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The Collaborative International Dictionary

gendarmerie \gen*darm"er*ie\ n. [F. gendarmerie.] The French police force; the body of gendarmes or gendarmes collectively. [Also spelled gendarmery.]

Syn: gendarmery.


n. A military body charged with police duties among the civilian population.


n. French police force; a group of gendarmes or gendarmes collectively [syn: gendarmery]


A gendarmerie or gendarmery ( or ) is, in principle, a military force charged with police duties among civilian populations. Members of such a force are typically called "gendarmes". The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary describes gendarme as "a soldier who is employed on police duties" and a "gendarmery, -erie" as "gendarmes as a body".

Modern civilian police forces may retain the title of "gendarmerie" for historical reasons.

Gendarmerie (Romania)

The Jandarmeria Română is a military police force of Romania tasked with high-risk and specialized law enforcement duties. It is one of the two main police forces in Romania (the other being the Romanian Police - a civil force), both having jurisdiction over the civilian population.

The gendarmerie is subordinated to the Ministry of Administration and Interior and does not have responsibility for policing the Romanian Armed Forces. This duty lies with the Military Police subordinated to the Romanian Land Forces.

Gendarmerie (Bulgaria)

The Bulgarian Gendarmerie' (Жандармерия - Zhandarmeriya) is a part of the Bulgarian Ministry of Internal Affairs or "MIA". (Bulgarian: "Министерство на вътрешните работи" or "МВР", pronounced [mevere].)Bulgarian “MBP" is divided into five military-type organizations named “National Services”, that fulfil police and internal-security related duties. They are:

  1. National Security Service – counterespionage duties
  2. National Police Service – maintaining public order, investigating and counteracting crimes
  3. National Border Police Service - protecting the state’s border
  4. National Organized Crime Service – special duties
  5. National Gendarmerie Service

The Genderarmerie is a special police force deployed to secure important facilities and buildings, to respond to riots, and to counter militant threats. Its agents are trained to operate in both urban and wilderness environments so as to be able to carry out a wide range of duties. For riot duty the commandos are equipped with Makarov 9x18 pistols, protective gear, gas grenades, police sticks and non-lethal weapons. When performing high-risk tactical operations they are armed with 5.45x39mm AKS-74U rifles, which are specialized versions of the original Kalashnikov assault rifle.

The Gendarmerie is meant to be a force structure intermediate between the army and the police.

Gendarmerie agents are ranked from sergeant to colonel, following a system used throughout the Bulgarian police forces. The overall commander of the force is usually a Major General.

Gendarmerie (Belgium)

The Gendarmerie ( French) or Rijkswacht ( Dutch) was the former paramilitary police force of Belgium. It became a civilian police organisation in 1992, a status retained until January 1, 2001, when it was, together with the other existing police forces in Belgium, abolished and replaced by the Federal Police and the Local Police.

Gendarmerie (Austria)

The Federal Gendarmerie was an Austrian federal law enforcement agency. It was responsible for approximately two thirds of the population on approximately 98% of Austrian national territory, alongside the Federal Safety Guard Corps (Bundessicherheitswachekorps) and Detective Corps (Kriminalbeamtenkorps). All Austrian law enforcement agencies were merged into the Federal Police (Bundespolizei) agency, with effect from 1 July 2005.

Gendarmerie (Switzerland)

The gendarmerie are the uniformed branch of the cantonal police of the French-speaking cantons of Switzerland, and their members are not soldiers but civilians.

The first bodies of Swiss gendarmes result from the gendarmes of foot of Napoleon Bonaparte present in Switzerland during the French occupation under Swiss republic.

Currently, the police authority is exercised by the cantons, which are like Sovereign states. The cantonal police force is generally subdivided in two bodies:

  • the gendarmerie, the uniformed organization in which performs the tasks of police patrol and response, and may conduct judicial enquiries.
  • the sûreté, civil investigators who work in the Criminal Investigation Department (average and serious crime)

However in certain cantons, the gendarmes have the ability to conduct local or judicial enquiries.

Gendarmerie (disambiguation)

A gendarmerie is a police force that is generally part of the armed forces of a country, and is responsible for policing the civilian population (and usually the armed forces as well.)

