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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a dairy farm (=a farm that has cows and produces milk)
▪ Checks are made on milk from local dairy farms.
dairy cattle
dairy cows (=kept for their milk)
▪ He keeps a herd of dairy cows.
dairy farm
dairy produceBritish English (= milk, butter, cheese etc)
▪ Vitamin A can also be obtained from dairy produce and eggs.
dairy/beef cattle
dairy/milk products
▪ Some people are allergic to dairy products.
sheep/dairy/livestock etc farming
▪ So the farm is well set with its 1000 acres of arable and large dairy herd.
▪ It had been a long hot day on the farm where I help my father with his large dairy herd.
▪ Express Dairies, the oldest dairy in London, it said.
▪ There is much permanent grass and more dairy cattle than in other parts of East Anglia.
▪ The farmers concentrated upon dairy cattle and sheep and were dependent upon weaving as a second source of income.
▪ A prize of nearly £2,000 for top dairy cattle has encouraged a huge entry of 777 animals, bucking downward national trends.
▪ Kale Kale is grown for feeding dairy cattle.
▪ Much of it is intensively managed grassland carrying a heavy stocking of dairy cattle.
▪ Without it, in my opinion, the profit does not compare with that of dairy cattle.
▪ Most lowland farmers keep some dairy cattle and rear calves as well as wintering and fattening sheep and lambs.
▪ The most extensive tracts are taken up by five dairy farms.
▪ They live together on a lushly beautiful dairy farm.
▪ In 1915 the farm was taken over by Fauchons who ran it as a dairy farm.
▪ He turned the beef holding into a dairy farm and soon began expanding by leasing other dairy farms all over Ireland.
▪ With Marjorie, she rented a tiny cottage at the edge of a dairy farm in Dorset, Vermont.
▪ He turned the beef holding into a dairy farm and soon began expanding by leasing other dairy farms all over Ireland.
▪ Livestock sales are down 1%, while turnover on dairy farms could fall by up to 10%.
▪ Milk quotas imposed on dairy farmers have now stabilised, but only after putting many farmers out of business.
▪ More like a dairy farmer, Wade thought, than an officer of the law.
▪ For dairy farmers the payment period was reduced from 45 days to 30 days.
▪ All California dairy farmers must pay 15 cents to the federal fund for every hundred pounds of milk produced.
▪ For dairy farmers shorter courses were run but travel could still be considerable and some found it very difficult to attend.
▪ Roberts was born in 1918, the son of a dairy farmer in Puente, California.
▪ In 1986, with the Community still awash with milk, production quotas were imposed on dairy farmers.
▪ High dairy food consumers prefer light floral fragrances.
▪ The good news is that dairy foods, like milk, yogurt and cheese, help protect teeth from cavities.
▪ Getting adequate protein from easy-to-eat dairy foods can help.
▪ To offset the perception that dairy foods are high in calories, low-fat cheeses have become state-of-the-art.
▪ Fish and shellfish or dairy foods could show up daily, but would be optional.
▪ If you include dairy foods, use low-fat versions, and only small portions.
▪ Two to three servings low-fat or non-fat dairy foods.
