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n. 1 (plural of home English) 2 (context slang English) (alternative spelling of holmes English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: home)

Homes (disambiguation)

Homes may refer to:

  • the plural form of " home";
  • an abbreviation of " homie"
  • American System-Built Homes, modest houses designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Cabrini-Green Homes
  • Nu-West Homes
  • Westgate-Belvedere Homes
  • A. M. Homes (born 1961), American writer
  • Bandar Country Homes
  • Dearborn Homes
  • Flaghouse Homes
  • Harold Ickes Homes
  • Henry Horner Homes
  • Lowden Homes
  • Robert Taylor Homes
  • Valencia Homes
  • Village Homes
  • Homes and Gardens
  • "Homes", an episode of the television series Zoboomafoo

HOMES may refer to:

  • a mnemonic for remembering the names of five Great Lakes

Usage examples of "homes".

I saw nothing captivating about him, and yet I could be a witness to his having made two girls leave their homes to follow him.

Early rising bankers rode in carriages from their posh homes on the west side for the money-lending south district, where the bulk of crucial commerce took place.

Already whole trains of people had left, abandoning their homes as their fellow Norvans fought to reach them.

They work the fields and build homes and haul water, and they are fit enough to defend Grimhold.

The streets of Jador were deserted, the homes and shops closed up tight.

There were girls on the run from local homes, boys who had nowhere to go for the night: endless parties.

And, as ever, he was quick to sense the likeliest targets, the vulnerable girls who needed someone to confide in, someone to listen quietly as they poured out their stories of broken homes and unhappy childhoods.

With mature trees and bushes around it and built in red brick it looked solid and safe, something that would appeal to those who had sold their family homes to end their days here.

This was the arty lifestyle, mixing with the great and the rich, the playboys and the glittery set who had second homes in the south-west of Ireland.

Most motor homes had two doors, but this was a rare older model with three.

Three narrow aisles extend to the left of the door, offering the usual roadside merchandise: every imaginable snack food, the basic patent medicines, magazines, paperback books, postcards, novelty items designed to hang from rearview mirrors, and selected canned goods that sell to campers and to people, like Vess, who travel in homes on wheels.

It dangles, now, on a piece of green string: her slender index finger, reduced to bare bones but still undeniably elegant, the three phalanges from tip to the base knuckle, clinking against the little conch shells and miniature bivalve fans and trumpet shells and tiny spirals similar to the whorled homes of snails.

These look so peaceful, with their dormer-windowed cottages clustering about their church-spires, that it seems impossible they could once have been the homes of the savages and the cruel peasants who, with fire-brand and scalping-knife and tomahawk, harassed the borders of New England for a hundred years.

Vanderbilts and the Astors--and in the homes of culture and refinement everywhere, and let him judge for himself.

Christendom, while praying for peace and the conversion of the heathen, should gird itself for defense in the Northwest, where the hordes gather and the incidents of heathen savagery have lately increased, and upon each of you, beloved sons, who can bear arms and shall travel to the Northwest to join forces with those who prepare rightfully to defend their lands, homes, and churches, We extend, and hereby bestow, as a sign of Our special affection, the Apostolic Benediction.