Organisations whose names contain the word "gendarmerie" include:

  • Argentine National Gendarmerie
  • Carabinieri
  • Civil Guard (Spain)
  • Corps of Gendarmerie of San Marino
  • Corps of Gendarmerie of Vatican City
  • Cretan Gendarmerie
  • Djiboutian National Gendarmerie
  • European Gendarmerie Force
  • Federal Police (Mexico)
  • Feldgendarmerie
  • Guarda Nacional Republicana
  • Gendarmerie (Austria)
  • Gendarmerie (Belgium)
  • Gendarmery (Serbia)
  • Gendarmerie (Switzerland)
  • Gendarmerie Nationale (France)
  • Gendarmerie Nationale (Benin)
  • Gendarmerie Nationale (Burkina-Faso)
  • Gendarmerie Nationale (Burundi)
  • Gendarmerie Nationale (Cameroon)
  • Gendarmerie Nationale (Chad)
  • Gendarmerie Nationale (Gabon)
  • Gendarmerie Nationale (Madagascar)
  • Gendarmerie Nationale (Mali)
  • Gendarmerie Nationale (Mauritania)
  • Gendarmerie Nationale (Niger)
  • Gendarmerie Nationale (Rwanda)
  • Gendarmerie Nationale (Senegal)
  • Gendarmerie Nationale (Togo)
  • Gendarmerie (Turkey)
  • Grand Ducal Gendarmerie
  • Greek Gendarmerie
  • Guardia di Finanza
  • Internal Troops
  • Military Police (Brazil)
  • Rapid Action Force
  • Republican National Guard (Portugal)
  • Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Romanian Gendarmerie

Usage examples of "gendarmerie".

Leopoldville government had taken steps to suppress the rebellion with the Armee Nationale-Congolese, Tshombe had countered by commissioning Michael Hoare into the Gendarmerie de Katanga as a major.

Instead there was still only the advance piquette of the Gendarmerie, and the Master Sergeant he had heard cursing half a kilometer back.

Following a few startled screams, the tumult subsided, and all present turned to the back of the room, where half a dozen of the city gendarmerie stood ranged about the entrance.

Then he pulled one of the two untraceable 4627 prepaid cell phones he was carrying out of his leather jacket, dialed 17, which is the two-digit toll-free number for the Paris region Gendarmerie Nationale, and, using a Marseillaise accent, told the police operator there was a kidnapping of an American diplomat in progress on rue General de Gaulle in Cormeilles-en-Parisis and that four vehicles were involved.

Estafette van of the gendarmerie is recognisable a kilometre off, even without its blue winker on the roof.

The result of this was that Louis XII, to whom runners had been sent by Trivulce, understanding his perilous position, hastened the departure of the French gendarmerie who were already collected to cross into Italy, sent off the bailiff of Dijon to levy new Swiss forces, and ordered Cardinal Amboise, his prime minister, to cross the Alps and take up a position at Asti, to hurry on the work of collecting the troops.

The older three women had been cooking and serving, while the youngest was on her knees before a seated 2nd Gendarmerie officer, her head bobbing up and down as she fellated him.

The honorable functionary had scarcely expressed himself thus, in that intonation which is peculiar to brigadiers of the gendarmerie, when a loud scream, accompanied by the violent ringing of a bell, resounded through the court of the hotel.

Section of Gravilliers, letter of Charles Chemin, commissary, to Santerre, and deposition of Ilingray, cavalryman of the national gendarmerie, Aug. 11.

There was an escort of fifty mounted men in the cocked hats and blue-and-red uniforms of Bonaparte's gendarmerie, coachmen and servants on the box, an officer dismounting hurriedly to open the door.

Well, after I had denounced this house to the police as a Bonapartiste club, and saw it put under the usual consigne, I bribed the corporal of the gendarmerie in charge of it to let me have Theodore's company for the little job I had in hand, and also to clear the back garden of sentries so as to give you a chance and the desire to escape.

He curses Madame Barbé-Marbois who comes to take leave of her husband, dismissing on the spot the commandant of the gendarmerie who supports her in a swoon, and, noticing the respect and attentions which all the inhabitants, even the functionaries, show to the prisoners, he cries out, "Well, what airs and graces for people that will perhaps be dead in three or four days!

Intellectually, he understood they were more like gendarmerie, a paramilitary force, organized and trained more like soldiers than policemen, but emotionally, Captain K.

And the local gendarmerie was not concerned at all about what went on along the road to the cul de sac near Mark's Place, the restaurant set off the main road on the way to a gentle little harbor from which tourists set out to Pine Island to snorkel in the Lucite-clear waters.

Among the Gendarmerie personnel, only Colonel Ballon was hurt with a bullet in the shoulder.