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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a fire/emergency exit (=a special door, used if there is an emergency or a fire)
▪ Fire crews discovered that the club’s fire exit door had been locked.
accident and emergency
an emergency call (=to the police, fire service, or ambulance service)
▪ The police normally respond immediately to an emergency call.
an emergency operation
▪ He had to have his spleen removed in an emergency operation.
an emergency/urgent meeting
▪ The Council has called an emergency meeting to decide what action to take.
crash/emergency landing (=a sudden landing caused by a problem with the engine etc)
deal with an emergency
▪ All our ambulance drivers are trained to deal with emergencies.
declaring...state of emergency
▪ After declaring a state of emergency, the government arrested all opposition leaders.
disaster/emergency relief
▪ Our objective is to provide food aid and emergency relief to developing countries.
emergency brake
emergency cord
emergency room
emergency services
emergency surgery (=done quickly, in an emergency)
▪ The teenager underwent emergency surgery after a bullet pierced her lung.
emergency treatment
▪ The driver needed emergency treatment.
relief/emergency aid (=given when there is a disaster, a war etc)
▪ Surrounding countries supplied disaster relief aid.
state of emergency
▪ After declaring a state of emergency, the government arrested all opposition leaders.
the emergency services (=the police, hospital, and the fire service)
▪ Workers in the emergency services are forbidden from striking.
▪ It provides an important reference to medical history in case of emergency.
▪ Britaingave some money to cope with the medical emergency.
▪ The same logic would apply to airliners, where peanuts are routinely handed out and where medical emergencies are best avoided.
▪ These items would not qualify as medical or emergency expenses.
▪ This is a medical emergency because the body's temperature regulating mechanism has been overloaded and has failed.
▪ Freedoms may also be suspended by Emergency Regulations promulgated by the Privy Council during a national emergency.
▪ The stock is for national emergencies, not passing bothers.
▪ It is also vital at times of national emergency such as during the miner's strike in 1984/5.
▪ A 5 percent premium shortfall is hardly a national emergency.
▪ In the spring of 1962, with the national emergency now over, the parliamentary opposition came back to life.
▪ Emergent novelty in a video game is tremendous fun; emergent novelty in our airplane traffic-control system would be a national emergency.
▪ The potential for a national emergency in the near future was unmistakeable.
▪ The Conservative agriculture spokesman, Tim Yeo, said the situation was approaching a national emergency.
▪ Where there is a real emergency, the best tactic is to go straight out on to the street and recruit signatures.
▪ When he decided you might survive a real emergency alone, then you would solo.
▪ They were assisted by other emergency teams who might be called upon in the case of a real emergency.
▪ You have to be able to handle real emergencies: sprained ankles, heat exhaustion, sudden snowstorms, canceled flights.
▪ Yet, unless a real emergency should occur, it was difficult to see how such a government might be brought about.
▪ But the flashing lights pass straight through, on to some real emergency, and the crowd goes wild.
▪ In a real emergency you know what to do, but don't use it unless it is a real emergency.
▪ It is a method only to be used in a real emergency under medical supervision.
▪ A new cellular phone has been introduced which directly links the car to emergency aid within seconds.
▪ On Monday Britain offered an additional $ 800,000 in emergency aid on top of the $ 2.7m it has already given.
▪ The mock load could be ammunition or supplies for ground troops ... or emergency aid for refugees.
▪ So are the solar panels hovering above emergency call boxes along stretches of remote highways.
▪ Just 45 minutes after the first emergency call, replacement product is with the customer.
▪ Fire officials ordered the concert shut down after they responded to an emergency call and found four revelers who had stopped breathing.
▪ The emergency call bells are now working correctly.
▪ Mr Threlfall said the incident arose because two emergency calls had been made in Teesdale within an hour.
Case report A 7 year old boy was admitted as an emergency case after falling from the side of a lorry.
▪ All emergency cases needing surgery were taken instead to Darlington Memorial Hospital.
▪ As she probably knows, half of all patients are treated as emergency cases, half come from waiting lists.
▪ A total of 1240 patients had an emergency endoscopic examination within 12 hours of arrival at the emergency department.
▪ Much of the money for its new accident and emergency department came from public donations.
▪ This is the first point of contact for patients arriving at the accident and emergency department.
▪ Almost a year after presenting to the accident and emergency department she was referred to our chest unit for observation and treatment.
▪ The accident and emergency department received £2,157 and other money has been given to the ambulance service.
▪ Similarly within a hospital the culture of the accident and emergency department differs from the long-stay geriatric ward.
