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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
delete a file (=remove it )
▪ I accidentally deleted the wrong file.
delete an email
▪ I accidentally deleted your email.
▪ If you delete a character by mistake, move the cursor to where it was lost and type it in again.
▪ You can also delete characters by the word, line, or page.
▪ Expressive notation is generally easier to truncate - by deleting final characters to create the notation for a more general subject.
▪ You will first enter a new document, then learn how to delete unwanted characters and insert new ones.
▪ They also want to delete the characters ARfrom each of the stock numbers.
▪ You can delete and insert spaces created by pressing the spacebar in the same way that you delete and insert other characters.
▪ The next job is to delete the characters ARfrom the table.
▪ Other facilities for changing, deleting and processing data are also provided.
▪ Medium security levels can enter and delete data and low security levels can only view data.
▪ On occasion you may begin to open a file and find that you would prefer to rename the file or delete it.
▪ Task 7 Objective To delete files Before deleting a file make sure that it is no longer required.
▪ In addition a password file had been deleted.
▪ We would just delete the name from the index.
▪ Their purpose is to let you delete text safely or to move it around one document or between several.
▪ But you can not insert or delete any text.
▪ Whenever you delete highlighted text using the Del for Delete key, it disappears from the text editing window into the scrap.
▪ These include several new ways to delete text, an improved display of codes, and an extended search option.
▪ Letters, words or whole lines can be deleted and new texts inserted at the touch of a button.
▪ You may later add or delete text that changes the page on which the citation appears.
▪ You can also delete characters by the word, line, or page.
▪ A keyboard combination that saved a file in one program might delete a word in another.
▪ The central processor then orders hypotheses, adds, deletes and modifies them.
▪ You want to keep the two columns next to each other, no matter how much text is added or deleted.
▪ You will see the directories on your disk, and can add and delete directories using the Add and Delete buttons.
▪ It must be clear that no one has added, deleted, or modified any part of the message.
▪ You don't want to have to reconstruct the site every time you add, delete or move a page.
▪ The protected block will not be affected if you later add or delete lines within the block.
▪ Each partition contains space for a finite number of items which are added and deleted in a pre-defined order.
▪ You may later add or delete text that changes the page on which the citation appears.
Delete any files that end in ".tmp".
▪ I deleted that whole file by mistake.
▪ I think you should delete the second paragraph.
▪ Matt's name was deleted from the list.
▪ The computer automatically deletes any files you have not saved.
▪ But Freenet and Gnutella can not patrol the contents of their networks and delete copyrighted material.
▪ Can you relate this use of questions to the fact that you is deleted from abbreviated questions?
▪ Colin gave the wrong advice about getting floppy disc out when jammed and then I deleted the stuff off the hard disc.
▪ So long as it hasn't been deleted, you should even be able to recall it on line.
▪ That means they have to delete something else to install the new software.
▪ We can only hope Gilstrap won't push to have any of that text deleted.
▪ You can keep parts or the entire original message, including the subject-or delete the lot.
▪ You will first enter a new document, then learn how to delete unwanted characters and insert new ones.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Delete \De*lete"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Deleted; p. pr. & vb. n. Deleting.] [L. deletus, p. p. of delere to destroy. Cf. 1st Dele.] To blot out; to erase; to expunge; to dele; to omit.

I have, therefore, . . . inserted eleven stanzas which do not appear in Sir Walter Scott's version, and have deleted eight.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 15c., "destroy, eradicate," from Latin deletus, past participle of delere "destroy, blot out, efface," from delevi, originally perfective tense of delinere "to daub, erase by smudging" (as of the wax on a writing table), from de- "from, away" (see de-) + linere "to smear, wipe" (see lime (n.1)). In English, specifically of written matter, from c.1600. Related: Deleted; deleting.


n. 1 (alternative capitalization of Delete English) 2 A remainder of a music or video release. vb. 1 To remove, get rid of or erase, especially written or printed material, or data on a computer. 2 (context computer English) To hide, conceal

  1. v. remove or make invisible; "Please delete my name from your list" [syn: cancel]

  2. wipe out magnetically recorded information [syn: erase] [ant: record]

  3. cut or eliminate; "she edited the juiciest scenes" [syn: edit, blue-pencil]

Delete (SQL)

In the database structured query language ( SQL), the DELETE statement removes one or more records from a table. A subset may be defined for deletion using a condition, otherwise all records are removed. Some DBMSs, like MySQL, allow deletion of rows from multiple tables with one DELETE statement (this is sometimes called multi-table DELETE).

Delete (miniseries)

Delete is a miniseries about a reporter and a young hacker who uncovers an artificial intelligence which has become sentient.

Delete (song)

"Delete" is a song recorded by Serbian pop recording artist Dara Bubamara. It was self-released 25 December 2012 and was featured as a bonus track on her twelfth studio album Dara 2013, released by City Records. The song was written by Miloš Roganović. It was produced and recorded in Belgrade.

Bubamara premiered the song on the Ami G Show, hosted by Ognjen Amidžić, as a New Year's gift to her fans. The songs title is in the English language and is the only English word used in the song.

Usage examples of "delete".

He worked exclusively with the so-called junk DNA in rats, introducing a selective catalyst through the cell wall on a folic acid carrier to delete specific but unimportant nucleotides.

Suppose even one person should be murdered in some future war, or even one mind be deleted from the Noumenal Memory.

Those who objected were deleted from noumenal records, immortality lost, and left alone to die.

Over the years, as companies went out of business or were absorbed in mergers, many site maps and plans were misplaced or deleted from databases, and when operations moved on from one sector to another, nobody spent the money or the time needed to go back and remap the excavated areas.

The only natural scenery along the way is a microvalley between two lame hills just past the Ridgecrest Mall, a microvalley known locally as the Onion Canyon after the crop that used to grow there before an auto-mall rezoning both deleted and reformatted the landscape.

They are obligated to delete the stored lives of anyone who falls under Hortator prohibition.

The full stop of the editio princeps at rocks, line 547, has therefore been deleted, and a semicolon substituted for the original comma at the close of line 546.

Tratyn Runewind book without having to wrangle over every semicolon, or justify every deleted adjective.

So I reached for the undelete command, but instead of pushing those keys, I reflexively gave the kill command, completely wiping out the delete buffer, and then I saved the file right over the old one.

Please delete request and enter your ID number immediately or all unsaved data will be destroyed.

When, say, galley proofs were censored, the offending material was returned to the publisher with blue-penciled passages to be altered or deleted along with a standard form that simply indicated the paragraph or paragraphs of the ten-item Press Code that these impermissible passages violated.

I should have deleted the part where I say Peter Garvey slid himself out from underneath the car and stood up.

She rummaged through the downloaded Pax Base Bombasino files to identify the sleeping trooper -- a Lusian named Gerrin Pawtz, thirty-eight standard years old, a lazy, initiative-free alcohol addict, two years away from retirement, six demotions and three sentences to brigtime in his file, assignments relegated to garrison duty and the most mundane base tasks -- and then she deleted the file.

 The program had a number of familiar commands, and some that were new: it set permissions on the log files to unwritable, deleted the last line of the log file, engaged all diagnostic programs, updated size and hash information on all alarms, copied her executive file over the old one, altered the dates of creation and modification on her new file to those of the old one, then ended all diagnostic programs and reset permissions on the log files to writable.

Look, suppose, just suppose, a Delink is a Delink because this telepathic what-have-you deletes his appreciation of moral logic before he can absorb it.