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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a female perspective
▪ Carson's lyrics are definitely written from the human experience, but from a female perspective.
a female/male companion
▪ Do you know who his female companion was?
a male/female employee
▪ The majority of the female employees are under 30.
a male/female occupation (=a job that traditionally is done by men or women)
▪ traditional female occupations such as nursing
female condom
female form
▪ The female form is a thing of beauty.
male/female friends
▪ Most of my male friends are married now.
male/female sexuality
▪ a study of male sexuality
the female/male body
▪ his drawings of the female body
the male/female line
▪ This particular gene is passed down through the male line.
youth/male/female unemployment (=the number of young people/men/women unemployed)
▪ Youth unemployment there has reached 50 percent.
▪ En route they collected data on how the female body reacts to extreme conditions.
▪ The story suggests a male terror of both the female body and the realities of death.
▪ The final section will discuss her representation of the female body, especially in relation to contemporary ideals of beauty.
▪ Early art, especially the wall art and the figurines, show the spiritual power of the female body.
▪ I go through every part of the female body in turn.
▪ For tens of thousands of years the creative power of the divine female body dominated spiritual awareness.
▪ Two competing ideal female body types developed: the buxom blonde and the elegant brunette.
▪ In Amalgamemnon the central female character takes an overtly subversive approach.
▪ That Storni felt identified with her female characters, even in the farces, is obvious.
▪ The female characters, too, are made of sterner stuff than the quick-witted schemers of Figaro.
▪ I cut down its technological ambitions in order to introduce a central female character.
▪ As regards the long-term goals of the male and female characters in this story, there is little evidence available.
▪ Once he ordered one of the directors to leave a female employee alone.
▪ As luck would have it, two of the female employees in the department were pregnant.
▪ Sheila Redmond is also looking at the possibility of arranging talks on the menopause for female employees.
▪ Ultimately, they were assured of a cheap and exploitable labor force through the constant turnover of young, female employees.
▪ Male and female employees were represented by separate union locals until 1977.
▪ That interpretation was widely viewed as favoring business over minority and female employees attempting to charge job discrimination.
▪ A female employee is known to associate after work with a sexually active crowd of young people.
▪ The bull, then, becomes an example of the unity of male and female experience within physical reality.
▪ Birthtales looks forward to the day when these female experiences are considered to be a valid subjects for inclusion in galleries.
▪ Later life is predominantly a female experience.
▪ Despite the fact that she sings about uniquely female experience, she denies having feminist leanings.
▪ The male experience is seen as a universal experience, while the female experience is put in a different pigeonhole.
▪ The further from the natural a female form, the more feminine it is.
▪ Pech-Merle also contains some of the relatively rare engravings of human female forms.
▪ It is not known for certain if the male and female form a pair bond.
▪ Here, too, we find subtle combinations of male imagery with essentially female forms.
▪ A much more acceptable female form.
▪ But the family fortune rested on the female form.
▪ In 1877 he observed the adult male and female forms.
▪ The female form is more beautiful.
▪ I didn't call any female friends, for the idea was to take Jo out.
▪ She began to see possibilities as her female friends began asking for some important advice.
▪ Sitting nearby in seats costing £1,021 return were a female friend and two detectives.
▪ Summary Despite the problems that women students felt, they did not envy their female friends studying other courses.
▪ Whatever the reason, it's certainly all my female friends that stand gazing into the black puddles with me.
▪ Many women have a long term close female friend -- but they don't sleep with them!
▪ He wished one of his female friends were here.
▪ There is some evidence of modest influences, among many others, of the female labour market on family building patterns.
▪ The increasing division of labour in potting pioneered by Wedgwood also used female labour for patterning and decorating.
▪ Part-time female labour is particularly important.
▪ These preliminary results suggest the desirability of looking beyond the female labour market for an adequate characterization of economic influences on fertility.
▪ This analysis shows how sensitive these measures are to varying assumptions about unemployment and female labour for Participation.
