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emergency room
▪ A 33-year-old man was brought to the emergency room in coma.
▪ A few years back the city closed down half of it, leaving only the emergency room open.
▪ At Massachusetts General, William Tisdale was a second-year medical resident in the emergency room.
▪ Between 1983 and 1994, emergency room admissions due to meth-related psychoses rose 366 percent in California.
▪ I made my way through a long corridor toward the emergency room.
▪ The doctor in the emergency room notified the police.
▪ They were also asked how much total waiting time elapsed between triage and departure from the emergency room.
emergency room

n. A department of a hospital primarily used for the treatment of the most serious, often life-threatening conditions.

emergency room

n. a room in a hospital or clinic staffed and equipped to provide emergency care to persons requiring immediate medical treatment [syn: ER]

Emergency room (disambiguation)

An emergency room refers to a department in a medical facility that specializes in the acute care of patients without any prior appointments

Emergency room may also refer to:

  • Emergency Room (art), an art piece format by Thierry Geoffroy
  • A meeting room used by governments and civil servants for emergency management purposes in times of crisis
  • ER (TV series), a 1994–2009 American medical drama television series
  • The Emergency Room, an underground experimental music venue in Vancouver, Canada
  • Emergency Room, an episode in the French animated series, Oggy and the Cockroaches
Emergency Room (art)

Emergency Room is an art exhibition format devised by Thierry Geoffroy for artists with desire to engage quickly in the current debate. Artists are invited to contribute with art works that are produced daily in response to ongoing social issues, contributing to a constantly changing exhibition. The format avoids the need for an artist to wait months or years before being able to exhibit their art. Emergency Room exhibitions have been held in a number of locations globally.

Usage examples of "emergency room".

Gently, almost convincingly, she told Philip that her 'condition' could not be treated in an emergency room and that she was grateful for his concern.

He'd talked to the people on the front lines, teachers and parents and cops and emergency room physicians and first-line supervisors in a wide range of occupations.

They ran for the wide double doors of the emergency room, silent and scared.

Aunt Sharpie has helped in an emergency room after a five-car crash.

An emergency room would have to trade some daily-used resource to be ready for mass casualties that don't appear to be coming.

For a moment today I wanted to gather you up and take you away from that emergency room, lest something else threaten you.

Fortunately, we were only a block away from the hospital, and they brought me to the emergency room here.

These men are angry at what's happened to their country, and I've talked to them about it, but right now, like doctors waiting for the ambulance to come into the emergency room.

In what passed here for an emergency room, he waited while people searched for his records.