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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ In a short time, his appointment has come to look like a poisoned chalice.
▪ With the law-and-order brief, Yeltsin may have handed him a poisoned chalice.
poisoned chalice
▪ Afterwards, Coleman urged his new colleagues to reject this poisoned chalice, but only the Esseffs heeded his advice.
▪ But more often, he was there in the front row with a chalice or a chasuble to lay on the stage.
▪ Floating clover-like foliage surmounted by tiny glistening gold and white chalices.
▪ In a short time, his appointment has come to look like a poisoned chalice.
▪ Restoring the brush to the altar, the Reclusiarch lifted the sharp little knife and the chalice.
▪ Stewards, chalice bearers and coffee helpers all played important roles and more recruits would be welcomed.
▪ With the law-and-order brief, Yeltsin may have handed him a poisoned chalice.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Chalice \Chal"ice\, n. [OR. chalis, calice, OF. chalice, calice, F. calice, fr. L. calix, akin to Gr. ? and E. helmet. Cf. Calice, Calyx.] A cup or bowl; especially, the cup used in the sacrament of the Lord's Supper.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 14c., from Anglo-French chalice, from Old French chalice, collateral form of calice (Modern French calice), from Latin calicem (nominative calix) "cup," cognate with Greek kylix "cup, drinking cup, cup of a flower," from PIE root *kal- (1) "cup." Ousted Old English cognate cælic, an ecclesiastical borrowing of the Latin word, and earlier Middle English caliz, from Old North French.


n. A large drinking cup, often having a stem and base and used especially for formal occasions and religious ceremony.


n. a bowl-shaped drinking vessel; especially the Eucharistic cup [syn: goblet]


A Chalice (from Latincalix, mug, borrowed from Greek kalyx, shell, husk) is a goblet or footed cup intended to hold a drink. In general religious terms, it is intended for drinking during a ceremony.

Chalice (band)

Chalice was a Gothic-doom metal band from Adelaide, South Australia. The group released three albums and was perhaps Australia's most notable Gothic metal band for a number of years before splitting up in 2007.

The band was formed by singer/ keyboards player Shiralee Morgan and drummer Adrian Bickle in late 1996. The pair was at the time in a band called Jeneaha that released a demo before breaking up. Morgan and Bickle continued the project under the new name of Chalice. With guitarists Sean Graetz and Darren McLennan (from fellow Adelaide band Fury), bass player Mark Bodossian and Russell providing violin, the band recorded Chronicles of Dysphoria which won them the attention of Melbourne label Modern Invasion. In the meantime Justin Hartwig had replaced McLennan, who departed to continue with Fury and Alannah Probert also joined the band playing flute in place of the violinist. Chronicles of Dysphoria was then re-recorded with updated arrangements and released through Modern Invasion in 2000. In October they then featured at the Metal for the Brain festival in Canberra.

Chalice recorded their second album during 2001 and it was released in October to coincide with another appearance at Metal for the Brain, this on the main stage. Bodossian left the group after this and was replaced by Simon Henderson in time for a tour of the east coast in early 2002. Bodossian later joined the British doom band Esoteric.

During 2003 Chalice completed their third album, Augmented, featuring some cello parts from Joel Baligod and Infernal Method member Joss Separovic contributing Spanish guitar in the track "Child of the Matador". The band also supported Opeth and Mayhem during their Australian tours that year.

Adrian Bickle departed Chalice in 2005 and was replaced by Matt Enright. The group then did a tour of New Zealand during the year. A new EP was completed by mid-2006. Featuring strings provided by the Zephyr Quartet, "The Calm That Was the Storm" was Probert's last release with the band as she left prior to its release. A video was made of the title track and was included on the resultant CD. After this, the band's activities seemed to freeze for almost a year. On 5 May 2007, Justin Hartwig posted to the group's internet forum that he and the rest of Chalice had split from Morgan, bringing the group to an end and announcing a forthcoming new band called Black Orchid. Morgan has since contended that she too will continue a separate musical avenue.

Chalice (record label)

Chalice is a defunct Britain vanity record label created by Coil, exclusively for albums put out by the group. Its brother labels are Threshold House and Eskaton.