▪ The guild also contributed regularly to investigations undertaken by the Labour Department of the Board of Trade into female labour.
▪ Until they are, female labour at half rates will have a dangerous effect on the printing trade in general.
▪ In pastoral areas a high demand for female labour persisted, and in the dairying regions even increased.
▪ Sam, 26, played the female lead in a version of the movie hit Grease.
▪ The trio of female leads are all outstanding.
▪ So far no progress with the female lead.
▪ She was the female lead and therefore a rival.
▪ Glenda Jackson had already been approached for the female lead.
▪ Egg colour itself is inherited down the female line, so that females stay with the bird by whom they were fostered.
▪ X genes are not the only genes inherited through the female line.
▪ Incidentally, this means that we can use mitochondria to trace our ancestry, strictly down the female line.
▪ Aberration, if it occurred, was not recorded, and the female line took second place.
▪ She told me all about you and Gittel, and how you called down the curse on Gittel's female line.
▪ At eighteen, she's the youngest female member in the history of the Magic Circle.
▪ One person familiar with their work said there have been some sharp differences of thinking between the male and female members.
▪ In a recent survey, the IoD found that 43% of its female members were childless.
▪ Two years ago female members of Congress pushed to relocate the statue to the Rotunda.
▪ The examination was conducted in the presence of a female nurse and a female member of the Royal Military Police.
▪ Our four female members were the only women in the audience.
▪ Are inheritance practices basically inegalitarian, discriminating in particular against female members of rural households?
▪ Elizabeth Jerichau-Baumann's undated painting Odalisque subscribes to the stereotypes of the female nude propagated by her male counterparts.
▪ The beautiful female nudes in this show, rendered large and golden, are at once sensual, heroic and strong.
▪ The female nude has been conceived as an expression of fundamental principles of order and design.
▪ Chapter 4 considers why the female nude played so prominent a part in the making of modern art practice.
▪ In this chapter we examine how the female nude became a crucial element in the formation of art designated modern.
▪ The primacy of the female nude as a motif of modern art, from Courbet to Kruger, is examined.
▪ Everyone else in the class is working on a reclining female nude.
▪ Representing the female nude After thirty or so years of scholarship, feminism now has a relatively well-established position within art history.
▪ In one female patient, the body ulcer was later identified as a gastric lymphoma and surgical resection was done.
▪ Kidney stones can also form as a result of an infection, but this is more likely in female patients.
▪ For a very large female patient, or one who has extremely poor balance, a wraparound skirt may be more practical.
▪ Subjects - 6528 male and female patients providing 54355 years of follow up.
▪ Incident and fatal cancers were not significantly increased in male or female patients taking atenolol.
▪ We describe a female patient who developed both these conditions, the treatment of which was unsatisfactory until a thymectomy was performed.
▪ Around one in five of the nurses and 38% of the doctors felt that female patients discriminated against nurses who were male.
▪ There were 2101 male patients and 3 female patients in the group.
▪ With no major female roles in the year's remaining releases insiders believe the only question is who else gets nominated.
▪ I flushed with teenage resentment of the female role I was supposed to assume.
▪ They form monogamous pairs and, within the pair, take turns to play the male and female roles.
▪ I think women see her as a real female role model.
▪ In contrast it is difficult to think of a deviant female role which is not perceived as damaging to its protagonist.
▪ They were the ultimate female role models: highly unusual, gifted, respected women.
▪ When they are present they are present for the most part performing female roles as defined by that society.
▪ Minuses: A quietly emotive, unshowy performance in a year of attention-getting female roles.
▪ But, in addition, they implied that O'Keeffe's work was a revelation of female sexuality.
▪ Indeed, this intelligent and controlled female sexuality is what makes human communities possible.
▪ The physical expression of female sexuality is her monthly period and its triumph lies in her giving birth.
▪ They seem fortunate to some because they are left to pursue young women without being caught in the coils of female sexuality.
▪ What is strikingly absent in nineteenth-century thought is any concept of female sexuality which is independent of men's.
▪ Rather than a brief performance, female sexuality is a long, unfolding process.
▪ The heroine, Maryska, is the personification of female sexuality.