▪ The cement corridor beyond was lit only by the emergency exit sign.
▪ This is the main cabin door which also serves as an emergency exit.
▪ She ran to the emergency exit door and pushed the bar to open it.
▪ We've got an emergency exit where we used to have a roof.
▪ The World Food Program appealed for $ 8. 8 million in emergency food aid for the victims.
▪ Now, with abortion illegal, it was far more dangerous, and many victims ended in hospital emergency rooms.
▪ During epidemics, hospital emergency rooms were set up to do the taps to anyone coming in with fever or lassitude.
▪ In a hospital emergency room, a man awoke on a table.
▪ The canard tipped and the pilot skilfully dived us back into the field for a perfect emergency landing.
▪ His co-pilot made an emergency landing at Southampton.
▪ Bad weather can force an emergency landing or strong winds can blow them off course.
▪ It was only with the greatest difficulty that the crew managed to carry out an emergency landing at Detroit.
▪ Still calm, he asked Schiphol for an emergency landing.
▪ Under this emergency measure dozens of opposition figures were arrested without charge, and many were subsequently beaten and deported.
▪ However, emergency measures would remain in Natal province, where fighting between rival black groups continued.
▪ The pumps are intended as an emergency measure while more sewage treatment plants are being built.
▪ We all have to show goodwill and find appropriate emergency measures.
▪ Short-term emergency measures perpetuated a division along social grounds that inhibited long-term change.
▪ Mr Jakes will face his toughest test yet when he confronts an emergency meeting of the central committee this week.
▪ Ministry of Agriculture officials held an emergency meeting in London to decide how to control the outbreak.
▪ The Fatah leadership was reported to be having an emergency meeting in Tunis as a result of the reports.
▪ His decision to stay at home for emergency meetings sent shock waves through the money markets and shares plunged.
▪ More than 50 business men and women showed their incredible resolve when they turned up for an emergency meeting in Craigavon yesterday.
▪ The Council has called an emergency meeting to decide what action to take.
▪ The killing caused a storm of protest and an emergency meeting was held to demand it be made safe.
▪ An emergency meeting of the Third Division's four-man board decided the club will continue to play at least into the New Year.
▪ This may explain the low number of emergency operations and death in the epinephrine group.
▪ She has had an emergency operation this afternoon.
▪ He needed 48 pints of blood during 5 1/2 hours of emergency operations and lost 3st during his battle to recover.
▪ Though it's not suitable for all emergency operations, look out for more techniques in routine surgery.
▪ Part of her right arm was shattered and she underwent a five-hour emergency operation.
▪ No evacuations occurred and no emergency plan was put into effect.
▪ Corrosion Caused Cloudburst Corrosion in pipework has been blamed for a gas escape which triggered the operation cloudburst emergency plan in February.
▪ The emergency plan was based on the lesson learned during the Towyn floods.
▪ Well, put the emergency procedure into operation ... Right.
▪ Other times I pored over safety specifications, memorizing lists of requirements and emergency procedures.
▪ There was no evidence of security cameras, fire extinguishers, or emergency procedures.
▪ Are the necessary emergency procedures and systems in place?
▪ An emergency procedure was in operation which should have ensured that only one train was in the tunnel.
▪ No recommendation adopted under these emergency procedures could be implemented, however, in the absence of a consensus.
▪ On 13 December 1991 emergency protection orders were made and the children were placed with foster parents.
▪ One further important change is the replacement of place of safety orders with what are to be called emergency protection orders.
▪ Sections 44, 45 and 48 cover emergency protection orders.
▪ In this context it is important to remember that any individual may seek an emergency protection order.
▪ The local authority obtained an emergency protection order and placed the girl with foster parents.
▪ In December 1991 the local authority was granted emergency protection orders in respect of both boys and placed them with foster parents.
▪ A guardian ad litem appointed in emergency protection proceedings will usually continue to act in any care proceedings which follow.
▪ Objective: Provision of food aid and emergency relief to developing countries.
▪ Another 120, 000 refugees are being offered emergency relief at TingiTingi, midway between Kisangani and Walikale.
▪ By the end of the 1980s, drought had again intensified the need for emergency relief.
▪ But the emergency relief operation, say the aid-agencies working among them, is in danger of passing them by.
▪ The assistance comes from the Bellwin scheme which can be activated for emergency relief after exceptional storm or flood damage.
▪ Oshima is the U.N. undersecretary for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief, who has been dispatched to look around.
▪ Objective: emergency relief, long-term aid and resettlement of refugees.
