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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ D'Arcy saw the two wine goblets on the table; the empty bottle of Haut-Brion.
▪ Her hand - that firm, forceful, boy's hand of hers - lifted the goblet as they lifted theirs.
▪ Like twilight to a dreamer, Like a goblet of cool water to the weary...
▪ Representative goblets and beakers of late sixteenth century and seventeenth century date are illustrated in Figures 3.50 and 3.51.
▪ Serve chilled, in narrow goblets or white china cups, with a little cream floated on top.
▪ Sir John's temper had improved but Athelstan dreaded spending a day watching him guzzle one goblet of wine after another.
▪ Take them from the pan with a perforated spoon and transfer them to a mortar or the liquidizer goblet.
▪ The sugared spindles and wings of grass Are etched on great goblets.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Goblet \Gob"let\, n. [F. gobelet, LL. gobeletus, gobellus; cf. L. cupa tub, cask. See Cupel.] A kind of cup or drinking vessel having a foot or standard, but without a handle.

We love not loaded boards and goblets crowned.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., from Old French gobelet "goblet, cup," diminutive of gobel "cup," probably related to gobe "gulp down" (see gob).


n. A drinking vessel with a foot and stem.

  1. n. a drinking glass with a base and stem

  2. a bowl-shaped drinking vessel; especially the Eucharistic cup [syn: chalice]


Usage examples of "goblet".

Selecting a long-stemmed goblet of greenish wine and a stylish little Perkup nasal inhaler, Alacrity sighed.

President of the Convention, Herault de Sechelles, drank this republican libation from a custom-designed goblet which he raised to the assembled crowd in salutation.

Upon these platforms were metal eating boards, golden and bedecked with many-colored glittering stones, tall pots called goblets astand beside them, also of golden metal and cluttered with stones.

Miss Bayberry poured Rhovan red wine in each goblet and Karigan could only guess at the vintage.

A male servant poured a golden liquid into a crystal goblet and handed it to Roth as the front door opened and Beel entered the room with an old man behind him.

Fair goblets stood on the board brimmed with dark sweet Thramnian wine, one for each feaster there, and cold bacon pies and botargoes and craw-fish in hippocras sauce furnished a light midnight meal.

She looked to see if Byr wanted to take up the story, but she just smiled and drank from her wine goblet.

Taking two goblets of champagne from a passing footman, Cavilon headed towards her.

He went to a cellaret and got out a decanter and goblet, pouring himself a drink.

They painted or carved the walls with descriptive and symbolic scenes, and crowded their interiors with sarcophagi, cinerary urns, vases, goblets, mirrors, and a thousand other articles covered with paintings and sculptures rich in information of their authors.

And Hanuman lifted his finger, and the phantast did indeed cough, and so it went, around the room, Hanuman pointing at people and descrying the moment they would cough, rub their eyes, laugh, dance, frown, speak, or drink from their goblets of wine.

The diner seats himself, fixes a pipe to the spigot in his cheek, so that he may drink continously as he dines, so avoiding the drudgery of opening flasks, pouring out mugs or goblets, raising, tilting and setting down the mug or goblet, with the consequent danger of breakage or waste.

Aiain was silent and sat for a while, turning his wine goblet and watching the blood-red liquid swirl in the dullish glow from the brazier.

She enjoyed showing Sara how to eat the tricky goura with its big seeds, and how to pour from the huge pitchers of water without drowning their small goblets.

They returned with two hyaline goblets and a tall flask made of interwoven multicolored glass ropes.