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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ In some representations, in the Book of the Dead, the phoenix is depicted as arising from him.
▪ In one later incarnation, she is depicted as severe, with a scalpel and a large pair of pincers.
▪ In particular, both were depicted as multi-headed winged serpents.
▪ Although rhinos have been depicted as rather vicious stampeding animals they are in fact sedentary and often solitary.
▪ Both maintain that there are symbolic representations of the Ultimate whether the Ultimate be depicted as Truth or as the Holy.
▪ His poetry often depicts labouring class life vividly.
▪ In art, he is often depicted flayed.
▪ Shields carried by Middenheim troops often depict the wolf in some guise or other.
▪ Hercules is often depicted holding a club and draped with a lion's hide.
▪ Posters continue to fascinate and so often depict one-off, rare or even imaginary aircraft.
▪ Minerva, like Athene, was usually depicted wearing a helmet and armour and carrying a lance and shield.
▪ Caring is usually depicted as a one-way relationship.
▪ Dionysius was usually depicted with the flanks of a goat or bull to symbolise his fertility aspect.
▪ El was usually depicted as a seated figure wearing bull's horns, the symbol of strength and fertility.
▪ Red cartoon depicting monkeys skating about a typical street with masses of detail.
▪ The original version of the model is depicted in Figure 8.
▪ A possible scenario is depicted in Figure 2.3.
▪ I have this postcard depicting an allegorical figure of Strength.
▪ This entire processing apparatus is depicted in Figure 10.
▪ This causal ordering is depicted in the figure with the arrows and the numbering of each variable.
▪ El was usually depicted as a seated figure wearing bull's horns, the symbol of strength and fertility.
▪ This simple situation is depicted in Figure 7.3.
▪ It is depicted in Figure 1.1.
▪ Izvestia said the film depicted soldiers temporarily burying rebel bodies for possible later identification by relatives.
▪ Pornographic movie houses often specialize in films depicting violence against women.
▪ In fact, to a remarkable extent popular media such as the press, films and television do depict deviant women.
▪ Never was he distressed but smiled with a grin fixed to his face without changing, depicting his life.
▪ Firstly, it depicted the life of a mentally handicapped person as being unrewarding, unstimulating and confined.
▪ Arachne's contribution was a woven hanging on which she had depicted the lives and loves of the gods.
▪ His poetry often depicts labouring class life vividly.
▪ It depicts the Life of St Clement.
▪ The photograph depicted two naked men, engaged in one of the most nauseating of homosexual acts.
▪ Among the items scientists have unearthed are four-inch clay figurines depicting men wearing hip and shoulder pads.
▪ From 200 metres we fired single shots at the targets depicting charging men holding machine guns.
▪ The triangle was centered in a bronze frieze depicting men guiding boys on golden playing fields.
▪ Around the Golden Throne was a mural depicting a magnificent sun sending its rays across the heavens.
▪ The outer lobbies of these enterprises often feature murals depicting satellite launches, jet travel, or electronic laser shows.
▪ In the excavated tombs there, the legacy of Koguryo lives in the murals depicting warriors on horseback.
▪ The student newspaper gave on-going front-page coverage to the issue and a mural was painted depicting the struggle.
▪ The museum does depict Stalin unsympathetically.
▪ Shiver as you walk through this animated museum depicting scenes from Stoker's spine-chiller.
▪ They carried huge canvas paintings depicting scenes from the Bible and classical times.
▪ The altar bears a painting by J. Schlemüller depicting the murder of St Wenceslas by his brother.
▪ In old Mayan paintings musicians are depicted striking a tortoiseshell with a forked stick.
▪ This is not to say that all history paintings depict nudes.
▪ There are 16 panels depicting high relief figures on a low relief and incised background.
▪ This scene is depicted at Avioth and in other Black Virgin churches.
▪ This scene is depicted in bas-relief on the plinth of the Scott memorial, Plymouth.
▪ The scene depicts a forest, with flora and fauna changing with the seasons.
▪ Intensely painted scenes depict the gruesome martyrdom of countless saints.
▪ The scene has been depicted in many a movie and Western novel, but the fact is, it probably never happened.
▪ Both masters and men moreover chose to depict women as wilful and capricious.
▪ Pornographic movie houses often specialize in films depicting violence against women.
▪ In fact, to a remarkable extent popular media such as the press, films and television do depict deviant women.
▪ The heart of the park will feature models made entirely of Lego bricks depicting scenes and world famous architectural sites.
▪ It depicts a small-town world adjusting itself for an event it was certain would come to pass.
▪ Included in the show are works of Ricardo Gonzalez Elias, who depicts a world of blindness.
▪ Critics said the article depicted Latinos negatively.
▪ His stories depict life in Trinidad as seen through the eyes of a young boy.
▪ In this new biography she is depicted as a lonely and unhappy woman.
▪ The California state flag depicts a grizzly bear.
▪ And rather than depicting various hues of political opinion, the new murals make an environmental statement.
▪ It comes bundled with Windows 3.1, and a proprietary front-end, which uses graphics to depict the various functions provided.
▪ Red cartoon depicting monkeys skating about a typical street with masses of detail.
▪ The one clue comes from frescoes and vases that depict griffins protecting a seated Goddess.
▪ The reaction to numerous business pressures are depicted in Fig. 1. 6.
▪ The transcripts depict Davis weeping with remorse at several points during the confession.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Depict \De*pict"\ (d[-e]*p[i^]kt"), p. p. [L. depictus, p. p. of depingere to depict; de- + pingere to paint. See Paint, and cf. Depaint, p. p.] Depicted.