According to the 2006 re-pressings of Musick to Play in the Dark Vol. 1 and 2, Chalice is stationed in Thailand as Peter Christopherson supervised the repressing in Krung Thep, where he lived.

Chalice (reggae band)

Chalice is a Jamaican reggae band formed in 1980. Chalice is probably best known for their performances at the Reggae Sunsplash music festival.

Chalice (novel)

Chalice is a novel by American fantasy author Robin McKinley. It was published in 2008 (New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons).

Chalice (pipe)

A chalice, also known as a wisdom chalice or chillum chalice, is a type of cannabis smoking pipe used most often by members of the Jamaican Rastafari movement. It is a sort of water pipe with a hose, or drawtube, for inhaling; the water cools and filters the smoke and the hose provides additional airspace for cooling. A screen embedded in the crater protects against drawing in burning particles to clog the interior.

The word chalice (along other permutations such as chalwa, chali, etc.) is often used to refer to marijuana itself, which certain Rastafari consider to be of specific religious importance as they believe it is a gift from Jah. The term "lick the chalice" refers to Rasta communing with Jah. A group of practitioners gather, a prayer is said, and the chalice lit and passed counter-clockwise among the group.

A bong-like chillum equipped with a water filtration chamber is sometimes referred to as a chalice, based on a quote from the Biblical book of Deuteronomy. Thanks and praises are offered to Jah before smoking the chillum.

Chalice (disambiguation)

A chalice is a goblet or footed cup intended to hold a drink. This can also refer to;

  • Holy Chalice, the vessel which Jesus used at the Last Supper to serve the wine
  • Chalice (pipe), a type of smoking pipe
  • Chalice (novel), a 2008 novel by Robin McKinley
  • The Chalice and the Blade, a book by Riane Eisler
  • Flaming chalice, the most widely used symbol of both Unitarianism and Unitarian Universalism
  • Kamen Rider Chalice, a character from Kamen Rider Blade
  • The Chalice, a public sculpture by Neil Dawson in Cathedral Square, Christchurch, New Zealand

In music:

  • Chalice (band), a Gothic-doom metal band from Adelaide, South Australia
  • Chalice (reggae band), a Jamaican reggae band featuring guitarist Wayne Armond
  • Chalice (singer), a stage name of singer and rapper Jarek Kasar from Estonia
  • Chalice (record label), a defunct Britain vanity record label created by Coil

Usage examples of "chalice".

But everywhere hath its pure altars, At each of its altars a priest To lift up a Host with a chalice Till the story of grace shall have ceased.

Next to them was a display case with crucifixes and calligrams and chalices made of gold and silver.

Stolen articles: Gold chalice signed Nicholas me fecit, paten engraved manus Dei 13th Century.

Tulleman entered, bringing warm, fruit-scented pastries and kaffa and an exotic flower in a crystal chalice, and without even rising from the lounger Phoena set to.

The willowy, boneless-looking and supremely beautiful Fellenian stretched its face into an angelic smile, then glanced down at the small metal chalice of fuming maha on the table in front of it.

The breaking of the consecrated host, and the putting of only one part into the chalice, regards the mystical body, just as the mixing with water signifies the people, and therefore the omission of either of them causes no such imperfection in the sacrifice, as calls for repetition regarding the celebration of this sacrament.

Wigg lifted one of two beautiful golden amphorae that were sitting on the altar next to the Chalice of the Abdication Ceremony.

Leaving the plate on top of the chalice, Mortati shook the ballots to mix them.

He knew that only a fool would venture in here, and yet the Chalice and the Ring had brought him to this place.

Exiting the cave, he gathered up children and Chalice and brought them inside.

She shifted from one foot to the other, trying to listen to what was being discussed, but then the conversation got far too confusing as Lily started talking about magic chalices and cuckoos.

The trough, too, was made of the finest black marble, and upon its ledges sat several gold and silver chalices of various sizes.

The chalice of multivitamins and buzz pills began to circulate around the tables.

A chalice or a damask vestment might be winked at, but the relics should not be dispersed.

From the chalice came brief flashes and puffs of smoke, as the spittal was incinerated.