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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a victim of circumstance (=someone who suffers because of something they cannot control)
▪ She was a victim of circumstance, as she was born at a time when women had no power.
changing circumstances/conditions
▪ The human brain adapts quickly to changing conditions.
circumstances dictate sth
▪ Circumstances dictated that I had to wait nearly two years.
die in suspicious/mysterious circumstances (=used to say that someone may have been killed)
▪ He got involved with drug dealers and died in mysterious circumstances.
in exceptional circumstances (=when a situation is extremely unusual)
▪ The U.S. will only issue a visitor visa at short notice in exceptional circumstances.
in extreme circumstances
▪ Force is only justified in extreme circumstances.
in mysterious circumstances
▪ Benson later disappeared in mysterious circumstances.
in suspicious circumstances
▪ Her mother had died in suspicious circumstances.
in/under normal circumstances
▪ Under normal circumstances, you would have to pay to go into the exhibition.
pomp and circumstance (=an impressive ceremony)
▪ all the pomp and circumstance of a treaty signing
straitened circumstances
▪ the straitened circumstances of post-war Japan
suit the circumstances
▪ When writing emails, most people vary the style to suit the circumstances.
trying circumstances
▪ They do the best they can in trying circumstances.
unforeseen circumstances/events/changes etc
Due to unforeseen circumstances, the play has been cancelled.
▪ Modelling several series at the same time is more appropriate in certain circumstances.
▪ Indemnity periods to be appropriate to the circumstances of each such item.
▪ Giving priority to developmental work was appropriate in the circumstances of Nottinghamshire in the mid-eighties and still remains so in many respects.
▪ Quite appropriate in the circumstances, of course.
▪ In all these cases headteachers will need to consider what action is most appropriate in the circumstances.
▪ This line of reasoning is intended to provide a means for felicitous plural and singular pronominal reference under appropriate circumstances.
▪ In appropriate circumstances, of course, a trustee may have agency powers.
▪ We have in a causal circumstance by itself a complete answer to the question of why an effect occurred.
▪ These are pairs of things in a fundamental way like causal circumstances and effects.
▪ We do indeed have it that a causal circumstance necessitated its effect.
▪ Strictly speaking, in what ontological category of things are causes and other conditions, the things which comprise causal circumstances?
▪ To take a causal circumstance as having no redundancy is obviously to exclude things wholly irrelevant to the effect.
▪ Do all of what we take to be causal circumstances and causes precede their effects?
▪ More must be true of any different pair of things which in fact are causal circumstance and effect.
▪ We are unlikely to have in mind a causal circumstance in this case.
▪ Similarly in certain circumstances a subsidiary may, under section 229, be omitted from the consolidation.
▪ The final version endorsed current Pentagon policy allowing women in combat in certain circumstances, a position endorsed by Dole.
▪ However, it has been claimed that some doctors in the province will perform abortions in certain circumstances.
▪ No legislation prohibits it, except in certain circumstances.
▪ The Obscene Publications Acts 1959 and 1964 might, under certain circumstances, have relevance.
▪ It may be that under certain circumstances one of the alternative methods of valuation is the most appropriate.
▪ In certain circumstances an unassisted party may be awarded costs from the legal aid fund if his opponent is legally aided.
▪ It may be wise and sensible advice given certain circumstances.
▪ Such a mechanism is particularly useful if there is a need to alter the kinds of proteins present to meet changing circumstances.
▪ These changing circumstances, which are outside the control of governments either national or local, are often of considerable significance.
▪ The organisation may prove to be inflexible and unable to respond to changing circumstances. 4.
▪ Conflict initiated by management can also be a tactical response in changing circumstances.
▪ It must be reviewed in the light of changing circumstances.
▪ Yet historians have yet to respond to changing circumstances.