▪ Some drugs spark off this emergency response and help their targets to defend themselves.
▪ The safety element sets guidelines for emergency response to catastrophes and the reconstruction that would follow.
▪ Planners and firefighters wanted Shade to stay open because a barrier would hinder emergency response.
▪ If chest pain occurs report immediately to nearest emergency room.
▪ A few years back the city closed down half of it, leaving only the emergency room open.
▪ She rushes her to the emergency room when Tamika gets sick.
▪ Now, with abortion illegal, it was far more dangerous, and many victims ended in hospital emergency rooms.
▪ A 33-year-old man was brought to the emergency room in coma.
▪ All of those factors often are at play in an emergency room.
▪ In the emergency room he appeared deeply comatose: his eyes were closed and he did not react to noxious stimuli.
▪ I moved as if in a daze through the emergency room.
▪ Under the scheme, only vehicles carrying invalids or supporting the emergency services would be allowed into the centre.
▪ National Park Service phone lines were jammed with calls throughout the night, affecting emergency service, a park statement said.
▪ The subsequent call to emergency services reported a decapitation.
▪ The city also would get half of any profit made on the emergency service.
▪ The incident was one of dozens which emergency services had to deal with across Merseyside on Bonfire Night.
▪ The survey mentions nothing about municipal confusion, insurance rates, emergency services or elections.
▪ The Presidency reconvened in emergency session on May 8-9 at the request of the army.
▪ In this worsening climate of inter-republican invective, the collective State Presidency met in emergency session on Oct. 2.
▪ The government met in emergency session on May 22 and agreed to set up a commission of inquiry to investigate the assassination.
▪ He was preparing a detailed set of reference papers for the emergency session of the Academy.
▪ Immediately afterwards the Moldavian Supreme Soviet went into emergency session.
▪ Ivashko adjourned the meeting, and the politburo went into emergency session, emerging to announce its unanimous backing for Gorbachev.
▪ Here consultancies set out to help a client who is in an emergency situation.
▪ He sat thinking how he was stuck with her, how there was no privacy in this house for emergency situations.
▪ Staff are required to complete a rigorous induction, with training in handling emergency situations.
▪ Right now we are in an emergency situation.
▪ The council says it didn't renovate the cottage because it wasn't an emergency situation.
▪ Except for emergency situations, direct pollution controls have a fairly poor track record.
▪ It was clearly an emergency situation.
▪ Dealing with production workers as well as superiors when working under the pressure of production deadlines or emergency situations can be stressful.
▪ Pharmacists can sometimes dispense emergency supplies of prescription-only medicines.
▪ Washington has also decided to fly in emergency supplies of food and medicine.
▪ One boy, who was shot three times, had emergency surgery and was on a respirator.
▪ Eight patients have required emergency surgery coinciding with the unrestricted reintroduction of food after remission induced by diet.
▪ He was later brought to the Mater Hospital and underwent emergency surgery.
▪ News of the arrests comes on the day that another pensioner underwent emergency surgery following a separate vicious robbery.
▪ Father-of-three Andrew Cockle, 31, was taken to hospital with neck and chest injuries but died after emergency surgery.
▪ Mrs Hayward needed emergency surgery after the bullet narrowly missed her heart.
▪ Under Government guidelines, anyone is entitled to free accident and emergency treatment.
▪ Hospitals would be paid for emergency treatment provided to the undocumented, a cost often shifted to other patients today.
▪ Most people probably don't realise but, with this kind of emergency treatment, time is vitally important.
▪ We are seeing more people survive with very, very profound injuries because of new emergency treatment.
▪ There are so few hospital beds available that health authorities plan to set up emergency treatment centres in football stadiums.
▪ Carmen nor Elsworth had made any attempt to get emergency treatment for Roy despite their belief that he probably had been misdiagnosed.
▪ In the ring paramedics gave Ingle emergency treatment.
▪ Unlike the E111 certificates used by tourists to cover emergency treatment, the E112 covers patients with existing medical conditions.
▪ Second, it could prevent us from dealing expeditiously with emergencies such as natural disasters or military threats.
▪ The margin of safety in dealing with emergencies may then be narrowed or broadened.
▪ Andrew Culf Three ambulance crews from Fulham dealt with emergencies yesterday after the 999 calls were put through to them.
▪ Cheshire's emergency services launched their Operation Cloudburst procedure for dealing with chemical emergencies.
▪ Coun Hughes urged Mr Threlfall to consider a rapid response unit to deal with emergencies.
▪ What you could pay for Most brigades outside London would charge for dealing with emergencies such as a flooded cellar.
▪ Low power California's power crisis worsened as blackouts began and the governor declared a state of emergency.
