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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
edit a file (=make changes to it)
▪ I edited the file and saved it to the hard disk.
edit a film
▪ The film was edited using the latest digital technology.
▪ Jake was reviewing the Ireland match on video, editing out all the passages of time where the ball was dead.
▪ That line had been edited out of yesterday's remarks.
▪ Not only would this save costs, but coughs and extraneous noises could be edited out.
▪ But when leaders shape visions that are too wordy, peo-ple edit out all but the most meaningful aspirations.
▪ Observers of the seven-month trial are left wondering who edited out the intrigue.
▪ Often elements of the story would be edited out by the interval.
▪ With Lowell a lot had to be edited out before she spoke.
▪ It was like a rerun of the reel in which my father was edited out.
▪ He has written or edited twelve books, mainly examining relationships between industrial change and regional and national economies.
▪ The book is, however, not disjointed and the chapters are uniform in presentation and carefully edited.
▪ He is a man who has edited a book of satirical verse.
▪ He has written or edited twelve books, mainly examining relationships between industrial change and regional and national economies.
▪ Anyone with access to your disk can recall, print, or edit your documents.
▪ You can edit a new document as you type it or an existing one that is already saved on the disk.
▪ Unlike some other word-processing programs, WordPerfect does not automatically make backup copies of edited documents.
▪ Of course, to edit an existing document, you must first recall it.
▪ Proofread and edit the completed document. use the Spell and Thesaurus programs.
▪ Now you need to edit the WIN.INI file.
▪ For more flexibility use the Editor to edit the DOSSHELL.INI file.
▪ Making and editing getting on for fifty films would take time, but Karajan was well ahead of the game.
▪ For example, every Disney animator had a Moviola for viewing and editing film.
▪ Six 12-hour days of editing later, the film was finished.
▪ Firstly, I understand that you must edit letters, but the crucial point on avoiding sexist language was omitted.
▪ Then you can edit your letter later.
▪ We reserve the right to edit letters.
▪ The editor reserves the right to edit letters.
▪ The editor is not bound to agree with readers' opinions and reserves the right to edit letters.
▪ We reserve the right to edit all letters so that all the nasty, unintelligible bits get taken out.
▪ She also edited our magazine for several years.
▪ He edited the magazine Hills, and coordinated as series of influential talks on the new writing.
▪ He edited the school magazine and was a leading figure on the school's workers' council.
▪ Helen will continue to edit the magazine as she has since 1965.
▪ Later, at Ohio State University, he edited the campus humor magazine.
▪ I used to edit a radical student newspaper.
▪ A trade union employed a journalist to edit its newspaper.
▪ He now edits Solidarity's weekly newspaper, but probably not for long.
▪ Usually, you can run a Web browser at the same time as you're editing your Web page.
▪ This will give you the opportunity to edit your pages as you review them.
▪ Many people are still using it to create and edit Web pages.
▪ The learner is enabled to edit and modify text in the same way, say, as an adult journalist would.
▪ Save it as text and you can read or edit it in any text viewer or word processor.
▪ The user can then edit the index if any entries need amending.
▪ PaperPort software creates a graphic image of the scanned item and lets the user edit, annotate and sort the result.
▪ The combined package with the basic function of Photoshop Version 2.5, enables users to input and edit images with their computer.
▪ Colleagues presented him with video editing equipment which was handed over by Michael Larkin, senior manager in Research Group.
▪ The company capitalized on burgeoning demand for workstations designed for highly graphical applications, such as video editing and engineering design.
▪ Jake was reviewing the Ireland match on video, editing out all the passages of time where the ball was dead.
▪ This presents problems when video is being edited unless frame-accurate editing equipment is being used - see Chapter 8.
▪ A new development called time-coding is in the process of revolutionising video editing at the advanced amateur level.
▪ Matinee gives you over 30 clips of video to edit and view.
▪ Like Maxim, this one also is being edited by a woman, Amy Schrier.
▪ Here we publish edited answers to some of the questions that are dominating the current political debate.
▪ Nearby, DayStar Digital was selling its pricier, super-performance Mac clones for high-end publishing and editing.
▪ The resulting historic memoir was published in 1907, edited by Geikie in his retirement.
▪ It will be published by Heinemann, edited by Penny Hoare, and the backlist will appear in Mandarin.
▪ Examples of policy statements have been published in a book edited by Futas.
▪ We reserve the right to edit letters.
▪ Editors reserve the right to edit entries for taste or content.
▪ Please keep letters as brief as possible, and legible; we reserve the right to edit them.
▪ The editor reserves the right to edit letters.
▪ The editor is not bound to agree with readers' opinions and reserves the right to edit letters.
▪ This unfortunately gives the-perhaps false-impression, that the text was written or edited in rather a rushed manner.
▪ Today the Foxfire magazine is still written, edited, and published by students.
▪ He has written or edited twelve books, mainly examining relationships between industrial change and regional and national economies.
▪ Within each sphere, there are those who own or manage the media and those who write or edit the content.
▪ It was written, edited, illustrated and compiled by homeless and formerly homeless people in San Francisco.
▪ All your knowledge is drawn from an old book that some one wrote and edited.
▪ Gupta founded and edited a newspaper in colonial East Africa.
▪ Viewing and editing documents on screen can be much quicker than working on paper.
▪ Education bosses have edited favourite children's author Roald Dahl out of their proposed guide to recommended reading in schools.
▪ He looks at a film in the editing room like a sculptor and assembles the pieces.
▪ Nor is there any way of inputting or editing individual records.
▪ Press B to enter the edit mode.
▪ Today the Foxfire magazine is still written, edited, and published by students.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Edit \Ed"it\ ([e^]d"[i^]t), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Edited; p. pr. & vb. n. Editing.] [F. ['e]diter, or L. editus, p. p. of edere to give out, put forth, publish; e out + dare to give. See Date a point of time.] To superintend the publication of; to revise and prepare for publication; to select, correct, arrange, etc., the matter of, for publication; as, to edit a newspaper.

