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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Jennet \Jen"net\ (j[e^]n"n[e^]t), n. [F. genet, Sp. jinete, orig., a mounted soldier, Ar. zen[=a]ta a tribe of Barbary celebrated for its cavalry.] A small Spanish horse; a genet.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"small Spanish horse," mid-15c., from French genet, from Spanish jinete "a light horseman," perhaps from Arabic Zenata, name of a Barbary tribe [Klein]. Sense transferred in English and French from the rider to the horse.


n. 1 A female ass or donkey; a jenny. 2 A small Spanish horse.


n. female donkey [syn: jenny, jenny ass]


A jennet or Spanish jennet was a small Spanish horse. It was noted for a smooth naturally ambling gait, compact and well-muscled build, and a good disposition. The jennet was an ideal light riding horse, and as such spread across Europe and provided some of the foundation bloodstock for several horse breeds in the Americas.

Jennet (disambiguation)

Jennet may be a girl's name, similar to Janet, or may refer to:

  • The jennet, a historic type of riding horse
  • The Spanish Jennet Horse, a developing new horse breed in the United States
  • A female donkey, also written "jenny" (the pronunciation is identical in some dialects of English)
  • A female hinny, also written "jenny"

Usage examples of "jennet".

That they might then ask to stay behind at Leigh Abbey was a risk, but Jennet did not believe it was a very great one.

Blushing furiously, Jennet bent to retrieve a sturdy wool cloak from the bottom of a chest.

Lady Appleton handed Jennet a pair of yellow velvet sleeves and a matching bodice and bade her fold them.

A few hours later, Jennet and Mark met by arrangement in the ornamental gardens on the south side of Leigh Abbey.

Then he started to kiss her again and Jennet stopped trying to talk him out of it.

Deep in her heart, Jennet was certain that some terrible danger awaited them there.

She turned back only long enough to issue a few succinct orders to Jennet, Lionel, and Fulke and to tell Mark to bring a torch.

If Jennet wanted to marry Mark, Susanna would wish them well with all her heart, but she would not condone the sort of careless coupling that led to unwanted children and loveless marriages.

Given a choice, Jennet would have preferred to walk all the way to the nearest village.

She sat sideways on her horse, just as Jennet did, but Lady Appleton rode alone, resting both feet on a velvet sling and supporting one knee in a hollow cut in the pommeled saddle.

Through doors customarily left open in the daytime, Jennet could see that the floors were beaten earth covered with rushes.

In another Jennet caught a glimpse of stools drawn up to a trestle table.

Such places were likely to harbor rats, as well as hornets and wasps, and Jennet kept her distance from them.

From somewhere out of sight, Jennet heard the bleating of sheep and when she inhaled she caught the noisome scent peculiar to puering hides in preparation for tanning.

As Lady Appleton began to speak, introducing herself to her new neighbors and explaining that she wished to hire servants and purchase foodstuffs, Jennet sensed invisible barriers going up, dense as any stone wall and just as impervious to sweet reason.