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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A communist group is waging a 21-year insurgency against the national government.
▪ About 50,000 people are estimated to have been killed in a decade of insurgency.
▪ But the final results placed him second and suggested that the Buchanan insurgency was ebbing.
▪ He was a gun-toting, pitchfork-brandishing, wall-building, Confederate flag-waving, black-hatted leader of an anti-establishment insurgency.
▪ Land mines are popular among armies and insurgencies because they are cheap to buy but expensive to clear.
▪ Maybe what they were planning would count as some kind of insurgency, treason perhaps?
▪ Salvador Samayoa was a leader of the Marxist insurgency seeking to defeat the army.
▪ The measures imposed new restrictions on press reporting of the Kurdish insurgency in south-east Anatolia.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Insurgence \In*sur"gence\, Insurgency \In*sur"gen*cy\, n. A state of insurrection; an uprising; an insurrection.

A moral insurgence in the minds of grave men against the Court of Rome.
--G. Eliot.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1803, from insurgent + -cy.


n. rebellion; revolt; the state of being insurgent


n. an organized rebellion aimed at overthrowing a constituted government through the use of subversion and armed conflict [syn: insurgence]


An insurgency is a rebellion against authority (for example, an authority recognized as such by the United Nations) when those taking part in the rebellion are not recognized as belligerents. An insurgency can be fought via counter-insurgency warfare, and may also be opposed by measures to protect the population, and by political and economic actions of various kinds aimed at undermining the insurgents' claims against the incumbent regime. The nature of insurgencies is an ambiguous concept.

Not all rebellions are insurgencies. There have been many cases of non-violent rebellions, using civil resistance, as in the People Power Revolution in the Philippines in the 1980s that ousted President Marcos and the Egyptian Revolution of 2011. Where a revolt takes the form of armed rebellion, it may not be viewed as an insurgency if a state of belligerency exists between one or more sovereign states and rebel forces. For example, during the American Civil War, the Confederate States of America was not recognized as a sovereign state, but it was recognized as a belligerent power, and thus Confederate warships were given the same rights as United States warships in foreign ports.

When insurgency is used to describe a movement's unlawfulness by virtue of not being authorized by or in accordance with the law of the land, its use is neutral. However, when it is used by a state or another authority under threat, "insurgency" often also carries an implication that the rebels' cause is illegitimate, whereas those rising up will see the authority itself as being illegitimate. Criticisms of widely held ideas and actions about insurgency started to occur in works of the 1960s; they are still common in recent studies.

Sometimes there may be one or more simultaneous insurgencies (multipolar) occurring in a country. The Iraq insurgency is one example of a recognized government versus multiple groups of insurgents. Other historic insurgencies, such as the Russian Civil War, have been multipolar rather than a straightforward model made up of two sides. During the Angolan Civil War there were two main sides: MPLA and UNITA. At the same time, there was another separatist movement for the independence of the Cabinda region headed up by FLEC. Multipolarity extends the definition of insurgency to situations where there is no recognized authority, as in the Somali Civil War, especially the period from 1998 to 2006, where it broke into quasi-autonomous smaller states, fighting among one another in changing alliances.

Insurgency (video game)

Insurgency is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter video game developed and published by New World Interactive. It is a standalone sequel to Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat, a community made mod for Valve's Source engine. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux on January 22, 2014.

Usage examples of "insurgency".

The August aardwolf said that the UN bombing was part of a strategy by a new and bold insurgency to discredit and isolate the U.

As of early November 2003, the aardwolf explained, the insurgency in central and northern Iraq was gaining momentum and beginning to tip the balance against the Americans.

August aardwolf said that the UN bombing was part of a strategy by a new and bold insurgency to discredit and isolate the U.

November 2003, the aardwolf explained, the insurgency in central and northern Iraq was gaining momentum and beginning to tip the balance against the Americans.

We have a communist insurgency in the north with possible Burmese involvement, student demonstrators and rioters in Bangkok, and a military coup breaking out all over the country.

The bitter insurgency American and British forces confront today was not preordained.

ReMastered focus on you, and the items you found aboard Old Newfie before its evacuation, suggest that it was used as a point of entry for some years, and that the insurgency group operating in Moscow were careless.

Why didn't the United States or South Vietnam execute, generally, Viet Cong guerillas who had gravely violated the laws of war in the course of the insurgency there?

But on his recent trip, Odo talked about the Link having calmed in recent months, and of the insurgencies quieting.