▪ So the farm is well set with its 1000 acres of arable and large dairy herd.
▪ His operation, in terms of mechanization and dairy herd management, is one of the most capital-intensive in the province.
▪ Milk is the dominant product from livestock farms, and beef is usually a byproduct of the dairy herd.
▪ It had been a long hot day on the farm where I help my father with his large dairy herd.
▪ Its main role is as a terminal sire for suckler herds or as a beef sire for dairy herds.
▪ The land is used intensively mainly for dairy herds producing fresh milk.
▪ Dairying in particular occupied the second Earl's attention and his own dairy herds were a lifelong passion.
▪ Their acidic characteristics makes them particularly suitable for the dairy industry, breweries and soft drink manufacturers.
▪ On the whole, though, the Norman producers are acting with sense and foresight over the development of their dairy industry.
▪ Eight maids a-milking Rationalisation is not finished yet in the Northern Ireland dairy industry.
▪ It will be a very different dairy industry by the end of 2001.
▪ Dunlop parish had been long-famed for its dairy produce.
▪ She pruned her diet drastically, cutting down dairy produce and other foods high in cholesterol.
▪ Chapter 2 has touched on food intolerance in the case of dairy produce.
▪ It is also obtained in liver, kidney, dairy produce, and eggs.
▪ The materials cover the production and manufacture of milk and dairy products, as well as providing nutrition information.
▪ Lately, the Northern California-based family-run company has introduced other dairy products to Southern California stores.
▪ Vitamin B12 is found in dairy products, and a number of cereals and yeast extracts, such as Marmite.
▪ No oil, dairy products or sweeteners are added so the principle of slow rise will prevail.
▪ He became increasingly frustrated by his inability to preserve food, especially dairy products, during hot summer months.
▪ She then gave the dairy product to a leper, whose affliction immediately disappeared.
▪ They get into the human diet via fish, meat and dairy products.
▪ Vegans: Vegetarians who eat neither eggs nor dairy products may have a tough time consuming enough vitamin B-12.
▪ Most lowland farmers keep some dairy cattle and rear calves as well as wintering and fattening sheep and lambs.
▪ As he set off to return to the dairy and Tess, his father rode with him a little way.
▪ At the time, Dorset was beginning the transition from picturesque dairy country to affluent summer artist colony.
▪ But it's cattle you should think of in this country, perfect dairy pasture, rich it is.
▪ Carrie followed him, through a door at the back of the kitchen, down a stone passage into a dairy.
▪ Congress got in the act in the following years, lending the academy $ 255, 000 to expand the dairy.
▪ Critics routinely dubbed him a dairy farmer from Kansas.
▪ The most extensive tracts are taken up by five dairy farms.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dairy \Dai"ry\ (d[=a]"r[y^]), n.; pl. Dairies (-r[i^]z). [OE. deierie, from deie, daie, maid; of Scand. origin; cf. Icel. deigja maid, dairymaid, Sw. deja, orig., a baking maid, fr. Icel. deig. [root]66. See Dough.]

