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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Through past study a broadly accepted relative chronology for Beaker pottery had been developed.
▪ It is important to stress, therefore, that there is no absolute, only a relative, chronology for the period.
▪ The deep-sea core oxygen isotope record is a framework for a relative chronology for the Pleistocene.
▪ a chronology of events in the Balkans
▪ Box sets collect music into greatest hits, anthologies, chronologies, complete collected works, best-of and worst-of packages.
▪ I should like to pay tribute to the care with which the justices record the family history and the chronology.
▪ If they carry on confounding chronology in this mendacious manner, they are likely to hit 30 as I reach 60.
▪ The resulting chronology should then enable one to date particular instruments according to the presence of certain features.
▪ The third main contribution of coins to the study of portraits is to their chronology.
▪ This adds to the impression that we at dealing with a short chronology for all three phase of the glass tell.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Chronology \Chro*nol"o*gy\, n.; pl. Chronologies. [Gr. ?; ? time + ? discourse: cf. F. chronologie.] The science which treats of measuring time by regular divisions or periods, and which assigns to events or transactions their proper dates.

If history without chronology is dark and confused, chronology without history is dry and insipid.
--A. Holmes.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1590s, from Middle French chronologie or directly from Modern Latin chronologia; see chrono- + -logy. Related: Chronologer (1570s).


n. 1 (context uncountable English) the science of determining the order in which events occurred. 2 (context countable English) an arrangement of events into chronological order; called a timeline when involving graphical elements.

  1. n. arrangement of events in time

  2. a record of events in the order of their occurrence

  3. the determination of the actual temporal sequence of past events


Chronology (from Latin chronologia, from Ancient Greek , chronos, "time"; and , -logia) is the science of arranging events in their order of occurrence in time. Consider, for example, the use of a timeline or sequence of events. It is also "the determination of the actual temporal sequence of past events".

Chronology is part of periodization. It is also part of the discipline of history, including earth history, the earth sciences, and study of the geologic time scale.

Chronology (Dom & Roland album)

Chronology is the third drum and bass album of Dom & Roland released in 2004 on CD (release code ASHADOW31CD) and vinyl (ASHADOW31LP) on the Moving Shadow label, UK. It features collaborations with Kemal of Konflict, Skynet, and also a remix of Moulin Rouge, a track from the album Back for the Future. Reviewer Ben Willmott, writing for Knowledge magazine writes "Although the haunted, soundtrack-like sound of his first album (1998's ' Industry', which Dom says he far prefers to its more hastily compiled successor 'Back For The Future'), is very much at the fore, the album is both his most varied and his most intense yet."

Chronology (Bryn Haworth album)

Chronology is the tenth studio album by Bryn Haworth.

A compilation of works released on previous albums, it was released by Word Records (UK) on the Myrrh Label as MYRR 1264. It was also released on cassette and CD.

Chronology (disambiguation)

Chronology is the science of locating events in time.

A chronology is a common term for a timeline.

It can also mean:

  • Chronology (Bryn Haworth album), a 1989 release
  • Chronology (Dom and Roland album), a 2004 release
  • Chronology, a 1997 compilation by Buzzcocks
  • Chronology Volume 1, a 2007 album by Christian rock band Third Day
  • Chronology Volume 2, a 2007 album by Christian rock band Third Day
  • "Chronology", a composition from Ornette Coleman's The Shape of Jazz to Come

Usage examples of "chronology".

Yet as far as we can trust to the obscure chronology of that period, it appears that the operations of some foreign war deferred the Italian expedition till the ensuing spring.

In the final analysis, the donjuanesque journey does not in any way intend an escape from chronology, rather a playful deconstruction and reconstruction of it.

See the Chronology of the Atabeks of Irak and Syria, in De Guignes, tom.

They had elaborately prepared tabs and chronologies and a comparative analysis of notes, memos and testimony.

Horus during the Typhonian wars, are mentioned in a Turin fragment of the Canon of the Kings, in which the author summarizes the chronology of the divine period.

England and France admit to be genuine and true, and which carry back the antiquity of the science of astronomy, together with the constellations, to within a few years of the Deluge, even on the longer chronology of the Septuagint.

Eve doings, going through it three times before Danny got the chronology straight.

When he had finally been reintegrated into the original Samuel Turner, he had kept the memories of all eighteennot really as a continuous whole but as a sort of mental patchwork, eighteen separate pieces tied loosely together by a shared chronology.

A Glossary of Terms and Gazetteer of Places and Ship Names, along with a Chronology of Key Events, appears after the main text of the book.

Appendix II: Chronology 1940          On 11 March Inside the Whale was published by Victor Gollancz.

I wrote out a separate chronology on what I got, and included carbons in with your official stuff.

Gray, The Founding of Aelia Capitolina and the Chronology of the Jewish War under Hadrian, and New Light from Egypt on the Early Reign of Hadrian, Amer. Journ.

Disdaining chronology, he adopted a random method, selecting episodes in his adventurous life and shaping them into complete, self-contained narratives, in the fashion of a novelist rather than an autobiographer.

In Britain, the Society for Interdisciplinary Studies was founded under the impetus of Howard Tresman and puts out the journal Chronology and Catastrophism Review, besides hosting a regular program of workshops and conferences.

Up close in this light, indifferent to human chronologies and subject only to the slow erosive forces of geological time, it reared above me like a frowning, terrifying crag.