▪ In the 1860s medical interventions into the contagious diseases debate polarized earlier representations of female sexuality.
▪ Many of the female students had been academic failures at school and had negative attitudes to teachers.
▪ He was arrested five other times from 1991-93 on charges such as exposing himself to a female student and urinating in public.
▪ It may appear that male and female students are polarized on the basis of biology.
▪ And what of the female students whose consent is genuine?
▪ A 19 year old female student from Bath University was charged by Essex police with unlawful imprisonment and causing actual bodily harm.
▪ A break-down in the number of male and female students shows that the number of female graduates is still inadequate.
▪ She was the female student of her year.
▪ He said that he had felt humiliated in front of his suite mates and in front of female students.
▪ Nassim was not available, a female voice told me.
▪ The too familiar husky female voice startled her into full wakefulness.
▪ The solo quartet was not always well balanced, but individually the two female voices were particularly striking.
▪ A female voice answered approximately a minute later.
▪ They heard footsteps, then a female voice.
▪ Then I felt a pressure on my arm and a soft female voice asked me for a light.
▪ He dialled and after a few rings a female voice answered.
▪ The second important trend has been the slight narrowing of the differentials between male and female workers in full-time occupation.
▪ Several of the female workers who have sued Mitsubishi say the department had been unresponsive and ineffective.
▪ Clearly, designing for fit young men in the armed forces has different constraints from designing for middle-aged female workers in manufacturing.
▪ For female workers the corresponding proportions were 76.5 percent and 87.5 percent respectively.
▪ The industrial censuses of 1946 and 1965 showed a decline in female workers from 22 percent to 18 percent.
▪ The apparent reproductive suicide of a female worker is, as a result, a matter of biological self-interest.
▪ The female workers can not lay eggs.
▪ The equivalent figures for female workers were £68 and £83 respectively.
male/female bonding
▪ Do a little female bonding - go shopping or out for a big lunch with a friend.
▪ A whole series of male clubs sprang up which emphasised the elements of male bonding.
▪ Anticipated here is that always unstable disjunction between identification and desire upon which male bonding depends.
▪ First, the male - female bonding is weakened owing to the low frequency of male interactions with most of his female companions.
peculiarly British/female/middle-class etc
▪ Cellulite is a peculiarly female problem in which the hormone oestrogen plays a part.
the black/female/Russian etc experience
▪ It must recognize the validity of the black experience in a white-dominated world.
▪ The male experience is seen as a universal experience, while the female experience is put in a different pigeonhole.
▪ The powers that be were not interested in continuing that serious focus on the black experience.
Female students tend to get better grades than male students.
▪ Emma is the only female lawyer that the firm has ever employed.
▪ In Tokyo, the number of female taxi drivers is up 75% since 1972.
▪ Many women reject the traditional female roles of wife and mother.
▪ Notice the distinguishing marks of the female spider.
▪ Patience and kindness are often seen as female qualities.
▪ the female reproductive system
▪ A string of female rulers, from Boudicca to Margaret Thatcher, gives the lie to that idea.
▪ Among female singers, Jessye Norman has a highly enthusiastic following, in part because opera appearances are rare.
▪ Five female officers remain on the 78-member force; two of them, including Ferguson, are on leave.
▪ He used five female volunteers who knew the experiment was taking place.
▪ I remember watching a whole flock of female phalaropes badgering a poor male so intensely he almost drowned.
▪ What about the differences between the male and female brain?
▪ For instance, an adult female will purr while suckling her kittens and when she courts a male.
▪ The adult females were domesticated, such as it was, and they tried to return to their cages.
▪ Capturing the animals entails shooting the adult females, whose skulls are sold to tourists.
Adult males came in at 10 hours a week, adult females and college students at 9 hours, teen-agers at 7.
▪ Overall 15 percent of adult females and 12 percent of males defined themselves as carers.
▪ In this box there was adult female and four youngsters.
▪ Immature females interacted with adult females primarily when the latter were lactating; immature males did so when they were in oestrus.
▪ Males are usually dominant to females.
▪ Nevertheless, the dominant female still ends up with most eggs.
▪ The advantages of female access to dominant females is less clear.