Philosophical treatises which have never been edited.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1791, "to publish," perhaps a back-formation from editor, or from French éditer (itself a back-formation from édition) or from Latin editus, past participle of edere "give out, put out, publish" (see edition). Meaning "to supervise for publication" is from 1793. Meaning "make revisions to a manuscript, etc.," is from 1885. Related: Edited; editing. As a noun, by 1960, "an act of editing."


n. 1 A change to the text of a document. 2 (cx computing English) A change in the text of a file, a website or the code of software. vb. 1 To change a text, or a document. 2 (context transitive English) To be the editor of a publication. 3 (cx computing English) To change the contents of a file, website, programme etc. 4 (rfdef: English) 5 (rfdef: English)

  1. v. prepare for publication or presentation by correcting, revising, or adapting; "Edit a a book on lexical semantics"; "she edited the letters of the politician so as to omit the most personal passages" [syn: redact]

  2. supervise the publication of; "The same family has been editing the influential newspaper for almost 100 years"

  3. cut and assemble the components of; "edit film"; "cut recording tape" [syn: cut, edit out]

  4. cut or eliminate; "she edited the juiciest scenes" [syn: blue-pencil, delete]


Edit may refer to:

  • Editing, the process of correcting or revising text, images, or sound
  • Edit (application), a simple text editor for the Apple Macintosh
  • Edit (MS-DOS), the MS-DOS Editor, a plain-text editor for MS-DOS, included in some versions of Microsoft Windows
  • edIT (musician), American electronic DJ and producer
  • "Edit" (Regina Spektor song), a song by Regina Spektor
  • a form of the female given name Edith
  • EDIT, a festival in Eindhoven
Edit (Regina Spektor song)

"Edit" is an Anti-folk/ Indie rock song from Anti-folk singer Regina Spektor, released in the summer of 2006 on the album Begin to Hope. The line "You don't have no Doctor Robert/You don't have no Uncle Albert" references the Beatles' song " Doctor Robert" as well as Paul and Linda McCartney's 1979 hit " Uncle Albert". "Edit" was covered by British anti-folk band The Red Army.

Category:2006 songs

EdIT (musician)

edIT (born Edward Ma) is an American electronic music producer and DJ based in Los Angeles, California. He is a member of The Glitch Mob.

Edit (album)

Edit is the sixth album by vocalist Mark Stewart, released on March 28, 2008 through Crippled Dick Hot Wax!.

Usage examples of "edit".

Wilson and Akre claim that the station manager, David Boylan, ordered the reporters to edit the show in a way that was deceptive but favorable to Monsanto.

Shall I ever forget that rainy day in Lyons, that dingy bookshop, where I found the Aetius, long missing from my Artis bledicae Principes, and where I bought for a small pecuniary consideration, though it was marked rare, and was really tres rare, the Aphorisms of Hippocrates, edited by and with a preface from the hand of Francis Rabelais?

Yale graduate, who is editing an evening paper in Sioux Falls, and he began to collect the views of experts on the question of artesian irrigation.

Tallahassee was not sure if that Ashake memory tape had been edited before it was forced upon her, but she believed that it had been.

So perhaps he had an edited cerebral chemistry, or an adaptive aural processing mutation in his derivative Kido lineage.

He came in with the book-editor, who went away about six hours ago with thirteen finished chapters -- the bloody product of fifty-five consecutive hours of sleepless, foodless, high-speed editing.

In 1946, there appeared the first hardcover anthology of magazine science fiction, The Best of Science Fiction, edited by Groff Conklin.

I am especially grateful to my publisher Michael Heyward, whose unstinting enthusiasm kickstarted me many times whilst I was writing, and whose editing is magnificent.

Marion Crawford83 MIDNIGHT EXPRESS Alfred Noyes110 THE DAMNED THING Ambrose Bierce116 THE METRONOME August Derleth 127 THE PIPE-SMOKER Martin Armstrong134 THE CORPSE AT THE TABLE 144 Samuel Hopkins Adams THE WOMAN AT SEVEN BROTHERS Wilbur Daniel Steele THE BOOK Margaret Irwin 173 Alfred Hitchcock Speaking of Terror A collection of stories of suspense which I edited for Dell Books having proved a success, the publishers asked me to bring together a group of tales which I admire because of their skillful handling of the element of terror.

When Jupiter edited the work of Peter Huet, he did with wit as Peter Huet did with Lucan when he edited the classics: he was afraid it might do mischief, and so left it out altogether.

Kou had talked of his sister and widowed mother, but it was not till that moment that Cordelia realized Kou had edited his father from his reminiscences out of social embarrassment, not any lack of love between them.

Robert Lecker, for his painstaking and careful editing, and to the editorial staff of Twayne Publishers for their generous and always productive assistance.

From each end of four, the presses put first a banner in colour - red, green, blue - on the sheets that would be the front and back pages, and then came the closely edited black and white pages set onto rollers in an age-old, but still perfectly functional, offset litho process.

Not after he edited out the oncogenes and selected for longevity, good eyesight, good teeth, and the rest of it.

Fragments were edited from manuscript Shelley D1 at the Bodleian Library and published by Mr.