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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a baby son/daughter/brother/sister
▪ We’d like a baby brother or sister for Ben.
elder brother/son/sister/daughter etc
▪ His elder son Liam became a lawyer.
eldest son/daughter/brother/child etc
▪ My eldest daughter is 17.
▪ Nenna was struck by the difference in her elder daughter since she had seen her last.
▪ Bruch suggests that a significantly large proportion of anorexics are eldest or elder daughters.
▪ Inside the caravan her elder daughter was pushing at the door to come out.
▪ It took me a while to realise that the elder daughter had only a stump instead of a left arm.
▪ His elder daughters, seventeen-year-old Nancy and fourteen-year-old Ella, were round all over.
▪ Kate and John's two elder daughters, Jemima and Jenny, particularly enjoy this part of Christmas.
▪ Terry wrote out messages for his girlfriend Madeleine and their daughter Sulome, his elder daughter Gabrielle and for his sister Peggy.
▪ In the years that followed, Mary's eldest daughter went to Bible college to train for the mission field.
▪ He had to pay when his eldest daughter was married. 4.
▪ Grimsdale's eldest daughter cleaned the room briefly with a broom and the rest of the children scurried about the house.
▪ Their eldest daughter, Elizabeth, 15, tried to commit suicide.
▪ A week later villagers found the corpse of his eldest daughter, 12, by the creek.
▪ This couple have four or five kids and their eldest daughter is about seventeen.
▪ Bruch suggests that a significantly large proportion of anorexics are eldest or elder daughters.
▪ In 1874 he married Lelia, eldest daughter of Leon Serena of Venice.
▪ Well, according to Mummy Hawn, at 33 Chris is too old for her daughter.
▪ The woman was accused of having beaten her four-year-#old daughter when the daughter refused to be quiet.
▪ A brother or sister for the couple's five-year-#old daughter Hailie might not be imminent, though.
▪ The couple also have a 1-year-#old daughter.
▪ Andy Barnes, his 15 year old daughter, Paula.
▪ Their 16-year-#old daughter, Chelsea, stood by proudly.
▪ We were staying with our 17 year old daughter Rachel at Club Portinatx.
▪ I punished my 11-year-#old daughter the other day.
▪ As you know Annabelle is our only daughter, so this will be our only chance to stage such a lovely wedding.
▪ The Richards had an only daughter, Ann, who inherited the house.
▪ Her only daughter, the apple of her eye, had been brawling in the street.
▪ Her gaze lighted on her only daughter and her face softened.
▪ She'd lost her husband and her only daughter and didn't want anything to happen to her only granddaughter.
▪ He's thought of changing his will and his investments - but she is his only daughter.
▪ She's my only daughter and I took out an endowment for her at birth in preparation for this.
▪ Some of the more sensational reports claimed that Misrati had used his attractive young daughter to gain access to information.
▪ He certainly did not treat her as a little princess, a status that youngest daughters in some families enjoy.
▪ My youngest daughter is four and I've been told she's got worms.
▪ In one example, a couple whose young daughter had died had her image erased from a family photo.
▪ To her horror, when she returned the Vauxhall Cavalier had vanished with her young daughter still inside.
▪ She lived with the famed guitarist for six years and bore his youngest daughter, now 8.
▪ She is unemployed, and bringing up two young daughters on benefits.
▪ Within moments of our first encounter, he has whipped out a Photo-Me booth shot of his newborn baby daughter.
▪ She found her baby daughter crying, spattered with blood, and her husband dying on the floor.
▪ The father was found guilty of the manslaughter of his baby daughter of three months.
▪ Their baby daughter was brought up by an aunt, a Mrs Reed of Gateshead.
▪ Last year Viscount Althorp presented his new baby daughter, Kitty.
▪ This series ended with the birth of Frank and Betty's baby daughter, Jessica.
▪ Chamoun's baby daughter survived the assault.
▪ Mr Lewis, the mechanic, for example, soon managed to quieten my baby daughter Rachel while I was out of the room.
▪ On 26 November 1986 their only child was born, a daughter, T., the subject of these proceedings.
▪ He spoke about Hadassah's background as the Prague-#born daughter of Holocaust survivors.
▪ It was into this lawless milieu that Devi was born, the second daughter of a low-caste illiterate farmer.
▪ Charles and Micki Browning, both hospital employees, stayed home with their prematurely born daughter.
▪ There two children were born, a daughter, Agnes, who soon died, and a son, Axel.
▪ When she died, the daughter was an obvious successor.
▪ They had two sons who died young and three daughters.
▪ The son has since died and the daughter has handed over her interests in the case to lawyers.
▪ That was an independent province until Duke Francis died, leaving his daughter Anne as his only heir.
▪ At the time he was not counting on a schoolteacher to floor him by marrying his only daughter, his only child.
▪ In 1888 he married Maud, daughter of Charles Hindle, Brighton hotelier.
▪ Browne married Martha, daughter of Henry Tilden, gentleman, in 1616.
foster child/son/daughter
▪ And then they went into this foster children um, having a home for foster children.
▪ As a result, the report said, one in 10 foster children remains in the system for more than seven years.
▪ Other foster children with happy memories did the same, though distance and new relationships combined to make contact sporadic.
▪ Roland then removed the spell from himself and the good foster daughter.
▪ The witch was able to see her foster daughter and Roland fleeing because of her magic powers.
▪ These foster children are not available for adoption.
▪ These are establishments which, for a fee, will undertake to foster children of very tender years.
grown children/daughter/son
▪ I had two grown daughters, and when I lost the first one, this one became the apple of my eye.
▪ See more of his grown daughter and son.
▪ Seeing photographs of Rubilove Willcox Aiu in newspapers last Sunday was unexpected and bewildering for her grown children.
▪ Tall, slender and divorced, Sheila had-incredibly-two grown sons.
▪ The senator, 72, has a grown daughter by his former wife but is of grandfatherly vintage now.
▪ Yet her husband, laid off from his job as a messenger, and her grown children are unemployed.
middle brother/child/daughter etc
▪ My middle daughter was like that, tall and slim and you could hardly tell.
▪ My older brother played Elvis music at his wedding, and my middle brother and I rolled our eyes.
▪ Now, for the middle child.
▪ Richard Nixon: A middle child who became known for diplomacy in foreign affairs, among other things.
▪ The wronged self Peter is the middle child of five.
▪ They may send the middle children to Jessy's parents in an attempt to get the eldest through secondary school.
prodigal son/daughter
▪ A prodigal daughter, I had learned in only one day, I was not.
▪ A final provocative statement from a life-long prankster, a prodigal son of Harvard, it seems so fitting.
▪ He is a classic modern tough guy as well as being an Old Testament prodigal son.
▪ The prodigal son had returned to Parkhead.
▪ The prodigal son will feast with harlots no more.
▪ The parable of the prodigal son conveys at a conscious level a message about the need for forgiveness and acceptance.
▪ The play, very moral in tone throughout, is a reworking of the theme of the return of the prodigal son.
▪ When the music stopped, Gary concentrated on the parable of the prodigal son.
▪ English is a daughter language of German and Latin.
▪ In traditional societies, parents were often reluctant to send their daughters to school.
▪ My aunt has five daughters and three sons.
▪ Our youngest daughter is getting married next month.
▪ But perhaps to avoid being carried away by nostalgia, he wisely left the bidding to his wife and daughter.
▪ How have I failed to retrieve my own daughter from the stranger she has become?
▪ It was a bright pink crooked pena novelty item that belonged to my daughter.
▪ Now she was raising grandchildren while her daughters froze in Boston and Montreal.
▪ They had four sons and four daughters.
▪ This was the same machine who had computed so many of the calculations involved in designing his daughter.
▪ When the daughters were ten, their talent was recognized by a well-known theatrical director.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Daughter \Daugh"ter\, n.; pl. Daughters; obs. pl. Daughtren. [OE. doughter, doghter, dohter, AS. dohtor, dohter; akin to OS. dohtar, D. dochter, G. tochter, Icel. d[=o]ttir, Sw. dotter, Dan. dotter, datter, Goth. da['u]htar,, OSlav. d[u^]shti, Russ. doche, Lith. dukt[=e], Gr. qyga`thr, Zend. dughdhar, Skr. duhit[.r]; possibly originally, the milker, cf. Skr. duh to milk. [root]68, 245.]

