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n. (plural of glacier English)

Glaciers (album)

Glaciers is a studio album by American hip hop production duo Blue Sky Black Death. It was released on Fake Four Inc. in 2013.

Most songs of Glaciers have runtimes over 10 minutes; the idea derives from a 13-minute song the duo made back in 2012. The album was almost entirely created using the ACID Pro 2.0 software. It features guest appearances from Child Actor, Lotte Kestner, and JMSN. The cover was designed by tattoo artist MxM.

Michael Scala of Prefix described the album as "[Blue Sky Black Death's] most grandiose, cumulative opus".

Usage examples of "glaciers".

At the next point we met with some small, very steep glaciers, and here we had to harness twenty dogs to each sledge and take the four sledges in two journeys.

The next day we crossed small glaciers, and camped at a height of 4,635 feet.

Not only can one get the dogs up over the huge glaciers that lead to the plateau, but one can make full use of them the whole way.

There had thus been a small local disturbance occasioned by one of the numerous small glaciers on land.

The small glaciers higher up turned out fairly steep, and in some places we had to take two sledges at a time with double teams.

These glaciers had an appearance of being very old, and of having entirely ceased to move.

The next ascent was up very steep glaciers, the last of which was the steepest bit of climbing we had on the whole journey -- stiff work even for double teams.

It was, in fact, an extraordinary journey that we were undertaking, through new regions, new mountains, glaciers, and so on, without being able to see.

Here and there one saw bright, shining glaciers plunging wildly down the steep sides, and merging into the underlying ground in fearful confusion.

A famous climber, of that sex, had attempted the Weisshorn a few days before our arrival, and she and her guides had lost their way in a snow-storm high up among the peaks and glaciers and been forced to wander around a good while before they could find a way down.

Gorner stock would go to two hundred, and inside of two more you would see all the other glaciers under the hammer for taxes.

In 1864 a party of tourists was descending Mont Blanc, and while picking their way over one of the mighty glaciers of that lofty region, roped together, as was proper, a young porter disengaged himself from the line and started across an ice-bridge which spanned a crevice.

Imposing as the modern glaciers are, they are not so huge as were some that once existed.

The great peaks rose several thousand feet above the glaciers, and then, as now, shattered by sun and frost, poured down their showers of rocks and stones, in witness of which there are the immense piles of angular fragments that constitute the moraines of Ivrea.

These things will help the reader to understand why it is that a man who keeps company with glaciers comes to feel tolerably insignificant by and by.