▪ It believes this would prevent legal challenges to its status while retaining its flexibility to interpret the code according to changing circumstances.
▪ It is on the subject of change and changing circumstances that they speak.
▪ Special types of graph paper can be useful in different circumstances.
▪ Together, they defined the poles of a debate that, under far different circumstances, continues today.
▪ Community participation in conservation can occur under a variety of different circumstances, but one can identify some that make it easier.
▪ Before his fight with Fitzmaurice took place, Burke achieved fame in entirely different circumstances.
▪ It was, in many ways, the magazine Student might have become under different circumstances.
▪ This was devised in a rising market, in very different circumstances from today.
▪ Other people, in widely different cultures and circumstances, have had a very similar experience.
▪ Ought this to be enforced in different circumstances against John's innocent son and heir?
▪ They are doing a good job under difficult circumstances.
▪ Like millions of other Cairenes, he has made the best of difficult circumstances.
▪ These tasks are meant to be stressful and to show how well the student can use the languages in difficult circumstances.
▪ He said he'd done a wonderful job in very difficult circumstances.
▪ The Inland Revenue does a difficult job in difficult circumstances extremely well.
▪ He emerges as a man with a big heart and a clever mind who did the best he could in difficult circumstances.
▪ Some parents, such as one-parent families or those in difficult circumstances may have considerable need of support services.
▪ Hence the optimists believe that it is difficult to visualise circumstances better suited to a successful devaluation than the ones currently offered.
▪ The council was responding as much to this as to real economic circumstance.
▪ An aggressive policy may also be dictated by economic circumstances.
▪ Do they operate independently of the economic and material circumstances in which individuals are placed?
▪ Such ferocious outbursts stemmed from 50-cial and economic circumstances which the Mahatma rarely discussed and usually underestimated.
▪ But there is no way of knowing the true numbers - women come and go, depending on their economic circumstances.
▪ It would be very tragic if her economic circumstances ever pulled her down.
▪ First, the economic circumstances of poor families have worsened relative to the rest of the population in recent decades.
▪ Is the development of such trade feasible under the new political and economic circumstances?
▪ Employees who are not at present house-owners may be entitled to a mortgage allowance in certain exceptional circumstances.
▪ They are moved only in exceptional circumstances.
▪ Only in exceptional circumstances will struck-off doctors be able to apply for reinstatement, and then only after five years.
▪ Options may also be granted at any other time when the Committee considers exceptional circumstances exist which justify the grant of options.
▪ The exceptional circumstances in which execution may be refused are very narrowly defined.
▪ Stays imposed on the grounds of delay or for any other reason should only be employed in exceptional circumstances.
▪ But in exceptional circumstances it may do so.
▪ Practically any archaeological in exceptional circumstances. inorganic materials survive far ones.
▪ A careful record, with corroboration, is always desirable in such extreme circumstances.
▪ Only once had he said he loved her, and that had been in extreme circumstances.
▪ This could include the imposition of sanctions or in extreme circumstances suspension of the client from that establishment.
▪ In extreme circumstances the customer or supplier may seek to use its strong position and extract personal benefits in return for giving its consent.
▪ An officer who spent his career patrolling a middle-class suburb would only in extreme circumstances be involved in a physical encounter.
▪ President Bush was a staunch opponent of abortion under all but the most extreme of circumstances.
▪ In extreme circumstances borrowers might be allowed to pay interest only for a while.
▪ The wearing of a plaster cast was only allowed in extreme circumstances and brown suede shoes were definitely out.
▪ Most identified turning points in terms of crises in family relationships, often connected with a change in financial circumstances.
▪ Very kindly, they asked Daisy about her financial circumstances.
