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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ But when the news reached him by way of a young gendarme sent by Fouchard, there had been no alternative.
▪ Finally one of the internee chairmen managed to sneak out to issue a protest with the high gendarme officers across town.
▪ It was then he saw the approaching gendarme.
▪ One of the gendarmes stumbled dizzily and dropped his rifle.
▪ Starting in the summer of 1989, several gendarmes publicized their grievances in anonymous letters to the press.
▪ The gendarmes returned to their posts as the crowd stood frozen in stunned silence.
▪ Then another gendarme ran up and joined the attack, using a steel golf club.
▪ Unlike the rock pitch on the Wellenkuppe, the gendarme turned out to be steeper than it looked.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gendarme \Gen`darme"\, n.; pl. Gendarmes, or Gens d'armes.

  1. (Mil.) One of a body of heavy cavalry. [Obs.] [France]

  2. An armed policeman in France.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1540s, "mounted trooper," from French contraction (14c.) of gens d'armes "men at arms," later applied to military police (1796 in English). Gens is plural of gent "nation, people," from Latin gentem (nominative gens) "race, nation, people" (see genus). Related: Gendarmerie. French also had gens de (la) robe "lawyers," sometimes borrowed in English.


n. 1 A member of the gendarmerie, a military body charged with police duties. 2 policeman.


n. a French policeman

Gendarme (disambiguation)

A gendarme is a member of a gendarmerie, although the word is often incorrectly used to refer to any French policeman.

Gendarme may also refer to:

  • Gendarme (historical) (or gens d'arme), a French medieval or early modern cavalryman
  • Gendarme (mountaineering), an isolated pinnacle of rock on a mountain peak or ridge
Gendarme (historical)

A gendarme was a heavy cavalryman of noble birth, primarily serving in the French army from the Late Medieval to the Early Modern periods of European history. Their heyday was in the late fifteenth to mid sixteenth centuries, when they provided the Kings of France with a potent regular force of heavily armoured, lance-armed cavalry which, when properly employed, could dominate the battlefield.

Gendarme (mountaineering)

A gendarme is a pinnacle of rock on a mountain ridge. They are typical of alpine areas. Gendarmes often form on the intersection of two ridges due to the lower erosion of glaciers here. The name originates from the French Alps, where they were seen as resembling the gendarmerie police.

Usage examples of "gendarme".

My knees almost melted at the double entendre, but I stiffened them and reminded my libido that he was a thief who had cruelly stolen my aquamanile and left me at the mercy of the gendarmes.

I stiffened them and reminded my libido that he was a thief who had cruelly stolen my aquamanile and left me at the mercy of the gendarmes.

It was the sign of a marchand des armures, and having provided myself with those persuasive arguments, a sergent-de-ville and a gendarme, I entered.

On the sixth day of the iron council, as the mile-long track-stretch swallows its own tail and moves, as the train enters a dreamish landscape of bruised succulents and the summer comes down on them, a posse of gendarmes and bounty hunters arrives.

He had immediately gone to the gendarmes to shout the story to them, and demand that they should bring the guilty hussy back, chained to her accomplice, and both of them with gyves about their wrists.

Mimette soon afterwards, the gendarme whom Olivet had left as a watchdog was standing in the hall, looking very official and determined, if perhaps a little vague as to what he was supposed to be determined about.

Sergeant Olivet and followed by three gendarmes, Mimette, Philippe, and Yves rushed down the chapel aisle towards him.

As for the conduct of the two gendarmes Ratel and Mallet, it deserves the severest penalty of the law.

The gendarmes clambered back into the covered coaches still laughing and chattering, and Ruffy came forward with a ground sheet and handed it to Bruce.

Around him Ruffy and the four gendarmes moved excitedly, inspecting the dead, exclaiming, laughing the awkward embarrassed laughter of men freshly released from mortal danger.

One of the gendarmes started to snore softly and Ruffy shot out a huge booted foot that landed in the small of his back.

Old Tabaret took from his pocket-book a bank note, which he handed to the gendarme.

Only a day or two before an armoured motor-car, with German officers disguised in French uniforms, paid us a stealthy visit, and, after shooting three gendarmes in reply to their insistent challenge, ended its temerarious career one dark night by rushing headlong over the broken arch of a bridge into the chasm beneath.

The cellar the autonomists occupied when they killed those two gendarmes belongs to one of my pieds noirs.

Within the space of minutes, she glimpsed beggars, peasant labourers, tradesmen and shopkeepers, market women and grisettes, students, liveried servants and footmen, assorted soberly clad bourgeois, sailors, uniformed gendarmes, Royal Guardsmen and shabbily bedizened females who could only have been prostitutes, mingling freely in the streets.