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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Further investment is needed at the colliery, which reopened last year when 160 miners invested £10,000 each to form the consortium.
▪ The cost of making the programs was shared by a consortium of six public television stations.
▪ Anyway, my father and his theatrical consortium have always been great fans of Trumpton.
▪ It was hoped that sale of the stake would benefit the consortium.
▪ The consortium is accused of depositing more than $ 1.4m in Mr Sole's accounts over three years.
▪ The bid was made by a consortium headed by Sir James Goldsmith through a specially created company called Hoylake.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1829, from Latin consortium "fellowship, participation, society," from consors (genitive consortis; see consort (n.)). Earlier, in British law, a term for "right of husband's access to his wife."


n. 1 An association or combination of businesses, financial institutions, or investors, for the purpose of engaging in a joint venture. 2 A similar arrangement among non-commercial institutions or organizations. 3 An association or society. 4 (context legal English) The right of a spouse to all the normal relationships with his or her mate.

  1. n. an association of companies for some definite purpose [syn: pool, syndicate]

  2. [also: consortia (pl)]


A consortium is an association of two or more individuals, companies, organizations or governments (or any combination of these entities) with the objective of participating in a common activity or pooling their resources for achieving a common goal.

Consortium is a Latin word, meaning " partnership", "association" or "society" and derives from consors 'partner', itself from con- 'together' and sors 'fate', meaning owner of means or comrade.

Consortium (disambiguation)

A consortium is an association of two or more entities with the objective of participating in a common activity or pooling their resources for achieving a common goal. The term may also refer to:

  • Microbial consortium, a group of symbiotic microbes
  • Loss of consortium, the deprivation of the benefits of a family relationship due to injuries caused by a tortfeasor
  • Consortium (band), 1960s British band
  • Consortium (video game), a game by Interdimensional Games.
  • Consortium for Independent Journalism
Consortium (VNIT)

CONSORTIUM, an initiative by the students and E-CELL of VNIT Nagpur, is the business and management festival of Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur, India. It is an annual convention which takes place in mid January every year. It was started in 2010 by a group of seven students, Mohit Mundra, Suryansh Shukla, Pranjal Johri, Rohit Kulkarni, Rohit Chaudhary, Sai kiran T., and Aditya Kharbade. Consortium is one of the very few conventions in India to be organised by engineering undergraduates. 4000 students from various institutes (IIMs, IITs, NLUs, NITs etc.) in the country take part in many of the events organized as a part of Consortium. The prime motive of the festival is not only to test and brighten the managerial skills of the participants but also to promote a general business acumen and ignite entrepreneurial thinking in the youth of India.

Consortium attracts thousands of participants in various contests. Events include corporate contests, traditional business contests, crowd magnet events, a business plan competition and many online events. These are judged by academicians and industrialists. However, the E-Summit attracts the largest number of attendees from all over the country.

The first Consortium festival was organized in 2010. The next edition, Consortium '11, attracted a large number of participants from all over India. Consortium become one of central India's largest business festivals, and one of the largest in India. It is the only business festival organized in Nagpur. Consortium '13 is scheduled to be hosted in January 2013. Various new events will be added to the already existing ones.

Consortium '12 hosted the very first National Social Entrepreneurship Forum (NSEF)-Idea Conference as well as the 1st Model United Nation of Nagpur, VMUN-2012..

Consortium is funded solely by sponsors, both small and large companies, solicited by the student organizers.

Although Consortium is student-organized, some working professionals from various industries, including the Merchant Navy, have also participated in the past two years.

Consortium (band)

West Coast Consortium were a British psychedelic pop group which recorded for Pye Records between 1967 and 1970. They were best known for the single "All the Love in the World" released as simply "Consortium", written by Geoff Simpson and recorded with the line-up of Robbie Fair (vocals), Geoff Simpson (lead guitar), Bryan Bronson (rhythm guitar), John Barker (bass), John Podbury (drums) and Billy Mangham (guitar).

Consortium (video game)

Consortium is a story-driven first-person shooter RPG and the first game in the planned trilogy of games related to the iDGi-1 Discoveries lore. The game is set almost entirely on a futuristic aircraft called Zenlil, manned by a crew with chess-themed ranks. The game was principally financed by the Canada Media Fund by awarding a grant for $500,000 CAD in 2010. After a first failed Kickstarter campaign in 2012, $70,435 USD was raised through Kickstarter on April 18, 2013. Consortium was released on January 8, 2014.

On July 5, 2015, Interdimensional Games released a teaser trailer for its sequel, Consortium: The Tower, which will be powered by Unreal Engine 4.

Usage examples of "consortium".

Earthside was aboil with negotiations between the Consortium and Airbus, with lawyers angrily slapping writs on each other, over fuel four hundred million miles away.

After dozens of phone calls, she and Penelope Briggs had managed to put together a consortium of parents, alums, local businesspeople, and miscellaneous Travelers who wanted to buy St.

The fallout from the scandal also sent shock waves through a shadowy consortium of power brokers, politicians, and businesspeople, many of whom had invested heavily in the rival firm on the basis of insider knowledge.

Lunar Associates set out to explore near-Earth asteroids in search of raw material which could be sold to the multinational companies that had formed a consortium to build an orbital colony in a Lagrange point in cislunar space.

A consortium to which the company belongs faces new charges of bribery, this time over another dam project in Lesotho in Southern Africa.

The rest represented a Taurian archaeological consortium from Arcadian space.

His purpose was to collect some forty million sesterces Auletes owed a consortium of Roman bankers, chief of whom was Rabirius.

Then, my voice huskier than it had been before, I explained how all the consortia that dumped at Devonshire were so delighted to have their records examined.

The more I learn about how this fire started and the magics that went into it, the better my chance of correlating those data with one or more of the consortia that use the Devonshire dump.

Space probes of many nations and consortiums were now programmed with previously unimaginable accuracy.

There were a few larger structures among all the plastic huts and frosted bulges a multitiered branch of the Bank of Neptune, a highrise hotel called the Ice Palace, a tremendous igloo bearing the crystalline logo of the interplanetary ice consortium, a massive cube made out of giant logs that could only be the headquarters of Cometary Lumber Multicorp.

Gaius Flavius Hemicillus, who approached Atticus and asked that canny plutocrat to put himself at the head of a consortium of financial magicians willing to lend the Liberators money for purposes Hemicillus left unspecified.

Gold Seekers Ltd. was formed by a consortium of industrialists from Canada and England.

The consortium intends to get the most information out of each new structure by using existing knowledge about related structures to group proteins into families that are most likely to share the same architectural features.

As it turned out, Prince Jeta was part of a consortium that was involved in the reopening of the silk road.