▪ Officials declared a state of emergency in King County, which includes Seattle, as well as western Washington.
▪ I heard on the radio that Michigan's governor was being urged to declare a state of emergency.
▪ Frank Keating declared a drought emergency and instituted a statewide ban on outdoor burning.
▪ By last night, five municipalities had declared a state of emergency.
▪ In response, the government declared an economic emergency last month, raising taxes and cutting expenses.
▪ We had blown a gasket and told them of our problem, but we did not declare an emergency.
▪ Parliament announced that it would hold an emergency debate on the accidents.
▪ Alliance leader John Alderdice held emergency talks with the security chief at Stormont on the recent spate of murders and sectarian attacks.
▪ It roused the kings and presidents to hold an emergency summit in Cairo last October.
▪ Yeltsin had to back down from imposing a state of emergency.
▪ If pushed too hard at this critical moment he could impose emergency rule and provoke far greater strife.
▪ Amid continuing disturbances the government imposed a state of emergency in the region on July 20.
▪ For crisis loans, helping customers meet expenses in an emergency, 3,315 people were helped out of the 3,508 applications made.
▪ The dancers who were making money in Broadway shows did not hesitate to chip in to meet emergency expenses.
▪ He activated article 16 to meet the military emergency and immediately addressed the nation.
▪ Be prepared to change whatever schedule you have established in order to meet an emergency business need.
▪ The second liquidity need is the same liquidity need that individuals have-firms need to maintain some cash balances to meet unexpected emergencies.
▪ Will he consider the historical importance of many units, especially in Yorkshire, which have provided reservists for emergencies?
▪ The fund provided him with an emergency grant for unreimbursed medical bills and lost wages.
▪ Throughout the year the voluntary members spend their time providing care and emergency services for people in need.
▪ The two million-member club, which provides 24-hour emergency road and towing service, will continue to operate under the Amoco name.
▪ These would provide accident and emergency service for everyone at a given sum per year and meet certain quality criteria. 2.
▪ There are so few hospital beds available that health authorities plan to set up emergency treatment centres in football stadiums.
▪ The safety element sets guidelines for emergency response to catastrophes and the reconstruction that would follow.
▪ They've set up an emergency centre, but fear they can do little to stop the devastation.
▪ The Army set up emergency hotlines for inquiring parents but the system crashed several hours later because of a flood of calls.
▪ In a classroom set aside for emergencies, skeletal little children lie on mats.
▪ Manweb has set up an emergency help caravan in the Asda car park in Llandudno.
▪ Mr Donnelly underwent emergency coronary care treatment in hospital last year.
▪ Twice a year, flight attendants were required to undergo a review of emergency and first-aid procedures.
▪ He was later brought to the Mater Hospital and underwent emergency surgery.
▪ News of the arrests comes on the day that another pensioner underwent emergency surgery following a separate vicious robbery.
▪ He received serious leg injuries and underwent emergency surgery.
▪ He underwent emergency surgery after shards of the bomb tore into his chest and face.
fire/emergency drill
▪ After selecting a field he carried out his emergency drills and shut down the engine.
▪ And practise a family fire drill.
▪ Immediately fire drills were followed and the building vacated.
▪ It was sabotaged by an unforeseen fire drill.
▪ So back to the fire drill.
▪ The advantage of fire drill thinking is that it reminds you that the worst really can happen.
▪ The local primary school nearest the naval base, Barne Barton, has an annual nuclear emergency drill.
▪ A fire started in the cargo area, and the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing.
▪ Don't call me unless it's an emergency.
▪ In an emergency, dial 911 for police, the fire department or an ambulance.
▪ Staff are trained to deal with any emergency.
▪ The emergency services in this area simply couldn't cope if there were a major accident or terrorist attack.
▪ The victim was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery.
▪ A new 5-link rear suspension system stabilises the car, helping you to stay in control even in an emergency.
▪ Approaching a third of his 450 front-line emergency ambulances are now diesel.
▪ During emergencies, the Muyira sector is used to coordinate supplies.
▪ Even more disturbing was the method the store manager had developed to cope with the emergency.
▪ Navy officials estimated that having one 911 emergency center for the San Diego bases will save $ 4. 4 million.
▪ Officials declared a state of emergency in King County, which includes Seattle, as well as western Washington.
▪ The law allows the president to appoint a three-member presidential emergency board to examine the contract dispute and produce non-binding recommendations.
▪ There was always a sort of universal coming together when an emergency was averted, when a human life was saved.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Emergency \E*mer"gen*cy\, n.; pl. Emergencies. [See Emergence.]

