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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Kama \Ka"ma\ (k[aum]"m[aum]), n. [Skr. k[=a]ma love, the god of love.]

  1. The Hindu Cupid. He is represented as a beautiful youth, with a bow of sugar cane or flowers.

  2. Desire; animal passion;

    Note: supposed to create the

    ka"ma ru"pa (r[=oo]p[.a]) [Skr. r[=u]pa shape, image], a kind of simulacrum or astral likeness of a man which exists after his death in an invisible plane of being, called

    ka"ma lo"ca (l[=o]"k[.a]) [Skr. l[=o]ka space, world], until the impulses which created it are exhausted and it finally fades away.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Etymology 1 n. A sickle-like weapon, originally used as a tool for cutting weeds. Etymology 2

n. (cx India English) wish, longing, desire (with or without sexual connotations); one of the goals of life in Hindu tradition

Kama (weapon)

The (sometimes referred to as the kai or double kai. Kama made with intentionally dull blades for kata demonstration purposes are referred to as kata kai) is a traditional Filipino and Japanese farming implement similar to a sickle used for reaping crops and also employed as a weapon. The kama is often included in weapon training segments of martial arts, silat and in some Chinese martial arts.


KAMA or Kama may refer to:

  • Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association
  • KAMA (AM), a radio station (750 AM) licensed to El Paso, Texas, United States
  • KAMA-FM, a radio station (104.9 FM) licensed to Missouri City, Texas, United States
  • Kama, a professional wrestling gimmick portrayed by Charles Wright (wrestler)
  • the ICAO code for Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport
  • Kama, Sanskrit word for pleasure.
Kama (Japanese tea ceremony)

Kama (釜) is a Japanese term meaning metal pot or kettle. The specific term for a kama used in Japanese tea ceremony is chagama (茶釜, "tea kettle"). Kama are made of cast iron, and are used to heat the water used to make tea.

Kama (food)

Kama (in Estonian) or talkkuna (in Finnish) is a traditional Estonian and Finnish finely milled flour mixture. The kama or talkkuna powder is a mixture of roasted barley, rye, oat and pea flour. The oat flour may be completely replaced by wheat flour, or kibbled black beans may be added to the mixture.

Historically kama was a non-perishable, easy-to-carry food that could be quickly fashioned into a stomach-filling snack by rolling it into butter or lard; it didn't require baking, as it was already roasted.

Nowadays it is used for making some desserts. It is mostly enjoyed for breakfast mixed with milk, buttermilk or kefir as mush. It is frequently sweetened with sugar and especially with blueberry, more rarely with other fruits or honey or served unsweetened. It is also used for milk or sour desserts, together with the forest berries typical in Estonia and Finland.

Kama can be bought as a souvenir in Estonia. It is one of the most distinctive national foods of Estonia.

A similar product is skrädmjöl, a flour, consisting exclusively of roasted oats, which is traditionally made in the Swedish province of Värmland. It was brought there by Forest Finns.

In colloquial Finnish and Estonian, "kama" also means "things, stuff", but can also refer to narcotics.


KAMA (750 AM) is a radio station broadcasting a Spanish News/Talk format. Licensed to El Paso, Texas, USA, the station serves the El Paso area. The station is currently owned by Univision Communications through its licensee Tichenor License Corporation and features programming from Univision Radio.

Kama (disambiguation)

Kama is translated from Sanskrit as pleasure, sensual gratification, sexual fulfillment or the aesthetic enjoyment of life

Kama may also refer to:

Kama (surname)

Kama is a surname found among the Serer people in West Africa. It may refer to:

  • Aliyu Kama (born 1949), Nigerian general
  • Francis Kama Massampu (born 1991), French football player
  • Laity Kama (1939–2001), Senegalese lawyer

Usage examples of "kama".

His object now was to get across the Jambu Bum and engage the enemy in the Shaduzup area while he sent another enveloping arm around behind them to cut off their retreat to Kamaing, the central Japanese position in the Mogaung valley.

As the season went on, and the drivers could pick and choose less, big Kamas would regularly do this journey.

Poised between awareness and forgetfulness, Kama waited in the heart of the exclusive space bounded by Lache and the fire.

Kama asked, as much to keep Peony talking about Lache as to distract herself from her job.

Assuming he and Kama returned to the twenty-first century, would they lose their memories of Overbridge, or have to live with an overwhelming sense of loss?

Elizabeth had as natural qualities more of the sixty-four arts of the Kama Shastra than Nicola ever hoped to attain.

Iiseux in Paris during 1885, and the Kama Shastra Society edition, translated from French into English by Sir Richard Burton, was published in 1886.

The double river-systems of the Volga and Kama, the Obi and Irtish, the Angara and Yenisei, the Lena and Vitim on the Arctic slope, the Amur and Sungari on the Pacific slope, are instances.

Then the wife of Kama ran to Brahma, tearing her hair, beating her breast, and moaning inconsolably over the loss of her husband.

The two of them then danced the tandav, the great and terrible dance of procreation, awakening the entire universe with their tantric sexuality, and at the moment of their joining, by using the formidable energies unleashed by their union, Lord Brahma was able to restore Kama to his body.

He always had a woman tucked away somewhere, be it in Persian Lar or an English town, but his attitude was pure Oriental: a Pekinese prince in need of a concubine—someone who played and sang, spoke only when spoken to, had studied the Kama Sutra backward, frontward and sideways, and probably jingled when she walked.

And he can show his Japanese pillow book or illustrated Kama Sutra to select friends over brandy and cigars and be congratulated on his acquisition and refined tastes.

She's like three thousand years old and knows every position in the Kama Sutra!

Alex allowed a moment's fantasy about the official IFGS Kama Sutra.

He'd been tempted to take her with him, Her compact brown body was the absolute best screw ever, like her brain was loaded with Kama Sutra software.