Depict \De*pict"\ (d[-e]*p[i^]kt"), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Depicted; p. pr. & vb. n. Depicting.]

  1. To form a colored likeness of; to represent by a picture; to paint; to portray.

    His arms are fairly depicted in his chamber.

  2. To represent in words; to describe vividly.

    C[ae]sar's gout was then depicted in energetic language.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 15c., from Latin depictus, past participle of depingere "to portray, paint, sketch; describe, imagine," from de- "down" (see de-) + pingere "to paint" (see paint (v.)). Related: Depicted; depicting.

  1. (context obsolete English) Depicted. v

  2. To render a representation of something, using words, sounds, images, or other means.

  1. v. show in, or as in, a picture; "This scene depicts country life"; "the face of the child is rendered with much tenderness in this painting" [syn: picture, render, show]

  2. give a description of; "He drew an elaborate plan of attack" [syn: describe, draw]

  3. make a portrait of; "Goya wanted to portray his mistress, the Duchess of Alba" [syn: portray, limn]

Usage examples of "depict".

Round its border were to be depicted the eleven alcaides defeated in the battle.

Viracocha, the white and bearded Andean deity, Quetzalcoatl was depicted as having brought to Mexico all the skills and sciences necessary to create a civilized life, thus ushering in a golden age.

These portolanos or sailing charts are of great interest to the Australasian student, not only because they depict for the first time the Molucca Islands, but also because Java, Bali, Lomboc and Sumbawa are set down on them as distinct and separate islands, whereas on a class of maps a little later in date, on which the Australian Continent is represented, some of those islands are indicated as forming part of the northern shores of Australia.

The striking images contrasted bizarrely with the softly depicted roses on her bedcover, but Georgie liked that kind of difference.

They were covered with ancient dingy murals, depicting Buddahs, Chinese demons, and dragons.

I was shown a captured scroll, upon which the tomb of the Ghazi--he who has killed an infidel--is depicted in heaven, no fewer than seven degrees above the Caaba itself.

It depicted the Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV barefoot in the snow at Canossa, but with one foot on the neck of Pope Gregory the Great, who lay prone, his tiara knocked off, his face ignominiously buried in a snowdrift.

Two souvenir cards showed the Waterholm Winter Festival, one depicted the Wis Waterfall, a wedding keepsake portrayed a bride and groom, and so on.

It is called La Carreta, and depicts an early settler on a horse beside a two-wheeled pioneer cart with one big wheel sunk in the mud plumb down to the axle pulled by one bull and seven steers or oxen all yoked together, and with a spare ox tied on behind.

It depicted a cartoony Sun wearing a big smile, a sombrero and dark glasses.

He was depicted by the satirical cartoonist Cruikshank as sitting on a fat cushion amidst the splendid chinoiserie of one of his many saloons, holding court while fawning courtiers, all in kimonos, bowed to him.

One courtroom sports a cycloramic mural that depicts the settling of Santa Teresa by the early Spanish missionaries.

That is why the Dayaks, apart from the murders they commit when actuated by their conception of justice, are depicted, by all those who know them, as a most sympathetic people.

All depicting structured deals that juggled around assets-power plants, cash, whatever-so Enron could present its prettiest financial face to the world.

The songs and love poems I composed, in which I declared my soul and transcribed its sentiments, depicted its burning desires, prolonged its memories, and re-created its yearnings!