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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a hidden meaning
▪ She felt there was a hidden meaning behind his words.
a hidden motive
▪ She wondered if there was a hidden motive for his departure.
a hidden talent
▪ Have a go – you may discover a hidden talent!
be hidden from view
▪ The inside of the house was hidden from view by curtains.
buried/hidden/sunken treasure
hidden depths
▪ She’s quiet, but perhaps she has hidden depths.
hidden extras (=additional charges which you are not told about)
▪ Be careful, there may be hidden extras.
lie empty/open/hidden etc
▪ The book lay open on the table.
▪ For further advice on tactics for avoiding hidden agendas or surfacing them, see Games on page 71.
▪ To have no secrets, no abnormal fears, no hidden agenda.
▪ The London Implementation Group has no hidden agenda.
▪ There is frequently a hidden agenda in the use of games.
▪ What proved decisive, however, was part of the hidden agenda of unemployment.
▪ In fact, as we have argued, governments may have hidden agendas and their priorities may fluctuate according to political cycles.
▪ The hidden agenda helps to explain although not to justify it.
▪ I should like to make a couple of points about the Bill's two substantive provisions before turning to its hidden agenda.
▪ The car, with all its hidden costs in pollution, traffic accidents and congestion, will continue to be more popular.
▪ Subscription to the list is absolutely free and there is no commercial exploitation or hidden costs.
▪ Considerable hidden costs in time taken by authority estates and environmental staff over negotiation could be added to this bill.
▪ Do not forget hidden costs like legal fees; do you anticipate further loans and/or an overdraft?
▪ In theory at least, a more open defence market should expose some of these hidden costs.
▪ One of the hidden costs of information technology is security.
▪ There are no hidden costs with a midland car Loan.
▪ A market share that is unprofitable does not signify a successful investment. hidden costs 166 Here the investment seems simple at first.
▪ Underwater there are hidden dangers for river-life.
▪ Behind the relatively simple physiological basis of oral rehydration therapy lurks a hidden danger.
▪ Holmes provides practical information about the hidden dangers of food and how to overcome them.
▪ It may seem obvious to try the investigation yourself first, but this can have hidden dangers.
▪ But he believes that linen is the ideal instrument by which to probe the hidden depths of marital life.
▪ One glimpse brought all his prejudices bubbling up from their hidden depths.
▪ Sometimes one partner suspects hidden meanings which were genuinely not intended.
▪ There does not remain within the artist hidden meanings only known to himself.
▪ Why go to all the effort of perceiving other hidden meanings, finding new interpretations, applying alternative readings?
▪ He had given them no time for questions, no opportunity to develop theories or surmise any hidden meaning behind his words.
▪ Yet the shift in surroundings was also an indication of hidden meanings.
▪ Let's find the hidden meaning in everything.
▪ Decorate the room with a treasure chest, and the children all look for hidden treasure when they arrive.
▪ A Guide to Northampton Welcome to Northampton - a town full of hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered.
▪ The two museums have some real hidden treasures, including 3,300 items of jewellery from all periods.
Hidden video cameras were used to improve security.
▪ Even after years of psychiatric treatment, she was full of hidden anger.
▪ He's always joking around to make sure his true feelings stay hidden.
▪ I've got the kids' presents all hidden away ready for Christmas day.
▪ She kept the letters hidden in a box in her closet.
▪ The lyrics of most of his songs have some hidden meaning.
▪ The pit was hidden from view by branches and leaves that had been laid across it.
▪ Under the lampshade Harry discovered a hidden microphone.
▪ You can dance and sing! I never realized you had so many hidden talents.
▪ New methods of non-linear local regression can reveal hidden patterns in a scatterplot.
▪ Northern Ireland provides a particularly clear illustration of the sometimes hidden problems involved in majoritarian thinking about democracy.
▪ One strategy in theorizing family law is to uncover hidden assumptions concerning both family and law.
▪ Risk is the hidden reason behind many failures to sell.
▪ She contrasts materials, symbolic objects and images in a way that begins to reveal hidden emotions and aspects of identity.
▪ The centre of Dixie's shirt caves in instantly, as if a hidden mouth inside had sucked at it and vomited blood.
▪ The overt thing was that we came in from outside, but I think the hidden thing was that we were women.
▪ We should not forget our animal origins or our brain's capacity to malfunction or the hidden potential of the unconscious mind.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hidden \Hid"den\, p. p. & a. from Hide. Concealed; put out of view; secret; not known; mysterious.

Hidden fifths or Hidden octaves (Mus.), consecutive fifths or octaves, not sounded, but suggested or implied in the parallel motion of two parts towards a fifth or an octave.

Syn: Hidden, Secret, Covert.

