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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Insurgence \In*sur"gence\, Insurgency \In*sur"gen*cy\, n. A state of insurrection; an uprising; an insurrection.

A moral insurgence in the minds of grave men against the Court of Rome.
--G. Eliot.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1847; see insurgency + -ence.


n. An uprising or rebellion; an insurrection


n. an organized rebellion aimed at overthrowing a constituted government through the use of subversion and armed conflict [syn: insurgency]

Usage examples of "insurgence".

After thirty years of placidity, rebellion had burst out, grown, festered, and culminated in Lev Merrin, only to increase again after the insurgence had been put down.

And then one bright day Bert, motoring toward Croydon, was arrested by the insurgence of a huge, bolster-shaped monster from the Crystal Palace grounds, and obliged to dismount and watch it.

Before it took action, before it took shape, the men in the airships could feel the gigantic insurgence of emotion, as cattle and natural creatures feel, it is said, the coming of an earthquake.

There was a small and vociferous section of the community which adhered to its moral principles, but more and more ordinary people were coming into direct conflict with the Afrims as the armed insurgence went on.

They'd weathered the storm of the Muslim insurgence, and stifled the Greens' first wild ambitions.

They used the religious doubts and insurgence of their peoples to strengthen them against Rome, but they tried to keep a grip upon the popular movement as soon as that rupture was achieved and a national church set up under the control of the crown.