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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
dill pickle
▪ Serve the salmon on the lentils and sprinkle over the fresh chervil or dill and pink peppercorns.
▪ Serve the soup hot or at room temperature, garnished with a sprinkling of fresh dill or chives, if desired.
▪ Arrange three eggs on each plate and garnish with fresh dill or mint.
▪ Mr Liebman was cool as a dill pickle.
▪ All of the hot pastrami sandwiches are served with a crunchy dill pickle, sliced down the middle.
▪ I ate a ham sandwich on white bread with dill pickles that soaked through the bread and made it soggy and green.
▪ Remember the time we found those ants tasted like dill pickles?
▪ Do you want me to get a dill pickle for you?
▪ All of the hot pastrami sandwiches are served with a crunchy dill pickle, sliced down the middle.
▪ Garnish with asparagus tips, lemon segments, dill and rind.
▪ I ate a ham sandwich on white bread with dill pickles that soaked through the bread and made it soggy and green.
▪ Mr Liebman was cool as a dill pickle.
▪ Remove the fillets from the marinade, place on a board skin-side down, and scatter over the chopped dill.
▪ Serve the salmon on the lentils and sprinkle over the fresh chervil or dill and pink peppercorns.
▪ Sow parsley, which takes two to three weeks to germinate; cilantro, dill, chives.
▪ Tuna Italienne, with pasta; or Salmon Imperial in a delicate dill and a sherry sauce.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Apiaceae \Apiaceae\ n. 1. a family of plants bearing flowers in umbels; examples are: parsley; carrot; anise; caraway; celery; dill.

Syn: Umbelliferae, family Umbelliferae, family Apiaceae, carrot family

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English dile "dill, anise," a Proto-Germanic word of unknown origin (cognates: Old Saxon dilli, Middle Dutch and Dutch dille, Swedish dill, German Dill).


n. 1 ''Anethum graveolens'' (the sole species of the genus (taxlink Anethum genus noshow=1)), a herb, the seeds of which are moderately warming, pungent, and aromatic, formerly used as a soothing medicine for children; also known as dillseed. 2 A cucumber pickled with dill flavoring, also called a dill pickle. 3 (context informal English) a fool. vb. 1 To still; to assuage; to calm; to soothe, as one in pain. 2 To lull to sleep.

  1. n. aromatic Old World herb having aromatic threadlike foliage and seeds used as seasoning [syn: Anethum graveolens]

  2. aromatic threadlike foliage of the dill plant used as seasoning [syn: dill weed]


Dill (Anethum graveolens) is an annual herb in the celery family Apiaceae.

It is the sole species of the genus Anethum.

Dill (river)

The Dill is a long river, flowing through central Hesse in Germany. It is a tributary to the Lahn, joining it on the right bank at the town of Wetzlar.

Dill (surname)

Dill is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Bob Dill (1920–1991), American professional ice hockey player
  • Clarence Dill (1884–1978), American politician
  • Craig Dill (born 1944), American basketball player
  • Cynthia Dill (born 1965), American lawyer and politician
  • Danny Dill (1924–2008), American country music singer
  • Dean Dill, American magician
  • Diana Dill (born 1923), Bermudian-American actress
  • Eric Dill (born 1981), American singer and songwriter
  • Jacob William Dill, (1840–1920) Canadian merchant and political figure
  • James Dill (1859–1937), Canadian politician
  • John Dill (1881–1944), UK World War II Field Marshal
  • Lesley Dill (born 1950), American contemporary artist
  • Max Dill (1876-1949), American vaudeville comedian
  • Nathalia Dill (born 1986), Brazilian actress
  • Roger Dill (born 1957), Bermudan international cricket umpire
Dill (disambiguation)

Dill (Anethum graveolens) is an annual herb. Dill may also refer to:

Dill (footballer)

Elpídio Barbosa Conceição, also known as Dill (born March 4, 1974) is a Brazilian retired footballer who played as a forward.

In a 16-year professional career, he played for several Série A clubs, being the top scorer in 2000, and also competed in four other countries, namely in Portugal.

Usage examples of "dill".

I tried to recall the names of both the spices I had known and those I had only heard of, words that would intoxicate him like perfumes, and for him I listed malabaster, incense, nard, lycium, sandal, saffron, ginger, cardamom, senna, zedoaria, laurel, marjoram, coriander, dill, thyme, clove, sesame, poppy, nutmeg, citronella, curcuma, and cumin.

Everyone came in jeans or and the food consisted of cheese and crackers, carrot ely sticks with dill dip, and her famous, artery-clogging guacamole and taco chips--or if it was a formal sit-down dinner, lasagna and garlic bread.

Maybe I should substitute orange and jicama salad for the carrots in dill sauce.

Deanna Foster-Joyer, John Joyer, Bud Murphy, Peggy Dills Kelter, Sally LaVenture, Eric Bucy, Steve Saylor, Kevin Donald, Aina Josefsson, and Deborah Phillips.

Mr Dill, will perhaps want to consult Green Undertakings of Watchet in Somerset, since that village is such a famous poetic landmark!

The Qorma-i Tarkari, a dish of cauliflower, carrots and potatoes topped with lamb sauce and seasoned with turmeric, cumin, saffron and dill over basmati rice, was delicious.

I stopped at the Dally-Deli and picked up two humongous corned beef sandwiches on rye, side orders of cole slaw, and an extra order of kosher dills, which Chas dearly loves.

Camembert cheese heated slightly, just enough to spread, a Boston rarebit made with cream and egg left over scrambled eggs and cress, roast chicken and chopped dill pickles, cheese and chopped dates or figs, orange marmalade, and sardines pounded to a paste with a few drops of lemon juice added.

As Diller turned out the light and left he did not realize that the wounded man watched through the slit of his one unbruised eyelid.

The church allowed neither alcohol nor tobacco but Diller owned an unproscribed vice: gluttony.

All the way from Duesseldorf to Wohlgebaum he played the Circuit of Gardens with nice clean Gravel on the Ground and Dill Pickles festooned among the Caraway Trees.

The following morning, two thousand Haligonians gathered before the Herald building to bid Godspeed to Frank and Jennie Dill.

Sir John Dill, who had succeeded General Ironside in May, 1940, remained C.

Late at night on May 25, Ironside, Dill, Ismay, myself, and one or two others in my room at Admiralty House were trying to measure the position.

Substitute 1 tsp of dried or fresh dill, or 2 Tbs of fresh basil for parsely.