▪ Uncertainties about her financial circumstances and legal position. 4.
▪ To us you're always an individual, with your own particular financial circumstances and needs.
▪ Is the amount at stake, though small, significant in relation to the financial circumstances of the applicant?
▪ The particular strategy appropriate to the organisation will depend to a large extent on the political and financial circumstances of the organisation.
▪ But that had been more than a dozen years ago, when Robbie's family had been in better financial circumstances.
▪ You must report any change in your financial circumstances.
▪ Expectations are what we consider to be reasonable behaviour, performance or decisions under a given set of circumstances.
▪ Phases 2 and 3 seem overly ambitious given the present circumstances.
▪ If anything, the psychological condition of the black sportsman should be tension-packed given the social circumstances surrounding his involvement.
▪ An emphasis on deciding development strategies at local level, in the light of local circumstances.
▪ In countries around the Catholic world, Church officials have capitalized on local circumstances to Slow the spread of artificial contraception.
▪ It is plain that the translation of these policies into practice will vary according to local circumstances.
▪ Why not let local circumstances and relative departmental strengths be determinate?
▪ The grid consists of links some 200-300m apart, with a great variety of facilities depending upon local circumstances.
▪ Schools must design their own local units to take account of local circumstances and special interests.
▪ Not all practices will want to contract for an expanded range of services and local circumstances will also affect contracting decisions.
▪ This is an advantage which allows the teacher full freedom to respond to local circumstances.
▪ The defendants stored on their land large quantities of combustible materials which ignited in mysterious circumstances.
▪ The latest wave of repression began after Ali Akbar SaidiSirjani died in detention under mysterious circumstances in the end of 1994.
▪ Some one has been murdered in mysterious circumstances: how has it come about?
▪ That Pheidias died in prison under mysterious circumstances, as Plutarch says, is a later and unfounded tradition.
▪ Tethlis dies afterwards under mysterious circumstances.
▪ Some had died in rather mysterious circumstances, others been sent abroad on this task or the other.
▪ Eight others connected directly or indirectly with the dig later died in mysterious circumstances.
▪ Blanche DuBois arrives at Stella's and Stanley's house under very mysterious circumstances.
▪ Who, under normal circumstances, wouldn't have?
▪ It was also, under normal circumstances, free of serious risk that the quarry would fight back.
▪ Under normal circumstances the spacecraft would not be manoeuvring so violently that this would be a problem.
▪ They could both tell that in normal social circumstances they would have disliked each other.
▪ In normal circumstances, of course, I would not dream of doing this.
▪ Under normal circumstances you will be carrying an unnecessarily heavy and bulky camera.
▪ In normal circumstances the suggestion that a contracting party can rely on his own breach to establish consideration is distinctly unattractive.
▪ Under other circumstances I'd have had a snappy answer for her.
▪ But to Profumo's bad luck, other newsworthy circumstances were available to salt the story.
▪ But in other circumstances returns will be maximised by raising prices.
▪ Not all of either circumstance was required for the effect, given that the other whole circumstance existed.
▪ You do not do so in any other circumstance.
▪ Under any other circumstances, I would have heckled and walked out.
▪ In any other circumstances he would have warmed to her; he had found her especially disturbing.
▪ In any other circumstances I wouldn't have minded going shopping with Oliver.
▪ Then you have to modify the base to suit particular circumstances.
▪ Infectivity describes the likelihood that a particular microbe will be transmitted under particular circumstances.
▪ Remember that this is aimed to protect children even if in your particular circumstance its a nuisance.
▪ This partnership can take a variety of forms, depending on particular circumstances and individual preferences.
▪ What is particular about the circumstances under which this curriculum has to be managed?