▪ Its distinction between human males and human females was almost complete.
▪ The early human female could not have gone this way alone.
▪ He takes it for granted that in human generation the female is the passive principle, the male the active.
▪ The type of character that almost convinces you that some human females secrete pheromones.
▪ Most people were aware that Gharr was there, but the news seemed to be mainly of interest to human females.
▪ Some owners notice that their cats love human females and hate or fear human males.
▪ For a human female this would be like having a baby in her mid-sixties.
▪ The human females were taking trays of food out of the wall.
▪ The commonest and most widespread of the larger gulls, very variable in size; males average larger than females.
▪ In general, however, the larger females are about 20 feet, and even they are rare.
▪ These deer tend to form large herds, and during the breeding season males defend large harems of females.
▪ When he dies, the largest female simply changes gender.
▪ As a result, males in these species are usually noticeably larger than the females.
▪ The brilliant epaulettes of the male red-winged blackbird may be a help in attracting a large number of females to his territory.
▪ Young males at this size already show a lot of colour and are noticeably larger than females.
▪ By the time they produce their own young they are solitaries with no older females around to teach them by example.
▪ An eighteen-year-#old female first-year student claimed she was raped during a fraternity party while at least five other men watched.
▪ The recent study found that 10 percent of the two year old females were breeding.
▪ Chimpanzees find old females just as attractive as young ones as long as both are in estrus.
▪ What pressures might there be on older females, and males, to shoplift?
▪ Eight or nine men are convicted of crimes for every single female.
▪ Some are ruled by single females, in a society even more rigid than that of a beehive.
▪ Four single black females dissect the failings of the modern male in a riotously rude fashion.
▪ They can smell the bombykol released by a single female, at a distance of over a mile.
▪ In monogamy, a single male pairs with a single female.
▪ Fruit flies can be manipulated to put foreign X chromosomes-one from each of two species-in a single female.
▪ Others are less successful and may get only a single female or even remain unmated.
▪ In the Nematoda, the sexes are separate and the males are generally smaller than the females which lay eggs or larvae.
▪ And in her species, males are small, females large.
▪ In experiments larger males are much better at dislodging smaller males from females than viceversa.
▪ Bigger females were not much more likely to have more babies than small females.
▪ A small proportion of females have a rusty-red plumage, distinct from the normal grey colour.
▪ Conversely, a small male does worse than a small female because he fails to win a mate at all.
▪ Matters are made even more hazardous for the male because he is nearly always smaller than the female.
▪ Yet large males are in the minority among their peers, and are much smaller than the females.
▪ A brown and white female appeared with a crane fly in her beak.
▪ The Union reflected the workforce, as the whole organization is white female dominated and infused with a liberal social conscience.
▪ The young females tend to fly off and look for mates elsewhere.
▪ It occurs predominantly in younger females who are anxious and depressed, although older people also may be affected.
▪ A young female wants to dance and enjoy herself, I know.
▪ Very rarely is the message sent that exciting young females could be scientists or technologists.
▪ And very good at it he was, too, although he was a little over-enthusiastic, especially where young females were concerned.
▪ Their progeny mate inside the fig before the young females disperse to new figs.
▪ This prompts the question as to whether young females lay down less fat in species showing reversed size dimorphism.
▪ The behaviour of young males and females in Seyfarth's study already foreshadowed the adult outcome.
▪ Adult males came in at 10 hours a week, adult females and college students at 9 hours, teen-agers at 7.
▪ Each species chooses to exploit the senses that its females are best at detecting.
▪ One of the females put the last tray on a trolley and wheeled it past Masklin.
▪ The female of the species performs her mating dance.
▪ The co-operation is understandable in evolutionary terms as the males and females in a single-female syconium are brothers and sisters.
▪ The male then chases the female away.
▪ The trained females who have calves at foot keep their young with them as they work.
▪ Was this the treatment Roman meted out to any female who presumed a little too much, grew a little too possessive?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Female \Fe"male\, n. [OE. femel, femal, F. femelle, fr. L. femella, dim. of femina woman. See Feminine.]

