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The Collaborative International Dictionary
disk jockey

disc jockey \disc" jock`ey\ (d[i^]sk" j[o^]k`[y^]), n. a person who plays records or compact disks of recorded music; especially, a person who selects and plays recorded music for broadcast over the radio, often making comments about the music or other topics and also announcing commercial advertising messages; also, one who plays recorded music at a dance or social gathering, especially as a profession. [Also spelled disk jockey.]

Syn: DJ. [PJC]

disk jockey

disk jockey \disk jockey\ n. same as disc jockey.

Syn: DJ.

disk jockey

n. A person who selects and plays recorded music at an entertainment event or nightclub. Abbreviated DJ or deejay.

disk jockey

n. a person who announces and plays popular recorded music [syn: disc jockey, dj]

Usage examples of "disk jockey".

One of them is John Lair, a local boy and a onetime Chicago disk jockey who came back home to put Renfro Valley on the map.

The only sound from within came from a radio tuned to an allnight disk jockey program of swing music.

I thought he might have been a disk jockey on WABC-AM in the mid-60s.

Hagen wandered up and down, pausing to gawk through a large window at a disk jockey spinning records for a radio station that was located in the mall.

My father was a disk jockey in the small town of Superior Nebraska when he was in high school, working nights and weekends after school.

He had caught a disk jockey in the process of introducing a record.

When the meeting broke up, Rick and Scotty walked to the front porch where the girls were listening to the music of a Newark disk jockey on Barby's portable radio.

The woman found what she wanted, a rapid-fire disk jockey, and turned up the volume, grimly satisfied, her look directed toward the top of the stairs.