Usage: Hidden may denote either known to on one; as, a hidden disease; or intentionally concealed; as, a hidden purpose of revenge. Secret denotes that the thing is known only to the party or parties concerned; as, a secret conspiracy. Covert literally denotes what is not open or avowed; as, a covert plan; but is often applied to what we mean shall be understood, without openly expressing it; as, a covert allusion. Secret is opposed to known, and hidden to revealed.

Bring to light the hidden things of darkness.
--1 Cor. iv. 5.

My heart, which by a secret harmony Still moves with thine, joined in connection sweet.

By what best way, Whether of open war, or covert guile, We now debate.


Hide \Hide\ (h[imac]d), v. t. [imp. Hid (h[i^]d); p. p. Hidden (h[i^]d"d'n), Hid; p. pr. & vb. n. Hiding (h[imac]d"[i^]ng).] [OE. hiden, huden, AS. h[=y]dan; akin to Gr. key`qein, and prob. to E. house, hut, and perh. to E. hide of an animal, and to hoard. Cf. Hoard.]

  1. To conceal, or withdraw from sight; to put out of view; to secrete.

    A city that is set on an hill can not be hid.
    --Matt. v. 15.

    If circumstances lead me, I will find Where truth is hid.

  2. To withhold from knowledge; to keep secret; to refrain from avowing or confessing.

    Heaven from all creatures hides the book of fate.

  3. To remove from danger; to shelter. In the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion. --Ps. xxvi. 5. To hide one's self, to put one's self in a condition to be safe; to secure protection. ``A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself.'' --Prov. xxii. 3. To hide the face, to withdraw favor. ``Thou didst hide thy face, and I was troubled.'' --Ps. xxx. 7. To hide the face from.

    1. To overlook; to pardon. ``Hide thy face from my sins.''
      --Ps. li. 9.

    2. To withdraw favor from; to be displeased with.

      Syn: To conceal; secrete; disguise; dissemble; screen; cloak; mask; veil. See Conceal.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

past participle of hide (v.1); a Middle English formation (Old English had gehydd "hidden") on the model of ride/ridden, etc. Hidden persuaders (1957) was Vance Packard's term for "ad men."

  1. That has been moved out of sight. invisible or unapparent. v

  2. (past participle of hide English)


See hide

  1. adj. not accessible to view; "concealed (or hidden) damage"; "in stormy weather the stars are out of sight" [syn: concealed, out of sight]

  2. covered from view; "her face buried (or hidden) in her hands"; "a secret buried deep within herself" [syn: buried]

  3. designed to elude detection; "a hidden room or place of concealment such as a priest hole"; "a secret passage"; "the secret compartment in the desk" [syn: secret]

  4. difficult to find; "hidden valleys"; "a hidden cave"; "an obscure retreat" [syn: obscure]

  1. v. prevent from being seen or discovered; "Muslim women hide their faces"; "hide the money" [syn: conceal] [ant: show]

  2. be or go into hiding; keep out of sight, as for protection and safety; "Probably his horse would be close to where he was hiding"; "She is hiding out in a cabin in Montana" [syn: hide out]

  3. cover as if with a shroud; "The origins of this civilization are shrouded in mystery" [syn: shroud, enshroud, cover]

  4. make undecipherable or imperceptible by obscuring or concealing; "a hidden message"; "a veiled threat" [syn: obscure, blot out, obliterate, veil]

  5. [also: hidden, hid]

  1. n. the dressed skin of an animal (especially a large animal) [syn: fell]

  2. body covering of a living animal [syn: pelt, skin]

  3. [also: hidden, hid]

Hidden (Torchwood)

Hidden is a BBC Audio original audiobook written by Steven Savile and based on the British science fiction television, Doctor Who spin-off series Torchwood. It was released on 4 February 2008. The story is set during the first series of the show.

Hidden (2009 film)

Hidden is a 2009 Norwegian psychological horror film written and directed by Pål Øie, which stars Kristoffer Joner, Karin Park and Bjarte Hjelmeland.

Hidden (TV series)

Hidden is a 2011 British television drama starring Philip Glenister, Thekla Reuten, Anna Chancellor, Michael Winder, Andrew Scarborough and David Suchet which debuted on BBC One on 6 October 2011. The four part series was directed by Niall MacCormick, produced by Christopher Hall and written by Ronan Bennett.

Hidden (Coma Virus album)

Hidden is the third album by Paul Haslinger, released in 1996 through Side Effects.

Hidden (2015 film)

Hidden is a 2015 American drama- horror film directed and written by Matt and Ross Duffer. The film stars Alexander Skarsgård, Andrea Riseborough, and Emily Alyn Lind. Principal photography began on August 15, 2012 in Vancouver.