  1. An individual of the sex which conceives and brings forth young, or (in a wider sense) which has an ovary and produces ova.

    The male and female of each living thing.

  2. (Bot.) A plant which produces only that kind of reproductive organs which are capable of developing into fruit after impregnation or fertilization; a pistillate plant.


Female \Fe"male\, a.

  1. Belonging to the sex which conceives and gives birth to young, or (in a wider sense) which produces ova; not male.

    As patient as the female dove When that her golden couplets are disclosed.

  2. Belonging to an individual of the female sex; characteristic of woman; feminine; as, female tenderness. ``Female usurpation.'b8

    To the generous decision of a female mind, we owe the discovery of America.

  3. (Bot.) Having pistils and no stamens; pistillate; or, in cryptogamous plants, capable of receiving fertilization.

    Female rhymes (Pros.), double rhymes, or rhymes (called in French feminine rhymes because they end in e weak, or feminine) in which two syllables, an accented and an unaccented one, correspond at the end of each line.

    Note: A rhyme, in which the final syllables only agree (strain, complain) is called a male rhyme; one in which the two final syllables of each verse agree, the last being short (motion, ocean), is called female.
    --Brande & C.

    Female screw, the spiral-threaded cavity into which another, or male, screw turns.

    Female fern (Bot.), a common species of fern with large decompound fronds ( Asplenium Filixf[ae]mina), growing in many countries; lady fern.

    Note: The names male fern and female fern were anciently given to two common ferns; but it is now understood that neither has any sexual character.

    Syn: Female, Feminine.

    Usage: We apply female to the sex or individual, as opposed to male; also, to the distinctive belongings of women; as, female dress, female form, female character, etc.; feminine, to things appropriate to, or affected by, women; as, feminine studies, employments, accomplishments, etc. ``Female applies to sex rather than gender, and is a physiological rather than a grammatical term. Feminine applies to gender rather than sex, and is grammatical rather than physiological.''

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 14c., from Old French femelle "woman, female" (12c.), from Medieval Latin femella "a female," from Latin femella "young female, girl," diminutive of femina "woman" (see feminine).\n\nWHEN the Himalayan peasant meets the he-bear in his pride, \n
He shouts to scare the monster, who will often turn aside. \n
But the she-bear thus accosted rends the peasant tooth and nail. \n
For the female of the species is more deadly than the male.\n


\nSense extended in Vulgar Latin from young humans to female of other animals, then to females generally. Compare Latin masculus, also a diminutive (see masculine). Spelling altered late 14c. in erroneous imitation of male. In modern use usually as an adjective (early 14c.). Reference to implements with sockets and corresponding parts is from 1660s.

a. 1 Belonging to the sex which typically produces eggs, which in humans and most other mammals is typically the one which has XX chromosomes; belonging to the sex which has larger gametes (for species which have two sexes and for which this distinction can be made). 2 Belonging to the feminine (social) gender. 3 (context grammar less common than 'feminine' English) feminine; of the feminine grammatical gender. 4 (context figuratively English) Having an internal socket, as in a connector or pipe fitting. n. 1 One of the female (feminine) sex or gender. 2 # A human member of the feminine sex or gender. 3 # An animal of the sex that produces eggs. 4 # (context botany English) A plant which produces only that kind of reproductive organ capable of developing into fruit after impregnation or fertilization; a pistillate plant.