▪ This would be true whatever the particular circumstances which produced the feminist response.
▪ It was felt that councils ought to consider the practicability of the child being accompanied in the particular circumstances.
▪ The examples which follow are just some of those opportunities which have occurred in particular circumstances.
▪ Due to certain personal circumstances, this yacht has never been delivered, and is actually new.
▪ They are generalizations assumed to be true of an entire group of people, regardless of their personal characteristics and circumstances.
▪ This can be augmented through the skill of matching what is being said to the known personal circumstances of the counsellee.
▪ But the second problem goes well beyond me and my own personal circumstances.
Personal circumstances Employees' personal circumstances, such as their domestic commitments, health and age are often taken into account.
▪ Sadly, Brian Rowe's personal circumstances have now changed and he is not able to take up the post.
▪ Also, if I were to try to explain to him the nature of my personal circumstances, he would be embarrassed.
▪ The amount you will get will depend on your income and personal circumstances.
▪ The focus is upon inter-organizational relationships, and changing political and economic circumstances receive insufficient emphasis.
▪ Lovers, for example, are generally kept apart by wars or political circumstances rather than by simple misunderstandings.
▪ Is the development of such trade feasible under the new political and economic circumstances?
▪ But it is often implied that these were the result of particular social and political circumstances.
▪ Again, the political and economic circumstances seemed favourable.
▪ The particular strategy appropriate to the organisation will depend to a large extent on the political and financial circumstances of the organisation.
▪ They are a means of keeping the constitution in tune with changing political circumstances without recourse to legislation.
▪ Others, like Nottingham and Stamford, failed - though the failure was due to entirely different political circumstances.
▪ Guide writers have a traditional obligation to honour the historical record, alongside their duty to point out present circumstances.
▪ More seriously, it is turning its back on actions it might take to improve its present circumstances.
▪ It was no wonder that Dad went back over that day so often, especially in the light of present circumstances.
▪ Phases 2 and 3 seem overly ambitious given the present circumstances.
▪ Under the present circumstances, it seemed somehow tactless.
▪ But he thinks, in present circumstances, that a straight forward test provides the best way of clearing the air.
▪ Let us return to the question of the possibilities for enterprise democracy under present circumstances.
▪ And there was nothing in his present circumstances likely to ensnare him in sensuality.
▪ I hope that in similar circumstances in the future it would do so again.
▪ As in many other areas of the law, the standard applied is what the reasonable person would believe under similar circumstances.
▪ And we ought, in fairness, to wonder who else in similar circumstances would have proved so much bolder?
▪ Deng said in a November 1989 meeting that, under similar circumstances, he would not hesitate to take the same action.
▪ This would make you less likely to behave like this in similar circumstances in the future.
▪ Faced with a bolted door, Seymour did what thousands of pentecostal preachers have done in similar circumstances ever since.
▪ Ian and I are doing what any neighbouring colleagues would do in similar circumstances - and this helping-out is bearing fruit.
▪ When I heard he was missing, I did what he would have done for me in similar circumstances.
▪ They concluded that the wary response is more characteristic of the social circumstance than of the individual's level of development.
▪ Q., social circumstances, and economic states all seemed less important than another subtler factor.
▪ Nevertheless, despite considerable improvement in her social circumstances, she took a repeat overdose one year later.
▪ It is facile to attribute all childhood problems to poor parenting or social circumstances.
▪ Here a change of social circumstances would be needed if vulnerability were to be reduced.
▪ These local strategies are subject to change, as local political activity changes in response to different social and economic circumstances.