  1. Sudden or unexpected appearance; an unforeseen occurrence; a sudden occasion.

    Most our rarities have been found out by casual emergency.

  2. An unforeseen occurrence or combination of circumstances which calls for immediate action or remedy; pressing necessity; exigency.

    To whom she might her doubts propose, On all emergencies that rose.

    A safe counselor in most difficult emergencies.

    Syn: Crisis; conjuncture; exigency; pinch; strait; necessity.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"unforeseen occurrence requiring immediate attention," 1630s, from Latin emergens, present participle of emergere "to rise out or up" (see emerge). Or from emerge + -ency. As an adjective by 1881.


n. 1 A situation which poses an immediate risk and which requires urgent attention. 2 (context US Canada often attributive English) The department of a hospital that treats emergencies. 3 An individual brought in at short notice to replace a member of staff, a player in a sporting team, etc. 4 (context archaic English) The quality of being emergent; sudden or unexpected appearance; an unforeseen occurrence.

  1. n. a sudden unforeseen crisis (usually involving danger) that requires immediate action; "he never knew what to do in an emergency" [syn: exigency, pinch]

  2. a state in which martial law applies; "the governor declared a state of emergency"

  3. a brake operated by hand; usually operates by mechanical linkage [syn: hand brake, emergency brake, parking brake]


An emergency is a situation that poses an immediate risk to health, life, property, or environment. Most emergencies require urgent intervention to prevent a worsening of the situation, although in some situations, mitigation may not be possible and agencies may only be able to offer palliative care for the aftermath.

While some emergencies are self-evident (such as a natural disaster that threatens many lives), many smaller incidents require that an observer (or affected party) decide whether it qualifies as an emergency. The precise definition of an emergency, the agencies involved and the procedures used, vary by jurisdiction, and this is usually set by the government, whose agencies ( emergency services) are responsible for emergency planning and management.

Emergency (NGO)

Emergency is a humanitarian NGO that provides emergency medical treatment to civilian victims of war, especially in relation to landmines. It was founded by war surgeon Gino Strada in 1994 in Milan ( Italy).

Gino Strada and the other founders of Emergency aimed to bring free, high-quality medical and surgical assistance to war victims. Over time, their humanitarian projects assumed a broader view, including giving human rights to those who suffer the social consequences from wars. Emergency promotes a culture of peace and solidarity.

Emergency strives for neutrality in every war; its aim is to guarantee the right of free medical assistance to the population affected by a war. Today Emergency is active in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Iraq, Sierra Leone, Sudan and Sri Lanka. Emergency’s humanitarian projects usually involve construction, support, and operation of permanent hospitals. However, Emergency has also given short-term emergency assistance to existing hospitals in areas with a critical need for temporary care by providing specialized personnel, drugs or instruments. These short-term projects have included Algeria, Angola, Eritrea, Nicaragua, Palestine and Serbia. As of 2013, more than six million people have received care from Emergency health centers.

Emergency (1959 TV series)

Emergency is an Australian television series produced by GTV-9 in 1959.

