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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also homey, by 1970s, slang, short for homeboy (q.v.). The identical word is recorded from the 1920s in New Zealand slang in the sense "recently arrived British immigrant."


n. 1 (context African American Vernacular English English) Someone, particularly a male acquaintance, from one's hometown. 2 (context African American Vernacular English English) A close friend or fellow member of a youth gang. 3 (context African American Vernacular English English) An inner-city youth.


Homie (from "homeboy") is an English language slang term found in American urban culture, whose origins etymologists generally trace to Mexican-American Spanglish from the late 19th century, with the word "homeboy" meaning a male friend from back home. The words originated from the late 1930s/early 1940s and continuing up to the present. As slang terms, the words have come to have variations in meaning, depending on local subcultures in a region, without the stability provided for dictionary-defined words. The term has also been traced to military slang .

Homie (band)

Homie was a side project of Rivers Cuomo, lead singer of the band Weezer. Homie, as it stands now, was a one-time effort. Homie has released just one song, "American Girls", for the soundtrack of the 1998 film Meet the Deedles. For this recording, Cuomo was joined by Greg Brown (member of Cake and Deathray), Matt Sharp (formerly of Weezer, lead singer of The Rentals), Adam Orth of Shufflepuck and Yuval Gabay of Soul Coughing and Sulfur.

Weezer fans sometimes erroneously apply the Homie moniker to a very different Cuomo-led group of Boston-area musicians that played several shows while Rivers took time off from Harvard. This group was not Homie, but were played under the guise of Rivers Cuomo solo shows and the material played at these shows were songs Rivers had written for the third Weezer album at the time. This Band included members of other local bands such as Chevy Heston, Heretix, and The Shods. This band is often referred to by fans as "The Rivers Cuomo Band", although this was never a name used by the band.

The "Rivers Cuomo Band" formed in 1997 and began playing in October of that year they were a way for Cuomo to release solo music and play small clubs. For the first show the lineup of the band consisted of Rivers Cuomo, Kevin Stevenson, Mikey Welsh, and Zeph Courtney. After Stevenson complained of being unable to work with the current lineup, Welsh and Courtney were replaced with Fred Eltringham and Drew Parsons. This was the lineup for the second show in late October. By the third show Cuomo had come up with a fully developed solo project he called Homie. Further shows were billed as Homie and the material played at Homie shows were exclusive to the Homie project and are assumed to have been intended for the Homie album which was worked on in 1997 and 1998.

The song "Wanda (You're My Only Love)", although originally written as a Weezer song for the movie Angus, is considered to be a Homie song since it was played during the Homie shows. The song "Wanda (You're My Only Love)" was released on Alone - The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo,. The song "I'll Think About You" was released on Alone II: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo.

According to Cuomo's blog, master tapes of recording sessions made during the Homie-era exist, but are largely unfinished, having only drum tracks laid down. Bootlegs of their live shows have been available online since 1997 and played a small role in Weezer's resurgence following their second album, Pinkerton.

On February 20, 2009, a fan-made tribute was distributed by two members of a Weezer fan community, Jack Mergist (The Lifetaker) and Ryan Rowland (runnersdialzero). The tribute features an album worth of high-quality recordings of interpretations of Homie and Rivers Cuomo solo songs from this era.

Homie (disambiguation)

Homie is a slang term in American English.

Homie may also refer to:

  • Homie (band), a project of Rivers Cuomo
  • Homie, an English language slang term found in American urban culture
  • Homer Simpson or Homie, a character on The Simpsons

Usage examples of "homie".

Bonus Packs, Russians, the reservoir girl, even my Alpha homies in Iraq.

All the homies I used to bang with are scattered, some new base or some new place, hard to track down by phone.

There was nothing we could do for her, and we barely had time to pull you and Cliff free before the Homies got there.