▪ If anything, the psychological condition of the black sportsman should be tension-packed given the social circumstances surrounding his involvement.
▪ The explanation is better sought in the specific social and material circumstances and their articulation with political and ideological structures.
▪ These were in contrast to upland permanent pasture, where arable farming could only be undertaken infrequently, in special circumstances.
▪ In special circumstances, such as a disabled child living in the home, the state waives the recovery of the money.
▪ Although a total prohibition exists for the third category above, special circumstances may exist for the first two services.
▪ Davis also faces three other special circumstances in connection with the murder charge: kidnapping, burglary and robbery.
▪ Shellac records were simply too fragile to be posted; so the special circumstances of war justified the first vinyl records.
▪ Frequency rarely seems to be the criterion for adding special circumstances.
▪ Allen v. Hyatt suggests that the courts are willing to recognise special circumstances which alter the nature of the relationship.
▪ Markhasev is accused of killing Ennis Cosby in the course of a robbery, which qualifies as a special circumstance.
▪ Davison's investments failed, leaving the family in straitened circumstances when he died in 1893.
▪ But the neighborhood had now fallen into straitened circumstances.
▪ His father died in 1886, leaving the young family in straitened circumstances.
▪ There is evidence that sons make considerable efforts to provide support for their parents even when they are in straitened circumstances themselves.
▪ I should have sent the drinks back, but instead looked upon them as a windfall in our rather straitened circumstances.
▪ Police say there are no suspicious circumstances and a coroner has been informed.
▪ A hose pipe was connected to the exhaust. police said there were no suspicious circumstances.
▪ There were no suspicious circumstances and a postmortem was due to be carried out later.
▪ Police said cause had not been established but there were not thought to have been suspicious circumstances.
▪ Apart from anything else, if there were suspicious circumstances, the doctor wouldn't have signed a certificate.
▪ Voice over A postmortem has revealed the man died from natural causes, there are no suspicious circumstances.
▪ Police said there were no suspicious circumstances.
▪ She's deeply suspicious of the circumstances.
▪ It was an interesting move pregnant with unforeseen circumstances, not least the concern and misunderstanding to which it gave rise locally.
▪ Our clients reserve the right to alter this timetable in the event of unforeseen circumstances.
▪ That would be excluded, they say, as force majeure-a superior power, or unforeseen circumstance.
▪ The player did eventually join the Peacocks, but under unusual and unforeseen circumstances.
▪ In the hours you allocate for work, sort out your priorities, reordering them when unforeseen circumstances arise.
▪ Since decisions are quicker, they are also more adaptable, and easier to change in the light of unforeseen circumstances which may arise.
▪ In some unforeseen circumstances like death, one parent has to be enough.
▪ The precautionary motive. Unforeseen circumstances can arise, such as a car breakdown.
▪ The focus is upon inter-organizational relationships, and changing political and economic circumstances receive insufficient emphasis.
▪ While never forgetting that ultimate goal, he constantly shifted tactics to suit changing circumstances.
▪ Then see what you can do to change the circumstances of the situation.
▪ It preserves maximum flexibility to respond to changing circumstances.
▪ These and other similarly familiar issues are examined in chapter 4 in the light of changing international circumstance.
▪ First, they are far more flexible than centralized institutions; they can respond quickly to changing circumstances and customers' needs.
▪ What must be changed are the circumstances under which men and nations make war.
▪ Mission-driven budgets give managers the autonomy they need to respond to changing circumstances.
▪ The complex man will respond to no single managerial strategy, but will consider its appropriateness to circumstances and his own needs.
▪ However, he said he has yet to consider his circumstances.
▪ Second, it is important to consider the circumstances of the borrower.
▪ For example, consider the circumstances of the writer.
