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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
shock jock
▪ I sat there quietly listening, trying to decide what to do with his forced jock talk.
▪ If he blows, take him out, put another jock on.
▪ She is a jock from a family of jocks, articulate only in that special, odd way that coaches are articulate.
▪ The jocks lined up to keep any sympathizers from joining us.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

jockstrap \jock"strap`\ (j[o^]k"str[a^]p), n. 1. A supporting undergarment for the external genitals worn by men engaging in vigorous athletic sports or strenuous exercise; called also athletic supporter and jock.

Syn: athletic supporter.


jock \jock\ n.

  1. a person trained to compete in sports; an athlete.

    Syn: athlete.

  2. A jockstrap.

  3. A disk jockey.

    shock jock a radio talk-show host who is notorious for voicing unpopular, controversial, or shocking opinions guaranteed to offend many people.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1952, short for jockstrap "supporter of the male genital organs," which also meant, in slang, "athletic male." Jock with the meaning "an athletic man" is from 1963, American English slang.


Etymology 1 n. 1 (context slang archaic English) A common man. 2 (context British slang pejorative English) A Scotsman. Etymology 2

n. 1 (context slang rare dated English) The penis. 2 An athletic supporter worn by men to support the genitals especially during sports, a jockstrap. 3 (context US slang English) A young male athlete (through college age). 4 (context US slang pejorative English) An enthusiastic athlete or sports fan, especially one with few other interests. A slow-witted person of large size and great physical strength. A pretty boy that shows off in sport. 5 (context US slang computing English) A specialist computer programmer Etymology 3

vb. 1 (context slang English) to masturbate 2 (context slang English) to humiliate 3 (context slang English) to steal

  1. n. a person trained to compete in sports [syn: athlete]

  2. a support for the genitals worn by men engaging in strenuous exercise [syn: athletic supporter, supporter, suspensor, jockstrap]


Jock may refer to:

Jock (cartoonist)

Mark Simpson, known by the pen name Jock, is a British cartoonist, best known for his work in 2000 AD, The Losers, and more recently Batman and Wolverine.

Jock (stereotype)

In Canada and the United States, a jock is a stereotype of an athlete, or more to the point, someone who mainly accesses sports and sports culture, and does not much access or have access to intellectual culture . It is generally attributed mostly to high school and college athletics participants who form a distinct youth subculture. As a blanket term, jock can be considered synonymous with athlete.

Similar words that may mean the same as jock include meathead, musclebrain, and musclehead. These terms are based on the stereotype that a jock is muscular, but not very smart, and cannot carry a conversation on any topic other than one relating to sports, exercise, or sex.

Jock (given name)

Jock is a Scottish diminutive form of the forename " John"; it corresponds to Jack in England. It is also a nickname.

The name may refer to:

Usage examples of "jock".

He let the private get up at last and get dressed, then sent him off with some bacitracin ointment and a jock strap.

No doubt it was one of the computer jocks in data processing, calling to complain about the enormous amount of CPU time her cladistic regression program was soaking up.

Auld Jock smoked his cutty pipe, gazed at the fire or into the kirk-yard, and meditated on nothing in particular.

Modesty was covering that, with the help of the dannert wire that she and Willie had off-loaded from the van and piled in the porch and across the front windows while Wee Jock was striking his first blow.

He begged me to help Auld Jock, and what did I do but let my fule tongue wag about doctors.

And it happened, too, that he was the one person in all the world that Jock would most wish not to hear it, for he was gamekeeper to the Laird of Glen Cairn, and the Laird of Glen Cairn owned all the land for miles and miles about in every direction.

Homeless on earth, gude Auld Jock had gone to a place prepared for him.

Jock Kennedy, challenged Peter Hynd to a fight and Peter kicked him where it hurts the most.

She looked like a jock, or jockette, and people equated jocks with stupidity, or at least a certain rah-rah thickness.

Maybe try being pushy with his big-mouth next-door neighbor, the no-talent jock.

Jock had impacted roots and the tooth should have been sawn in half and then taken out a bit at a time.

The Lemon Drop Kid goes on to state that when he arrives at the track he has fifty bobs pinned to his wishbone to bet on this certain horse, but unfortunately he gets a tip on a real good thing in the very first race, and bets his fifty bobs right then and there, figuring to provide himself with a larger taw to bet on the certain horse in the fifth, but the real good thing receives practically a criminal ride from a jock who does not know one end of a horse from the other, and is beat a very dirty snoot, and there The Lemon Drop Kid is with the fifth race coming up, and an absolute cinch in it, the way his tale goes, but with no dough left to bet on it.

Grand and great, pious and wise, decent, wretched and terrible folk, of every sort, had preceded Auld Jock to his lodging in a steep and narrow wynd, and nine gusty flights up under a beautiful, old Gothic gable.

He himself, remorseful, had gone with the Biblereader from the Medical Mission in the Cowgate to the dormer-lighted closet in College Wynd, where Auld Jock had died.

Miss Annie even considered appealing to her husband to sell Buzzy, and when Boone Markland boasted that Buzzy was going to make a fine rider, a good jocks y, she put away discretion.