.
▪ The Airlift Sales Group representatives remain as listed in catalogues and continue to represent other distributed publishers.
▪ This last defence might well be available to a book publisher.
▪ But that might change if a coalition of software and book publishers and film and record companies has its way.
▪ Free delivery is usually offered on orders above £100 to £150, but unlike most book publishers all sales are firm.
▪ Often, the book publisher, not the author, picks up the tab.
▪ The second is donated by Ian Allen, the well-known transport book publisher.
▪ I worked for a book publisher back in New York.
▪ In the next chapter, we deal with activity by chip-based electronic book publishers and review the latest products reaching the market.
▪ A kiss-and-tell look behind the scenes of a sport always turns heads with book publishers.
▪ Technical standards unite this cottage industry of desk-top publishing with the presses of newspaper and magazine publishers.
▪ The magazine publisher had always hoped that supply-side guru Jack Kemp would head the Republican ticket.
▪ The magazine publisher will formally announce his withdrawal in Washington Thursday.
▪ Opponents claim the millionaire publisher is trying to buy votes with his fat checkbook.
▪ A music publisher will give writers an advance.
▪ Daly the music publisher was nice enough, but hardly a friend.
▪ The Schroeder case concerned an agreement between a young songwriter and a music publisher.
▪ Those first days of their honeymoon in New York, the music publishers had fallen over themselves to entertain the couple.
▪ Today there are far fewer music publishers than previously in Britain.
▪ The music publisher represents the writer and their compositions.
▪ There has also been a high turnover of state Senate leaders, House speakers and even local newspaper publishers.
▪ Loeb, the newspaper publisher, gained a national reputation as a spiteful manipulator of politics.
▪ To complete the link, he even bought his factory from the disgraced newspaper publisher!
▪ Like all the other newspaper publishers in the city, Harrison Gray Otis had been operating under a self-imposed gag rule.
▪ She also served as chairman of the newspaper publishers group.
▪ But even notoriously conservative newspaper publishers recognize that the Web is a radical and powerful publishing medium.
▪ After initial evaluations with various software publishers, Intergraph finally selected Tetra's Chameleon package.
▪ Spyglass licenses its programs to other software publishers including Microsoft Corp.
▪ There are business deals linking cable companies with entertainment providers, phone companies with movie studios, software publishers with hardware makers.
▪ These files are usually available on bulletin boards and Web sites set up by the individual software publishers.
▪ Retailers and software publishers are also catching on.
▪ Jane Eyre was not the first book that Charlotte had sent to a publisher.
▪ Entry forms are being sent to publishers this month.
▪ As a result, the school penalized the student publishers, and they took their case to court.
▪ Audiobook publishers want you to listen up.
▪ But publishers of blockbusters and mass retailers may gain if they can shift demand away from less-popular titles and specialized bookshops.
▪ However, for such publishers, the launching pad is there if they wish to see and use it.
▪ In ten years, he was editor and publisher of the Tribune, and a rich man.
▪ Not much on contemporary art but a sprinkling of the new art history proves that publishers are aware of current trends.
▪ The guides cost 60p each and can be bought from most chandlers and marinas or direct from the publishers.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Publisher \Pub"lish*er\, n. One who publishes; as, a publisher of a book or magazine.

For love of you, not hate unto my friend, Hath made me publisher of this pretense.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., "one who announces in public," agent noun from publish (v.). Meaning "one whose business is bringing out for sale books, periodicals, engravings, etc." is from 1740.


n. One who publishes, especially books.

  1. n. a firm in the publishing business [syn: publishing house, publishing firm, publishing company]

  2. a person engaged in publishing periodicals or books or music

  3. the proprietor of a newspaper [syn: newspaper publisher]

Publisher (disambiguation)

The term publisher refers to a person or company that is engaged in publishing.

The term may also refer to:

  • Microsoft Publisher, a desktop publishing software application
  • Newspaper publisher, the top executive who controls the publication
  • Video game publisher, a manufacturer and marketer of video games

Usage examples of "publisher".