▪ Holmes J. considered that in these circumstances the payment was made under duress.
▪ That is not an unreasonable thing to do when one considers the circumstances in which they might be living.
▪ This chapter begins by considering the circumstances that brought about the so-called imperial presidency.
▪ I want the House to consider the circumstances under which people seek political asylum.
▪ Whether or not the employer should pay the excess for a more expensive substitution depends on the circumstances of the case.
▪ The appropriate steps will vary depending upon the clinical circumstances.
▪ The extent to which we commend some one for operating a complex piece of equipment depends on the circumstances.
▪ The answer depends on the circumstances.
▪ Each case must, of course, depend on its circumstances.
▪ Each one, depending on his circumstances at the moment, feels and names the fears that beset him.
▪ An older child may be; but it depends on the circumstances.
▪ This would depend on the circumstances.
▪ The question does not arise if the decision is forced by circumstances.
▪ But his lawyers say it was only an infatuation forced by circumstances.
be in reduced circumstances
by/through force of circumstance(s)
▪ Like all Trolls they will eat anything and through force of circumstance they tend to eat a lot of rocks.
▪ Some sectors, moreover, lagged behind completely, by force of circumstances or on account of reluctance to abandon traditional ways.
▪ Ware was a strict Palladian by upbringing but a stylistic schizoid by force of circumstances.
extenuating circumstances/factors etc
▪ A terrifying warning was occasionally administered in cases where extenuating circumstances existed.
▪ Clearly, then, extenuating factors such as the attraction of video stores and the ability to browse are sometimes overlooked.
▪ Goodstein suggested that this eased by talking about extenuating circumstances.
▪ Hunger and poverty, the main reasons for their poaching, are not treated by the courts as extenuating circumstances.
▪ Paedophilia is the only major crime in which there is no possibility of extenuating circumstances.
mitigating circumstances/factors
▪ A good barrister - he'd known Thomas Walters for years - would be able to argue mitigating circumstances.
▪ I understand that there are mitigating circumstances, programming complications, contracts, etc.
▪ In its defence, the Government pleads mitigating circumstances.
▪ In the absence of mitigating factors the virus is likely to hit a dead end wherever strict role separation is practiced.
▪ Juries have long stretched notions of self-defense or extended implicit clemency to recognize mitigating factors such as provocation and histories of abuse.
▪ Lancashire were subsequently fined £500, not £700, because of mitigating circumstances.
▪ Now, that decision has been overturned although the appeal judges spoke of strong mitigating factors in the case.
▪ There were also mitigating factors, Lord Lane said.
under ... conditions/circumstances
Under less sanguine circumstances, loans are advanced more cautiously.
Under normal conditions, approximately 65 percent of salt and water is reabsorbed at this site.
Under these circumstances it was hardly surprising that the police adopted a laissez-faire policy.
Under what circumstances will this separation work?
▪ And yet there are those who still would not turn in a relative under any circumstances.
▪ Despite these difficulties, however, a number of workers have successfully demonstrated effects of homoeopathic remedies under experimental conditions.
▪ How, under these circumstances, could I have been disappointed?
▪ In goal, Peter Liles gave a solid performance under very testing conditions.
▪ Only in one particular circumstance could the court legally override the decision.
▪ Women of the same age and circumstance as you are less likely to live with their parents.
▪ For the first time in three years, circumstances prevented me from attending.
▪ However, it has been claimed that some doctors in the province will perform abortions in certain circumstances.
▪ It may be that under certain circumstances one of the alternative methods of valuation is the most appropriate.
▪ Justified because so clearly embraced by circumstances they had only the subtlest hand in bringing into being?
▪ Personally, I feel it was reasonable under those circumstances.
▪ Under these circumstances the Chinook can carry up to equipped men, and the Puma carries sixteen.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

