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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Deme \Deme\ (d[=e]m), n. [Gr. dh^mos.]

  1. (Gr. Antiq.) A territorial subdivision of Attica (also of modern Greece), corresponding to a township.
    --Jowett (Thucyd.).

  2. (Biol.) An undifferentiated aggregate of cells or plastids.


n. 1 A township or other subdivision of ancient 2 (context ecology English) A distinct local population of plants or animals.


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Deme (biology)

In biology, a deme is a term for a local population of polytypic species that actively interbreed with one another and share a distinct gene pool. When demes are isolated for a very long time they can become distinct subspecies or species. The term deme is mainly used in evolutionary biology and is often used as a synonym for population.

In evolutionary computation a "deme" often refers to any isolated subpopulation subjected to selection as a unit rather than as individuals.

A deme in biological evolution is conceptually related to a meme in cultural evolution.

Deme (disambiguation)

A deme was a subdivision of Attica in ancient Greece.

Deme may also refer to:

  • Deme, an alternative name for the municipalities of Greece
  • Dèmè, Benin
  • Deme (biology), a local population of organisms of one species that actively interbreed with one another and share a distinct gene pool
  • DEME, one of the largest dredging companies in the world
  • Deme, an Iranian name for the Towers of Silence

Usage examples of "deme".

So we have to sing across the wire at night and try to recruit boys into our demes that way.

For all she knew, demes were just what children tried on for practice.

The division into demes or wards, whence comes the word democracy, was a real territorial division, not personal nor genealogical.

For which, whan I hadde longe avysed me, I demed hym som Chanoun for to be.

Thenne he carped to the kny3t, criande loude, "Yghe han demed to do the dede that I bidde.

Ye same did rede a portion of his "Venus and Adonis," to their prodigious admiration, whereas I, being sleepy and fatigued withal, did deme it but paltry stuff, and was the more discomforted in that ye blody bucanier had got his wind again, and did turn his mind to farting with such villain zeal that presently I was like to choke once more.

Explicit secunda pars Sequitur pars tercia I trowe men wolde deme it necligence, If I foryete to tellen the dispence Of Theseus, that gooth so bisily To maken up the lystes roially.