  1. The female offspring of the human species; a female child of any age; -- applied also to the lower animals.

  2. A female descendant; a woman.

    This woman, being a daughter of Abraham.
    --Luke xiii. 16.

    Dinah, the daughter of Leah, which she bare unto Jacob, went out to see the daughter of the land.
    --Gen. xxxiv. 1.

  3. A son's wife; a daughter-in-law.

    And Naomi said, Turn again, my daughters.
    --Ruth. i. 11.

  4. A term of address indicating parental interest.

    Daughter, be of good comfort.
    --Matt. ix. 22.

    Daughter cell (Biol.), one of the cells formed by cell division. See Cell division, under Division.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English dohtor, from Proto-Germanic *dochter, earlier *dhukter (cognates: Old Saxon dohtar, Old Norse dottir, Old Frisian and Dutch dochter, German Tochter, Gothic dauhtar), from PIE *dhugheter (cognates: Sanskrit duhitar-, Avestan dugeda-, Armenian dustr, Old Church Slavonic dušti, Lithuanian dukte, Greek thygater). The common Indo-European word, lost in Celtic and Latin (Latin filia "daughter" is fem. of filius "son"). The modern spelling evolved 16c. in southern England. Daughter-in-law is attested from late 14c.


n. 1 One’s female child. 2 A female descendant. 3 A daughter language. 4 (context physics English) A nuclide left over from radioactive decay.


n. a female human offspring; "her daughter cared for her in her old age" [syn: girl] [ant: son, son]


A daughter is a female offspring; a girl, woman, or female animal in relation to her parents. Daughterhood is the state of being someone's daughter. The male counterpart is a son. Analogously the name is used in several areas to show relations between groups or elements.