circumstance \cir"cum*stance\ (s[~e]r"k[u^]m*st[a^]ns), n. [L. circumstantia, fr. circumstans, -antis, p. pr. of circumstare to stand around; circum + stare to stand. See Stand.]

  1. That which attends, or relates to, or in some way affects, a fact or event; an attendant thing or state of things.

    The circumstances are well known in the country where they happened.
    --W. Irving.

  2. An event; a fact; a particular incident.

    The sculptor had in his thoughts the conqueror weeping for new worlds, or the like circumstances in history.

  3. Circumlocution; detail. [Obs.]

    So without more circumstance at all I hold it fit that we shake hands and part.

  4. pl. Condition in regard to worldly estate; state of property; situation; surroundings.

    When men are easy in their circumstances, they are naturally enemies to innovations.

    Not a circumstance, of no account. [Colloq.]

    Under the circumstances, taking all things into consideration.

    Syn: Event; occurrence; incident; situation; condition; position; fact; detail; item. See Event.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 13c., "conditions surrounding and accompanying an event," from Old French circonstance "circumstance, situation," also literally, "outskirts" (13c., Modern French circonstance), from Latin circumstantia "surrounding condition," neuter plural of circumstans (genitive circumstantis), present participle of circumstare "stand around, surround, encompass, occupy, take possession of" from circum "around" (see circum-) + stare "to stand" from PIE root *sta- "to stand" (see stet). The Latin word is a loan-translation of Greek peristasis.\n

\nMeaning "a person's surroundings, environment" is from mid-14c. Meaning "a detail" is from c.1300; sense of "that which is non-essential" is from 1590s. Obsolete sense of "formality about an important event" (late 14c.) lingers in Shakespeare's phrase pomp and circumstance ("Othello" III, iii).


n. That which attends, or relates to, or in some way affects, a fact or event; an attendant thing or state of things. vb. To place in a particular situation, especially with regard to money or other resources.

  1. n. a condition that accompanies or influences some event or activity

  2. the set of facts or circumstances that surround a situation or event; "the historical context" [syn: context]

  3. information that should be kept in mind when making a decision; "another consideration is the time it would take" [syn: condition, consideration]

  4. formal ceremony about important occasions; "pomp and circumstance"


Circumstance or Circumstances may refer to:

Circumstance (short story)

"Circumstance" is an allegorical short story written by American author Harriet Elizabeth Prescott Spofford. It was published serially in The Atlantic Monthly in 1860. The story takes place in the woods of Maine following an unnamed protagonist who travels to return to home after caring for a sick neighbor. She ventures into the woods where she comes in contact with the Indian Devil who assaults her throughout the story but in this life/death situation she realizes her reality and religion and comes to terms with her life, sexuality and fears. By the end of the story, her husband shoots the Devil with his shotgun in one hand and their baby in the other while the " true Indian Devils" destroy their home and town.

Circumstance (2011 film)

Circumstance ( Šar'ayet) is a 2011 dramatic film written and directed by Maryam Keshavarz starring Nikohl Boosheri, Sarah Kazemy, and Reza Sixo Safai. It explores homosexuality in modern Iran, among other subjects.

Circumstance (1922 film)

Circumstance is a 1922 Australian silent film directed by Lawson Harris.

Usage examples of "circumstance".

Had the circumstances been happier, Ada thought, this would have been like the hair contest, a game of dress-up against which they might wager to see who could accouter herself most convincing as a man.

The justice of the peace, before whom Adams would appear, and the lawyer for Lambert were father and son--Colonel Josiah Quincy and young Samuel Quincy--a circumstance that obviously did not bode well for Adams and his client.

Like so many of his countrymen, then and later, Adams both loved and disapproved of France, depending in large degree on circumstances or his mood of the moment.

Pickering was not an easy man to like or get along with even under normal circumstances, as Adams knew.

If ever a system was proven to work under extremely adverse circumstances, it was at this inauguration of 1801, and it is regrettable that Adams was not present.

Despite her brave assertions to Adonis, however, she realized that she really had no desire to resume her former life under the present circumstances.

Spiritual Advisor under the present circumstances would be completely natural.

Bin Ladin declined, apparently judging that his circumstances in Afghanistan remained more favorable than the Iraqi alternative.

Sir Alured, under these circumstances, discussed his own death with extreme satisfaction, and insisted on having it discussed by the others.

In amenorrhea appearing under such circumstances, pain in the stomach and bowels, sometimes with nausea and headache also accompany the menstrual trouble.

It was his firm conviction that the flight to Amritsar, which the Colonel had advised in case of a defeat, was, under the present circumstances, quite impracticable.

I figured sooner or later Marty Anaheim would show up to straighten out his marital circumstances.

It is wrong, we know, but the world is not governed by right, it is governed by circumstances, and all we can do is alleviate the most egregious cases.

Jai smiled, which was the proper thing to do in any and all circumstances, and the other man smiled back, exposing his teeth.

There are some unusual circumstances to be considered here: Andrias Scheuchzeri is the only species of newt living in the sea and--even more remarkable--the only newt to be found in the area from Ethiopia to Australasia, the Lemuria of ancient myths.