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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Agriculture is the main rural industry, though commercial forestry has traditionally also been important.
▪ This is the kind of overly generalized, commercial forestry approach that drives Hub Vogelmann and his fellow ecologists nearly to distraction.
▪ Bear left on the forestry track to the road below Pen Rhiw.
▪ Much of it occurs as plantation forestry, the prime objective of which is to produce wood and wood products.
▪ Remote centres Located in highland glens; unsuited to large-scale growth; limited development related to recreation, agriculture or forestry.
▪ That fundamental conflict between consumption and conservation has both sides of the molecular forestry debate waving environmental banners.
▪ There's a gateway over at that forestry plantation, and there was once a castle there.
▪ This is the kind of overly generalized, commercial forestry approach that drives Hub Vogelmann and his fellow ecologists nearly to distraction.
▪ This was made up of the organic residues of farms, forestry, industry and domestic refuse.
▪ We have five hundred acres of forestry here.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Forestry \For"est*ry\, n. [Cf. OF. foresterie.] The art of forming or of cultivating forests; the management of growing timber.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1690s, "privilege of a royal forest," from from forest (n.) + -ry or else from Old French foresterie, from forest (see forest (n.)). Meaning "science of managing forests" is from 1859.


n. 1 The science of planting and growing trees in forests. 2 The art and practice of planting and growing trees in forests. 3 The art and practice of cultivating, exploiting and renewing forests for commercial purposes. 4 Commercial tree farming. 5 (context countable English) A tree farm.


n. the science of planting and caring for forests and the management of growing timber


Forestry is the science and craft of creating, managing, using, conserving, and repairing forests and associated resources to meet desired goals, needs, and values for human and environment benefits. Forestry is practiced in plantations and natural stands. The science of forestry has elements that belong to the biological, physical, social, political and managerial sciences.

Modern forestry generally embraces a broad range of concerns, in what is known as multiple-use management, including the provision of timber, fuel wood, wildlife habitat, natural water quality management, recreation, landscape and community protection, employment, aesthetically appealing landscapes, biodiversity management, watershed management, erosion control, and preserving forests as ' sinks' for atmospheric carbon dioxide. A practitioner of forestry is known as a forester. Other terms are used a verderer and a silviculturalist being common ones. Silviculture is narrower than forestry, being concerned only with forest plants, but is often used synonymously with forestry.

Forest ecosystems have come to be seen as the most important component of the biosphere, and forestry has emerged as a vital applied science, craft, and technology.

Forestry is an important economic segment in various industrial countries. For example, in Germany, forests cover nearly a third of the land area, wood is the most important renewable resource, and forestry supports more than a million jobs and about billion in yearly turnover.

Forestry (horse)

Forestry (foaled 1996 in Kentucky) is an American Thoroughbred racehorse. He was sired by Storm Cat out of the mare Shared Interest, by Pleasant Colony.

Of his 11 starts, Forestry was in the money 10 times.

Ridden by Chris Antley, he won the King's Bishop Stakes, setting a stakes record of 1÷21 flat to beat the old record that had stood for 28 years and defeating graded stakes race winners Yes Its True and Vicar.

Forestry's win in the Dwyer Stakes at Belmont Park equaled the record time set by Holy Bull.

Usage examples of "forestry".

Why, when some of the students last semester requested that the administration include courses in things like forestry, basketmaking and plant grafting, they called out the C.

The communal forests in the Vaud and the Valais are admirably managed, in conformity with the rules of modern forestry.

Herr Kamin, the concessionaire of the forestry house and inn, took a seat between August Pokriefke and my mother.

Kaldup's own work in the forestry division of the Nepalese government is of great interest to me, particularly in view of the crisis he has -to cope with.

If humanity and its structures are removed below ground --well below the level of the natural world of the burrowing animals--Man would still occupy the surface with his farms, his forestry, his observation towers, his air terminals and so on, but the extent of that occupation would be enormously decreased.

This naturally included the Erewhonese, the more so in that they imported vast quantities of aquacultural and forestry products from Silvestria in a fleet of massive bulk carriers that made a highly visible component of the Erewhon Merchant Marine.

But, broadly speaking, more is to be hoped from the younger men and from those officials (civil engineers, forestry and agriculture experts, doctors, educationists) who have been scientifically educated.

Jerry Conklin, forestry student working for his doctorate at the University of Minnesota, parked his car at the end of the bridge that spanned the Pine River below the town, took out his cased fly rod, and began assembling it.

It seemed a strange thing for me to be trying to explain forestry to a forest ranger, but so it was.

Several large houses, with half dormers for sleeping lofts, were interspersed with small accommodations, scattered throughout the lodge-pole forestry.

He was getting a degree in landscape architecture from SUNY's forestry school, which, like a dependent little sister, shared buildings and grounds with Syracuse.

That’s the way our Forestry Service got to be owned by the lumbermen, and our DEA got to be owned by the drug cartels, welfare got to be owned by a social work hierarchy, and schools got to be owned by professional educationalists.

After fifty years of forestry, the fine hardwood trees were almost ready for sustained selective cutting.

Over-felling is the most heinous crime in the Forestry Service book.

The rain kept the fire from spreading, but it was enough to kick in the forestry station's smoke detectors.