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atheltic games and contests, 1590s, from sport (n.). Meaning "sports section of a newspaper" is 1913. As an adjective from 1897. Sports fan attested from 1921. Sports car attested by 1914; so called for its speed and power:\n\nI have just returned from the south of France, passing through Lyons, where I visited the [Berliet] works with my car, and was shown the new model 25 h.p. "sports" car, and was so impressed with this that I immediately ordered one on my return to London.

[letter in "The Autocar," Jan. 7, 1914]


n. (plural of sport English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: sport)

Sports (Huey Lewis and the News album)

Sports is the third album by American rock band Huey Lewis and the News, released in 1983. It reached number one on the Billboard 200 on June 30, 1984, and catapulted the band to international fame. The album has been certified 7× Platinum by the RIAA. Sports was ranked number 2 on the Billboard year-end album chart for 1984. The album spawned four top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 and a fifth went top 20. Sports did very well internationally where most of its singles charted in the top 40 or above in multiple countries.

The album was self-produced and recorded promptly after the modest breakthrough success of the band's second album, Picture This. However, due to reorganization and internal issues at the band's label, Chrysalis, the band held back the master tapes, choosing to perform at small venues to showcase the new material while the matters were resolved. Once Chrysalis got their affairs in order and agreement in place by the band's management, the master tapes were handed over for production. Sports was finally released in September 1983 and proceeded a slow climb up the charts throughout late 1983 and early 1984.

In May 2013, a two-disc 30th Anniversary Edition album of Sports was released. The album is now approaching 10 million sales in the U.S. according to the liner notes by Gary Graff and the press release issued prior to release.

Sports (Bill Cosby album)

Sports is the 10th comedy album released by Bill Cosby in October 1969. It was his first on the Uni Records label, which would eventually become MCA Records. It won the Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album at the 1970 Grammy Awards. It was recorded live at Whisky a Go Go.

Sports (band)

Sports is an American indie rock band formed in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2015 by Cale Chronister, Jacob Theriot, and Christian Theriot. The band began playing together in grade school, cycling through different names until deciding to adopt their current moniker after their self-described lack of athleticism. Bassist Jacob Theriot and guitarist Christian Theriot are brothers, forming the core band trio with friend and vocalist Cale Chronister.

Their ‘80s-influenced breezy indie pop sound informed much of their debut album, Naked All The Time. Various tracks were demoed and recorded within separate members’ home studios and then received additional production by Chad Copelin at Blackwatch Studio in Norman, Oklahoma. Naked All The Time was released on July 24, 2015. Naked All The Time was named one of Buzzfeed's 69 Excellent Indie Records You Might Have Missed in 2015

Sports (Tokyo Jihen album)

is the fourth studio album by Japanese rock band Tokyo Jihen, released on February 24, 2010 in Japan through EMI Music Japan and Virgin Music. The album was produced by the band and Japanese recording engineer Uni Inoue.

On December 10, 2010, it was announced that "Sports" was named the iTunes Rewind 2010 Best Album of the Year in Japan.

Sports (Modern Baseball album)

Sports is the debut studio album by Modern Baseball released December 2012 on Lame-O Records.