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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Holm \Holm\ (h[=o]m; 277), n. [OE., prob. from AS. holen holly; as the holly is also called holm. See Holly.] (Bot.) A common evergreen oak, of Europe ( Quercus Ilex); -- called also ilex, and holly.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., from Latin ilex "holm-oak," perhaps from an extinct non-Indo-European language.


n. 1 holm oak (''Quercus ilex'') 2 Any of the numerous trees or shrubs of the genus ''Ilex''

Ilex (disambiguation)

Ilex is the genus of flowering plants also known as holly.

Ilex or ILEX may also refer to:

  • The Institute of Legal Executives, a professional (and examination) body in England & Wales
  • HMS Ilex (D61), a British Royal Navy I-class destroyer that served during World War II
  • The Ilex Theatre Company at Hollyfield School, Surrey, England
  • The International Legal Exchange Program, a student exchange program for law students
  • ILEX Press Ltd., a publisher of books on graphics based in Cambridge, England
  • Ilex Urban Regeneration Company Ltd., an urban regeneration company set up by the Northern Ireland Executive
  • Intelligent Labelling Explorer, an artificial intelligence project at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Usage examples of "ilex".

Now suddenly, as by a miracle she remembered that away beyond, below her, lay the dark fruitful earth, that towards the south there were stretches of land dark with orange trees and cypress, grey with olives, that ilex trees lifted wonderful plumy tufts in shadow against a blue sky.

The Larra makes for the thistle, the Vanessa for the nettle, the Clytus for the ilex, and the Crioceris for the lily.

It took a further eight seconds for Ilex and Ocyroe, the weapons-systems officer, working in tandem, to confirm the absence of any valid threat.

The sharp whistling notes of the ilex and the pulex and the index are heard in the meadows, while the marshes are loud with the song of the ranunculus.

Kelven had seen the cryogenic tanker as Ilex docked with the huge flagship.

Healer Gorby reported dwindling stocks of borrago and aconite, and needed tussilago in quantity for pulmonary and bronchial cases, ilex for pneumonia.

The silver of water, the dark shapes of yew and ilex trees remained, at all hours and seasons, the dominant features of the scene.

We hadn't had a thing for two years from any of the people that had had Kurume yellows, except a few Ilex crenata as a gift from Hewitt, and they were from nowhere near his infected area and we had them half a mile from the rhodaleas.

There were no houses behind or between these temples, no markets growing up on the small plazas in front of the larger ones, only stretches of grass with wild mulberry and ilex and red jasmine.

He had pastes to turn the hair blond, a mixture of green ilex, rye, white horehound, soda niter, alum, and yarrow.

Mature honey locusts, their long branches reaching upward, were underplanted with sheared ilex and holly, still glossy green.