  1. adj. being the sex (of plant or animal) that produces fertilizable gametes (ova) from which offspring develop; "a female heir"; "female holly trees bear the berries" [ant: androgynous, male]

  2. characteristic of or peculiar to a woman; "female sensitiveness"; "female suffrage" [syn: distaff]

  3. for or composed of women or girls; "the female lead in the play"; "a female chorus"

  1. n. an animal that produces gametes (ova) that can be fertilized by male gametes (spermatozoa) [ant: male]

  2. a person who belongs to the sex that can have babies [syn: female person] [ant: male]

Female (disambiguation)

Female is the sex of a human woman or girl, or of other ovum-producing organisms.

Female may also refer to:

  • Woman
  • in hardware and electronics, a type of connector, often but not always a "jack." See Gender of connectors and fasteners
  • in arts and entertainment
    • Female (novel), a 1933 novel by Donald Henderson Clarke
    • Female (1933 film), a 1933 film starring Ruth Chatterton
    • Female (2005 film), a 2005 Japanese film compilation
    • "Female", a poem by Patti Smith from her 1972 book Seventh Heaven
Female (1933 film)

Female is a 1933 Warner Bros. Pre-Code film directed by Michael Curtiz and starring Ruth Chatterton and George Brent. It is based on the novel of the same name by Donald Henderson Clarke.

Female (2005 film)

is a 2005 Japanese release consisting of five short films by different directors, each based on a short story by a popular Japanese woman writer and focusing on the nature of women's sexuality.


Female is the sex of an organism, or a part of an organism, that produces non-mobile ova (egg cells). Most female mammals, including female humans, have two X chromosomes.

Female (novel)

Female is a 1933 novel by Donald Henderson Clarke. It was translated into Czech as Samička : Román ženy (1934).

The novel was used as the basis of the feature film Female, produced the same year by Warner Bros. and directed by Michael Curtiz.

Usage examples of "female".

Court was unable to concede that a Georgia statute levying on inhabitants of the State a poll tax payment of which is made a prerequisite for voting but exempting females who do not register for voting, in any way abridged the right of male citizens to vote on account of their sex.

In this persuasion certain of the Aztec priests practised complete abscission or entire discerption of the virile parts, and a mutilation of females was not unknown similar to that immemorially a custom in Egypt.

Much useful comparative information was obtained during the following minute of suspended ecstasy, during which the female tongues parted into thousands of fine tentacles, exploring every accessible cavity of the male bodies.

All, both male and female, painted their faces with achote to keep off the sand-flies.

Leaping down from the broken stalagmite, Andzrel strode toward the captain who commanded them, a slender female in adamantine armor with white hair drawn up in a topknot.

Mari Ado, ex of the Little Blue Bugs, was criminally competent in a number of insurgency roles that had nothing to do with wavecraft, and for that matter no less well endowed physically than a number of the other female bodies in the room, Virginia Vidaura included.

And another theory on Smith is he feeds on the female adulation in one part of his lifeand revels in it.

Now, in the case of a debilitated female patient, a physician naturally thinks first of chlorosis or the fluor albus or some other such adust ion of the womb.

The less successful of the female abortionists, whose practice or business is limited, to some extent, through lack of funds to advertise the same, are content with considerably less sums for their services.

The surviving female of the triune, Dem Loa, took the sacrament and became an Aenean not many weeks after the Shared Moment.

I overheard an Afrite whispering to a female Ghoul he wanted to seduce.

Goddess was the lead female of Goddess Pride -- a friend and companion ever since Aganippe was old enough to mix with the lions.

Certainly, if a female manager or leader is seen crying and emotionally disabled in a situation that might be handled aggressively by a strong male, she will lose prestige in the eyes of many people.

Why was it, he said, that all the humanitarians, the reformers, the guilds, the ethical groups, the agnostics, the male and female knights, sustained him, and only a few of the poor and friendless knocked, by his solicitation, at the supernatural door of life?

In this she rather differed from Alastor, of whom otherwise she was the female counterpart.