The series was set in the busy casualty department of a major Melbourne hospital, and is notable for being one of the first-ever dramas shown on Australian television.

Made by Melbourne's GTV-9 in co-operation with the Royal Melbourne Hospital, and based on Britain's "Emergency Ward 10", "Emergency" starred Brian James as Dr. Geoffrey Thompson, Syd Conabere as orderly George Rogers, and Judith Godden as Nurse Jill Adamson. Moira Carleton also featured as Matron Evans.

The series was produced primarily in the GTV-9 studio, with brief (usually pre-credit) exterior sequences shot on 35mm film by newsreel cameramen. The episodes were not broadcast live, but were "kinescoped" to meet programming requirements, and facilitate later screening in Sydney.

The series' premise was simple: a basic dramatic exploration of cases passing through the Casualty ward. Scripts were written by GTV staffers Roland Strong (series producer) and Denzil Howson (series director) under pseudonyms.

Sponsorship came from British Petroleum, and a contract was signed for 52 half-hour episodes. The series debuted on GTV-9 on 16 February 1959, and on Sydney's ATN-7 a week later. Critics initially appeared fairly neutral, however a highly negative article on the series in a Sydney newspaper caused BP to withdraw sponsorship 16 weeks into the series run. Faced with having to carry the production expenses alone, GTV-9 discontinued production, with the final episode airing in Melbourne on 1 June 1959.

Following the series demise, Brian James went on to lead roles in the ABC serial Stormy Petrel in 1960, and ATN-7's period drama Jonah in 1962, later appearing as George Tippit in the drama serial "Skyways" (1979–81).

Conabere and Carleton appeared in guest roles in most of the Australian TV dramas on the 1960s and 1970s.

Emergency (Kool & the Gang album)

Emergency is the sixteenth studio album by the American band Kool & the Gang, released in 1984. It ultimately became the group's biggest selling career album, earning Double Platinum status in America, Platinum in Canada, and Silver in the UK.

The album garnered numerous hit singles such as "Fresh" (US #9, UK# 11); "Misled" (US #10, UK #28); the million-selling 45 "Cherish" (US #2, UK #4), and "Emergency" (US #18).

Emergency (Philippine TV program)

Emergency is an informative news and public affairs television show in the Philippines hosted by Arnold Clavio, and aired every Friday evenings on GMA Network.

Emergency (Paramore song)

"Emergency" is a song by the American rock band Paramore. It was released on October 21, 2005 as the second single from their debut studio album, All We Know Is Falling (2005). It was released on 7" vinyl in the United Kingdom on August 26, 2006 and contained the B-side "Oh, Star," and a poster of the band. The song was written by Hayley Williams and Josh Farro. It failed to chart in the United States, however, it was released in Kerrang!s "Class of '06" compilation CD, calling it one of the best rock tracks of that year. An alternative post-hardcore version of the song, providing a heavier sound and screamed vocals, was released on The Summer Tic EP in 2006.

Emergency (disambiguation)

An emergency is a situation requiring urgent assistance.

Emergency may also refer to:

Emergency (The Pigeon Detectives album)

Emergency is the second album by Leeds band, The Pigeon Detectives. The album was released on 26 May 2008, just under a year after their platinum debut selling album, Wait for Me. The album was produced by Stephen Street who has produced for bands such as Blur, Babyshambles, The Smiths, Feeder and Kaiser Chiefs.

The first single from the album was " This Is an Emergency" on 12 May 2008, which was first played by Radio 1 on 24 March 2008.

The album was subject to an early leak onto the internet on 1 May, and spread via P2P networks. Unlike many early album leaks, the audio files that were distributed on the internet were of a high quality, and not highly compressed files.

The album peaked at number five in its first week but fell out the charts quickly, spending three weeks in the top 40. Following the release of the second single, "Everybody Wants Me", the album re-entered the top 40 again for another three weeks. Upon its release, it received mixed reviews from critics.

Emergency (series)

Emergency is a video game series of rescue simulations by the German developer Sixteen Tons Entertainment and creative director and founder of the series Ralph Stock. Publisher of the first game in 1998 was TopWare Interactive; In 2002 Emergency 2 was published by Take 2 Interactive who went on to publish both Emergency 3 in 2005 and Emergency 4 + Gold Edition in 2006 alongside the publisher Rondomedia. As of 2010 Deep Silver has taken over the publishing operations of the Emergency Series and its Spin-Offs.