  1. The place, room, or house where milk is kept, and converted into butter or cheese.

    What stores my dairies and my folds contain.

  2. That department of farming which is concerned in the production of milk, and its conversion into butter and cheese.

    Grounds were turned much in England either to feeding or dairy; and this advanced the trade of English butter.

  3. A dairy farm. [R.]

    Note: Dairy is much used adjectively or in combination; as, dairy farm, dairy countries, dairy house or dairyhouse, dairyroom, dairywork, etc.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 13c., "building for making butter and cheese; dairy farm," formed with Anglo-French -erie affixed to Middle English daie (in daie maid "dairymaid"), from Old English dæge "kneader of bread, housekeeper, female servant" (see dey (n.1)). The purely native word was dey-house.


a. 1 Referring to products produced from milk. 2 Referring to the milk production and processing industries 3 (context British English) On food labelling, containing fats only from dairy sources (e.g. dairy ice cream). n. 1 A place, often on a farm, where milk is processed and turned into products such as butter and cheese. 2 A dairy farm. 3 A shop selling dairy products. 4 (also ''dairy products'' or ''dairy produce'') Products produced from milk. 5 (context New Zealand English) A corner-store, superette or 'mini-mart' of some description.


n. a farm where dairy products are produced [syn: dairy farm]


Terminology differs between countries. For example, in the United States, the entire dairy farm is commonly called a "dairy." The building or farm area where milk is harvested from the cow is often called a "milking parlor" or "parlor." The farm area where milk is stored in bulk tanks is known as the farm's "milk house." Milk is then hauled (usually by truck) to a "dairy plant," also referred to as a "dairy", where raw milk is further processed and prepared for commercial sale of dairy products. In New Zealand, farm areas for milk harvesting are also called "milking parlours", and are historically known as "milking sheds." As in the United States, sometimes milking sheds are referred to by their type, such as "herring bone shed" or "pit parlour". Parlour design has evolved from simple barns or sheds to large rotary structures in which the workflow (throughput of cows) is very efficiently handled. In some countries, especially those with small numbers of animals being milked, the farm may perform the functions of a dairy plant, processing their own milk into salable dairy products, such as butter, cheese, or yogurt. This on-site processing is a traditional method of producing specialist milk products, common in Europe.

In the United States a dairy can also be a place that processes, distributes and sells dairy products, or a room, building or establishment where milk is stored and processed into milk products, such as butter or cheese. In New Zealand English the singular use of the word dairy almost exclusively refers to a corner shop, or superette. This usage is historical as such shops were a common place for the public to buy milk products.

As an attributive, the word dairy refers to milk-based products, derivatives and processes, and the animals and workers involved in their production: for example dairy cattle, dairy goat. A dairy farm produces milk and a dairy factory processes it into a variety of dairy products. These establishments constitute the global dairy industry, a component of the food industry.

Dairy (disambiguation)

A dairy is a facility for the extraction and processing of animal milk.

Dairy may also refer to:

  • Dairy farming, a class of agricultural enterprise for production of milk
  • Dairy product, foodstuff produced from milk
  • Dairy cattle, cattle cows bred for the ability to produce large quantities of milk
  • Dairy, Oregon, an unincorporated community in the United States
  • Dairy (store), a type of convenience store in New Zealand
  • Dairy Milk, a chocolate product of Cadbury brand
Dairy (store)

A dairy is a small owner-operated convenience store in New Zealand, licensed to sell groceries, milk, eggs, dairy products, perishables, newspapers and other staples during and after normal trading hours.

Usage examples of "dairy".

No food element has been more closely linked to arterial aging than these kinds of fats, found mostly in meats, full-fat dairy products, baked goods, fried fast foods, and palm and coconut oils.

Soon, word of the ingenious cream containers had spread across the state, catching the fancy of dairy farmers and creamery owners from as far away as Wisconsin and Illinois.

Thus there was a complete system of economy at this distillery: a dairy to convert the draff into milk, and a farm to insure that the soil from the cows might be used upon the spot.

Life passed on so peacefully and pleasantly that I was half inclined to think of taking a farm near the Leys at the end of my term, and asking Jane to help with the dairy, poultry, cider, and housekeeping department.

With the tail end of the movement barely out of town, my father made a raid on a Limbus dairy and came back with milk and cheese.

She was in charge of the dairy, and the Netherstock butter was famous through the country round, and always fetched top prices at the market.

I tossed the opah on top of a display of organic butter in the dairy case, and sprinted to my car.

Dairy samplers will test milk and randomized foodstuffs over the next three days along the ingestion swath.

She said goodbye to the cheeses in the dairy and the sheep in the paddock and even to Ratbag the cat.

Crockacooan on the following Thursday it would be possible to bid for three store heifers in forward condition, four dairy cows springing and in full milk, a slipe, three rundlets, and a number of double and single trees.

These rooms--a laundry room, a storage pantry, and a dairy room--were, in a form of reverse snobbism, our favorite part of the house.

Europeans expected me to regularly wash my hands with prepackaged towelettes and to automatically reject all unpasteurized dairy products.

A partitioned room will accommodate either a summer or a winter dairy, if not otherwise provided, and a multitude of conveniences may be made of it in all well arranged farmeries.

If the dairy be of such extent as to require larger accommodation than the plan here suggested, a room or two may be partitioned off from the main milk and pressing-room, for washing the vessels and other articles employed, and for setting the milk.

The dairy company demurred to the regulation on the ground of its applying to milk produced and sold intrastate.