Hidden or The Hidden may refer to:

  • L'Encobert (in Catalan; El Encubierto in Spanish; "The Hidden [One]"), mysterious rebel leader in the Revolt of the Brotherhoods in Valencia in 1522
  • Hidden, also known as Caché, a 2005 French drama film
  • Hidden (2009 film), a 2009 Norwegian horror film
  • Hidden (2015 film)
  • Hidden (Coma Virus album), a 1996 album by Coma Virus
  • Hidden (These New Puritans album), a 2010 album by British group These New Puritans
  • Hidden, 2008 album by Swedish artist Titiyo
  • Hidden (Torchwood), a Torchwood spin-off audiobook
  • Hidden (TV series), a 2011 BBC television drama
  • The Hidden (film), a 1987 science fiction/horror film
  • The Hidden (novel), a 2004 novel by Sarah Pinborough
  • The Hidden (game developer), a defunct British game developer
  • The Hidden (video game), a 2005 modification to the computer game Half Life 2
  • The Hidden (Animorphs), the thirty-ninth book in the Animorphs series by K.A. Applegate.
  • "The Hidden" (The Penguins of Madagascar episode), an episode of The Penguins of Madagascar
  • Amun, meaning "The Hidden", is the absolute principle in Ancient Egyptian thought
Hidden (These New Puritans album)

Hidden (often stylized as ĦỊĐĐỂŅ) is the second studio album by British art rock band These New Puritans. Featuring a wider sonic palette than previous work and sections played by a Czech orchestra, it was produced by frontman Jack Barnett and former Bark Psychosis leader Graham Sutton during 2009. Before their second album Hidden was released, Barnett revealed that he had been writing music for bassoon and stated that the aim was for a final product where " dancehall meets Steve Reich". Barnett learned music notation in order to write the classical parts of the album, especially the brass and woodwind audio tracks. The mixing process was undertaken by Dave Cooley, who had previously focused on alternative hip hop and shoegazing artists, in Los Angeles using Barnett's input. Angular Recording Corporation and Domino Records released Hidden in most territories on 18 January 2010; the North American release date was 2 March. Angular's press release describes the album as including:

"Six-foot Japanese Taiko drums, a thirteen piece brass and woodwind en-semble, sub-heavy beats, prepared piano, a children’s choir, Foley recording techniques (including a melon with cream crackers attached struck by a hammer, used to simulate the sound of a human head being smashed), and the ethereal voice of Heather Marlatt from dream-pop group Salem."

Hidden was voted NME album of the year for 2010.

Usage examples of "hidden".

But the fateful decisions secretly made, the intrigues, the treachery, the motives and the aberrations which led up to them, the parts played by the principal actors behind the scenes, the extent of the terror they exercised and their technique of organizing it - all this and much more remained largely hidden from us until the secret German papers turned up.

They could just see these, partly hidden by a knoll that abutted from the plateau on which the homestead was placed.

The Brattles, Hannah Flood and her children, and five other families--forty souls in all--had made it to some caves on the south end of the Achor Marshes and had remained hidden there for a week now.

This acknowledgment lies hidden in all evil, however the evil may be veiled by good and truth, which are borrowed raiment, or like wreaths of perishable flowers, put around the evil lest it appear in its nakedness.

The acquisition of riches served only to stimulate the avarice of the rapacious Barbarians, who proceeded, by threats, by blows, and by tortures, to force from their prisoners the confession of hidden treasure.

She found a patha well-worn path leading from the riverand followed it just out of sight, afoot, leaving Hellsbane tethered in a safe place hidden by the underbrush.

San Francisco, Conrad Aiken, stood looking out over yet another tent city, this one in the Civic Center Park, directly below where he stood partially hidden behind the flags of the United States and of California on the ceremonial balcony area over the magnificently carved double-doorways of City Hall.

The triforium passage, hidden by the roof of the aisle, runs below the screen and the windows, and between the two.

When Alec had finished, he pulled on his leather breeches beneath his nightdress, wrapped a mantle about his shoulders, and returned to his corner of the bunk, sword hidden between the pallet and the wall behind him.

The Amar knelt beside him in their circle lying hidden outside a broad clearing.

On either side, to right and left the tree-girdle reached out toward the blue distance, thick close and unsundered, save where it and the plain which it begirdled was cleft amidmost by a river about as wide as the Thames at Sheene when the flood-tide is at its highest, but so swift and full of eddies, that it gave token of mountains not so far distant, though they were hidden.

He was beginning to trust the flow of words from that hidden part of himself buried behind the amnesiac wall inside.

OFF THE Mangrove Coast From the jungles of Borneo to the hidden canyons of the American West, from small-town fight clubs to a Parisian cafe at the end of World War II, these are tales of betrayal and revenge, courage and cowardice, glory and greed, as only Louis L Amour can tell them.

Judge, however, what was brewing, when the same night Mr Lorimore came and told me, that Mr Heckletext was the suspected person anent the fact that had been instrumental, in the hand of a chastising Providence, to afflict me with the toothache, in order, as it afterwards came to pass, to bring the hidden hypocrisy of the ungodly preacher to light.

Trader had discovered the war wags hidden deep in the heart of the Apps, way north and east.