Socialist papers, nor would money be spent in this way by their publishers, unless the atheistic and anti-religious works found many purchasers among those who inserted a plank in their party platform stating that the Socialist movement was primarily an economic one and was not concerned with matters of religious belief.

Golightly The Nipper Lanky Jones Blue Baccy Nancy Nutall and the Mongrel Our John Willie Bill and the Mary Ann Shaughnessy AUTOBIOGRAPHY Our Kate Catherine Cookson Country Let Me Make Myself Plain WRITING AS CATHERINE MAR CHANT House of Men Heritage of Folly The Fen Tiger THE House of Women CORGI BOOKS THE HOUSE OF WOMEN A CORGI BOOK 0 552 13303 5 Originally published in Great Britain by Bantam Press a division of Transworld Publishers Ltd PRINTING HISTORY Bantam Press edition published 1992 Corgi edition published 1993 Corgi edition reprinted 1993 Copyright Catherine Cookson 1992 The right of Catherine Cookson to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted in accordance with sections 77 and 78 of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Golightly The Nipper Lanky Jones Blue Baccy Nancy Nutall and the Mongrel Our John Willie AUTOBIOGRAPHY Our Kate Catherine Cookson Country Let Me Make Myself Plain WRITING AS CATHERINE MAR CHANT House of Men Heritage of Folly The Fen Tiger THE GILLYVORS Catherine Cookson CORGI BOOKS THE GILLYVORS A CORGI BOOK 0 552 13621 2 Originally published in Great Britain by Bantam Press, a division of Transworld Publishers Ltd PRINTING HISTORY Bantam Press edition published 1990 Corgi edition published 1991 Corgi edition reissued 1991 Copyright Catherine Cookson 1990 The right of Catherine Cookson to be identified as author of this work has been asserted in accordance with sections 77 and 78 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

And Madame Vauthier, formerly cook to the publisher Barbet, one of the hardest lenders of money by the week, slipped along behind her two tenants so as to be able to overtake Godefroid as soon as his conversation with Monsieur Bernard came to an end.

So you are a publisher, and you have come here to get my work away from Barbet, Metivier, and Morand?

While he was battling for the refractory scroll with his pocket, which turned half wrong side out, and acted as things always do when people are nervous and in a hurry, the publisher directed his conversation again to Master Byles Gridley.

The manuscript was written in French and came into the possession of the publisher Brockhaus, of Leipzig, who had it translated into German, and printed.

And Ben came to write the most scin-tillating cookery book ever to set sail through the post in hopes of landing a publisher.

It passed through many editions and was honored by being pirated by the Giunta, famous printer publishers in Florence, who even copied the famous Aldine mark of the Dolphin and Anchor.

As long as the print publishers remain in control of erights, we will continue to get the stupid, encryption-based schemes that are based more on fear than on understanding of how readers search for and respond to stories.

If the most experienced publishers feared to be out of pocket by the work, it was manifest, a fortiori, that its writers ran a risk of being still more heavy losers, should they undertake the publication on their own account.

I am especially grateful to my publisher Michael Heyward, whose unstinting enthusiasm kickstarted me many times whilst I was writing, and whose editing is magnificent.

Marion Crawford83 MIDNIGHT EXPRESS Alfred Noyes110 THE DAMNED THING Ambrose Bierce116 THE METRONOME August Derleth 127 THE PIPE-SMOKER Martin Armstrong134 THE CORPSE AT THE TABLE 144 Samuel Hopkins Adams THE WOMAN AT SEVEN BROTHERS Wilbur Daniel Steele THE BOOK Margaret Irwin 173 Alfred Hitchcock Speaking of Terror A collection of stories of suspense which I edited for Dell Books having proved a success, the publishers asked me to bring together a group of tales which I admire because of their skillful handling of the element of terror.

And Hurd could always comfort himself with the knowledge that his execution, if spectacular enough, would do wonders for his reputation, create an instant demand for his poems, and vastly enrich his publishers and heirs, if any.

I leave to others to determine how much censure an editor deserves for inveigling a weak, non-combatant man, also a publisher, to a pen of his own to be horsewhipped, if no worse, for the simple printing of what is verbally in the mouth of nine out of ten men, and women too, upon the street.