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n. Any of several techniques that grow ordered, crystalline layers on top of an existing monocrystalline substrate.


n. growing a crystal layer of one mineral on the crystal base of another mineral in such a manner that its crystalline orientation is the same as that of the substrate


Epitaxy refers to the deposition of a crystalline overlayer on a crystalline substrate.

The overlayer is called an epitaxial film or epitaxial layer. The term epitaxy comes from the Greek roots epi (ἐπί), meaning "above", and taxis (τάξις), meaning "an ordered manner". It can be translated as "arranging upon". For most technological applications, it is desired that the deposited material form a crystalline overlayer that has one well-defined orientation with respect to the substrate crystal structure (single-domain epitaxy).

Epitaxial films may be grown from gaseous or liquid precursors. Because the substrate acts as a seed crystal, the deposited film may lock into one or more crystallographic orientations with respect to the substrate crystal. If the overlayer either forms a random orientation with respect to the substrate or does not form an ordered overlayer, it is termed non-epitaxial growth. If an epitaxial film is deposited on a substrate of the same composition, the process is called homoepitaxy; otherwise it is called heteroepitaxy.

Usage examples of "epitaxy".

When the ECI modification was finished, a glom command fleck completely reprogrammed by Jack through molecular-beam epitaxy was married to the SIE's central processor.

They'd figured out that almost every part of the massive production floor, the size of an exhibition hall and filled with steppers, etchers, epitaxy machines, planarisers, deposition equipment and all kinds of physical science kit with strange names, was monitored by CCTV, but nobody had thought to mount a camera inside the ion-implantation machines.

It was a manufacturing process called molecular-beam epitaxy that had been piloted on Earth decades before.

To achieve this acceleration, the LPS contains a state-of-the-art molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) facility to develop miniature lasers, optical amplifiers, and other components made out of gallium arsenide.