In patriarchal societies, daughters often have different or lesser familial rights than sons. A family may prefer to have sons rather than daughters, with the daughters subjected to female infanticide. In some societies it is the custom for a daughter to be 'sold' to her husband, who must pay a bride price. The reverse of this custom, where the parents pay the husband a sum of money to compensate for the financial burden of the woman, is found in societies where women do not labour outside the home, and is referred to as dowry.

In the United States, the birth rate is 105 sons to 100 daughters which has been the natural birth rate since the 18th century. About 80 percent of prospective adoptive parents from the US will choose a girl over a boy.

Daughter (disambiguation)

A daughter is a female offspring.

Daughter may also refer to:

  • Daughter cell, the biological cells resulting from cell division
  • Daughter isotope, in physics, a nuclide formed by radioactive decay of another
  • Daughterboard, in computing, a subordinate extension of a motherboard. It is typically attached more directly than an expansion card, and typically is integral to the motherboard's operation
  • Daughter language, in linguistics, any later language derived from an earlier language. It may also be a node in a phrase structure tree, subordinated to a node of a higher level.
Daughter (song)

"Daughter" is a song by the American rock band Pearl Jam, released in 1993 as the second single from the band's second studio album, Vs. (1993). Although credited to all members of Pearl Jam, it features lyrics written by vocalist Eddie Vedder and music primarily written by guitarist Stone Gossard. The song topped both the Mainstream Rock and Modern Rock Billboard charts. The song spent a total of eight weeks at number one on the Mainstream Rock chart. "Daughter" eventually peaked at number 28 on the Top 40 Mainstream chart, becoming the band's first Top 40 single. The song was included on Pearl Jam's 2004 greatest hits album, rearviewmirror (Greatest Hits 1991–2003).

Daughter (band)

Daughter is an indie folk band from England. Fronted by North London native Elena Tonra (born 15 January 1990), they were formed in 2010 after the addition of Swiss-born guitarist Igor Haefeli and drummer Remi Aguilella from France. They have released four EPs, three singles and two albums, and are currently signed to Glassnote (North America) and 4AD (Europe). After playing the local London circuit, they toured supporting Ben Howard around Europe and have since played headlining tours around North America, Europe and Australia.

Daughter (2014 film)

Daughter is a 2014 South Korean drama film directed, written, and starring Ku Hye-sun.

Daughter premiered at the 19th Busan International Film Festival ahead of its theatrical release on November 6, 2014.

Usage examples of "daughter".

They all shuffle, all these strange lonely children of God, these mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, husbands and wives whose noisy aberrations are safely muffled now by drugs.

His carriage, with his wife and two daughters already aboard and Cram scowling on the box beside the driver, stood by the front door.

West calmly and relentlessly, abused his daughter until she was unable to refuse.

West systematically abused his daughter, as determined to subjugate her as he had been to subjugate Rosemary Letts.

In spite of what Frederick West may or may not have told his father-in-law about his dislike for the abuse of his daughter Anna-Marie, there is no doubt that both he and his wife independently sexually abused the twelve-year-old.

Frederick West had abused his daughter precisely as he had his other victims, and for precisely the same reason - sexual gratification.

Rosemary West, too, was the daughter of a dominant and abusive father, a man whose actions she also idealised.

You get older daughters trying to protect younger siblings by doing anything they can to keep the abusive father focused on them.

This is a common way for adventuresses to look upon their daughters, and Therese was an adventuress in the widest acceptation of the term.

I got down at the inn, I found that the canoness was at Manheim, while in her stead I encountered an actress named Toscani, who was going to Stuttgart with her young and pretty daughter.

And no one could better persuade an adjudicator that I did not murder Ponter than his own daughter.

I always looked upon her as your daughter, and my husband knew it, but far from being angry, he used to adore her.

While congratulating myself on having made mother and daughter happy, I adored the secret paths and ways of Divine Providence.

Solitude had killed every power in her save vanity, and the form her vanity took was peculiarly irritating to her husband, and in a lesser degree to her daughter, for neither the Elder nor Loo would have founded self-esteem on adventitious advantages of upbringing.

Dear as his daughter might become to him, all he dared to ask of Heaven was that she might be restored to that truer self which lay beneath her false and adventitious being.