In the game, players take control of the emergency services; firefighters, ambulance services, police and, technical services (THW). The central element of the Emergency games is to head up operations of fictional rescues, crimes, medical and catastrophe management, commanding a pool of vehicles and personnel.

Controls and graphics are typical of a Real-Time Strategy game; using the left-mouse button to select your unit(s), the right-mouse button to command movement or an action of the selected unit(s). Camera work takes typical angles of the RTS genre.

The Missions(Events) take on a standard system of events in an numerical order, each mission harder and more demanding then the last, each mission may require the player to use different emergency services to deal with the multitude of events. It is iconic for missions in Emergency to start off with a short cinematic cut scene of the cause of the emergency the player is attending.

As of Emergency 5 missions (renamed to events) take on a different system, now all events can be attended in one game session eliminating any loading screens and making the gameplay flow, between each major event the player will deal with standard dynamic emergencies such as car accidents, medical emergencies, crimes, fires, missing persons, pipeline ruptures, and many more.

Emergency (Tank song)

"Emergency" is a song by R&B singer Tank. It's the second single from his fourth album, Now or Never.

Emergency (Dial 999)

"Emergency (Dial 999)" is the second single by English R&B band Loose Ends from their first studio album, A Little Spice, and was released in April 1984 by Virgin Records. The 7" and 12" Version were remixed versions from the forthcoming album "A Little Spice". The single reached number 41 in the charts.

Emergency (UK television programme)

Emergency was a twentieth century UK television programme presented by Sue Robbie where a panel of experts gave advice on emergency situations. The programme was produced by David Crossman, and was an Action Time production for This Morning and Granada Television.

Emergency (Icona Pop song)

"Emergency" is a song by Swedish electropop duo Icona Pop, taken from the EP of the same name. It was released on 26 May 2015 by TEN Music Group and Atlantic. "Emergency" features uncredited vocals from Swedish singer Erik Hassle. The music video directed by B. Åkerlund, Jonas Åkerlund's wife, in collaboration with design duo KTZ was premiered on June 17. The song is featured in FIFA 16.

Emergency (WizzyPro song)

"Emergency" is a song by Nigerian record producer WizzyPro. It was released on November 2, 2013 and features vocal appearances from Patoranking, Runtown and Skales. Upon its release the song was widely accepted among music critics and received massive airplay. "Emergency" won the "Best Collaboration" category at the 2014 edition of The Headies.

Usage examples of "emergency".

On top of that, every vessel he took had a quantity of money aboard, the funds necessary to purchase fresh stores and to pay for emergency repairs.

On October 9, 2000, Liysa arrived at a hospital emergency room with a bruised eye and abrasions on her knee.

We therefore had to practice abseiling into I the jungle and getting in all the emergency equipment that would be needed.

Nimmy wondered absently if he should confess to eating barbecued wilddog on abstinence days, even though the cardinal had granted dispensation in an emergency situation.

With a young child and an abusive boyfriend, she had used up all the reserves of hope that she had stored up for emergencies and hard times.

She did not like to tell the noble canon, and thinking that I was more likely to be acquainted with such emergencies she came up to me and told me all.

The sympathetic system, and the adrenal medulla, too, are not necessary for life, except insofar as failure to react properly to an emergency may be fatal.

In fact, many of my clients have removed the 24hour emergency message from their yellow page advertising, opting for simpler, well-positioned messages.

They contain such items as spare parts, chemical supplies, emergency seeds for restarting aeroponics, sheet and bar metal.

San Francisco Mayor Conrad Aiken has called for a dusk-to-dawn curfew and has asked the governor to declare a state of emergency for the city and county.

Pacino had been lectured for ten minutes by Alameda to not even think about touching the international emergency beacon.

Bright emergency lights flashed on all over the estate, lighting up the area like a football field.

He sniffed the air, the scent a mixture of diesel oil and diesel exhaust from the emergency generator, ozone from the electrical equipment, cooking oil, lubricating oils, and amines from the atmospheric control equipment.

The downside to ordering an angiogram in an emergency was that it took at least an hour to obtain.

In an emergency, aspic may be made from the prepared extracts of beef, or from bouillon capsules.