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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Kain \Kain\, n. (Scots Law) Poultry, etc., required by the lease to be paid in kind by a tenant to his landlord.
--Wharton (Law Dict.).


n. (context Scotland legal English) poultry, etc., required by the lease to be paid in kind by a tenant to the landlord

Kain (Legacy of Kain)

Kain is a fictional character, and the main protagonist and title character of the Legacy of Kain video game series. First introduced in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain in 1996, he was created by Denis Dyack and Silicon Knights, and has appeared in all subsequent Legacy of Kain games under the direction of developer Crystal Dynamics. Between games, he serves as either the central playable character, or as an antagonist, but in all his depictions he has consistently been described as an antihero.

Drawing inspiration from the morally-ambiguous character of William Munny from Clint Eastwood's 1992 film Unforgiven, Silicon Knights conceived Kain as a nobleman murdered and revived as a vampire to take revenge on his assassins. He gradually embraces his new existence, and learns of his birthright to maintain balance in Nosgoth (the fictional setting of the series). Crystal Dynamics later portrayed Kain as an Oedipus-like figure, seeking to thwart the fate determined for him before his birth.

Beyond his role in the series, Kain has also featured in tie-in comics, and in Crystal Dynamics' Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. In all of his voiced appearances, he has been played by actor Simon Templeman. He has been favorably received by video game critics and enthusiasts, with praise attributed to his antagonistic role in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, and his status as a strong example of a memorable, nuanced antihero in the medium.


Kain may refer to:

  • Kain (given name)
  • Kain (surname)
  • Kain Department, a department in the Yatenga Province of Burkina Faso
  • Mount Kain, a mountain in the Fraser River Valley of Mount Robson Provincial Park, Canada
  • Kaïn, a folk rock group from Quebec
  • Kain (Legacy of Kain), the protagonist of the Legacy of Kain series of videogames
  • Kain (Tenchi Muyo!), a character from Tenchi Muyo! in Love
  • Kain, an archetype in Fire Emblem
  • Kain, a former municipality part of Tournai, Belgium
  • KAIN-LP, a defunct low-power television station (channel 55) formerly licensed to Natchitoches, Louisiana, United States
  • A former name for Qaen, Iran
  • Kain panjang, a traditional cloth from Indonesia, often patterned with batik or ikat'
  • Kain the Dragoon from Final Fantasy IV.

Kaïn is a folk rock group from the town of Drummondville, Quebec, Canada. The group of four is made up of Steve Veilleux (vocals, electric and acoustic guitar), Yanick Blanchette (drums and vocals), Patrick Lemieux (electric and acoustic guitar, banjo, harmonica and vocals) and Éric Maheu (bass guitar). Their style is a blend of rock and roll with Quebec folk music.

Kain (given name)

Kain is a masculine given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Kain Bond (born 1985), footballer
  • Kain Kong, bass player from The Lookouts
  • Kain Massin, Australian writer
  • Kain O'Keeffe, Australian Actor
  • Kain Tapper (1930–2004), sculptor
  • Kain Taylor (born 1967), footballer
  • Kain Bouzane, Canadian Animator

Fictional characters:

  • Kain Highwind in the Square Co., Ltd. game Final Fantasy IV
  • Kain Phalanx from Shadow Skill
Kain (surname)

Kain is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Andy Kain, rugby league player
  • Bob Kain, businessman
  • Conrad Kain (1883–1934), guide
  • Edgar James "Cobber" Kain (1918–1940), pilot
  • Gabriella Kain (born 1981), Swedish handball goalkeeper
  • Gylan Kain, poet/playwright
  • John Kain, rugby league player
  • John Joseph Kain, Archbishop
  • Karen Kain (born 1951), Canadian dancer
  • Kevin Kain, Canadian doctor
  • Khalil Kain (born 1964), actor
  • Lekain (1728–1778), actor
  • Saul Kain, moniker of
  • Shauna Kain, actress
  • Sophie Kain, research scientist on the Apprentice
  • Stuart Kain, rugby league player for Featherstone Rovers
  • Tom Kain (born 1963), businessman
  • Tyler Kain (born 1982), actress

Usage examples of "kain".

An’, Miss Scarlett, Ah got ter honin’ fer Miss Ellen an’ Tara, tell it look lak Ah kain stan’ it no longer, an’ one night Ah lit out fer home, an’ Ah rid de freight cahs all de way down ter ‘Lanta.

Danny Dew followed Lily Kain, wondering how he could pretend to trip and grab hold of either her ass or her jugs to keep from fall­ing.

Trust me, I’ve been around since before most of your grandparents were buying their first tooth sharpeners, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned—” Kain then went into another coughing fit.