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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Azole \Az"ole\, n. [From Azote.] (Org. Chem.) Any of a large class of compounds characterized by a five-membered ring which contains an atom of nitrogen and at least one other noncarbon atom (nitrogen, oxygen, sulphur). The prefixes furo-, thio, and pyrro- are used to distinguish three subclasses of azoles, which may be regarded as derived respectively from furfuran, thiophene, and pyrrol by replacement of the CH group by nitrogen; as, furo-monazole. Names exactly analogous to those for the azines are also used; as, oxazole, diazole, etc.


Tetrazine \Tet*raz"ine\, n. Also -in \-in\ . [Tetrazo- + -ine.] (Chem.) A hypothetical compound, C2H2N4 which may be regarded as benzene with four CH groups replaced by nitrogen atoms; also, any of various derivatives of the same. There are three isomeric varieties.


Tetrazole \Tet*raz"ole\, n. [Tetrazo- + -ole.] (Org. Chem.) A crystalline acid substance, CH2N4, which may be regarded as pyrrol in which nitrogen atoms replace three CH groups; also, any of various derivatives of the same.


Methenyl \Meth"e*nyl\, n. [Methene + -yl.] (Chem.) The hypothetical hydrocarbon radical CH, regarded as an essential residue of certain organic compounds.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

digraph used in Old French for the "tsh" sound. In some French dialects, including that of Paris (but not that of Picardy), Latin ca- became French "tsha." This was introduced to English after the Norman Conquest, in words borrowed from Old French such as chaste, charity, chief (adj.). Under French influence, -ch- also was inserted into Anglo-Saxon words that had the same sound (such as bleach, chest, church) which in Old English still was written with a simple -c-, and into those that had formerly been spelled with a -c- and pronounced "k" such as chin and much.\n

\nAs French evolved, the "t" sound dropped out of it, so in later loan-words from France ch- has only the sound "sh-" ( chauffeur, machine (n.), chivalry, etc.).\n

\nIt turns up as well in words from classical languages ( chaos, echo, etc.). Most uses of -ch- in Roman Latin were in words from Greek, which would be pronounced correctly as "k" + "h," as in blockhead, but most Romans would have said merely "k." Sometimes ch- is written to keep -c- hard before a front vowel, as still in modern Italian.\n

\nIn some languages (Welsh, Spanish, Czech) ch- can be treated as a separate letter and words in it are alphabetized after -c- (or, in Czech and Slovak, after -h-). The sound also is heard in more distant languages (as in cheetah, chintz), and the digraph also is used to represent the sound in Scottish loch.\n


Etymology 1 abbr. chain - a unit of measurement equal to 22 yards Etymology 2

pron. (context obsolete dialectal English) (alternative form of I English)


CH, Ch, cH, or ch may refer to:

Ch (digraph)

Ch is a digraph in the Latin script. It is treated as a letter of its own in Chamorro, Old Spanish, Czech, Slovak, Igbo, Uzbek, Quechua, Guarani, Welsh, Cornish, Breton and Belarusian Łacinka alphabets. In Vietnamese and Modern Spanish, it also used to be considered a letter for collation purposes but this is no longer common.

Ch (computer programming)

Ch is a proprietary cross-platform C and C++ interpreter and scripting language environment, originally designed by Harry H. Cheng as a scripting language for beginners to learn mathematics, computing, numerical analysis (numeric methods), and programming in C/C++. Ch is now developed and marketed by SoftIntegration, Inc. A student edition is freely available.

Ch can be embedded in C/C++ application programs. It has numerical computing and graphical plotting features. Ch is a combined shell and IDE. Ch shell combines the features of common shell and C language. ChIDE provides quick code navigation and symbolic debugging. It is based on embedded Ch, Scite and Scintilla.

Ch is written in C and runs on Windows, Linux, OS X, FreeBSD, AIX, Solaris, QNX, and HP-UX. It supports C90 and major C99 features, but it does not support the full set of C++ features. C99 complex number, IEEE-754 floating-point arithmetic, and variable-length array features were supported in Ch before they became part of the C99 standard. An article published by Computer Reseller News ( CRN) named Ch as notable among C-based virtual machines for its functionality and the availability of third-party libraries.

Ch has many toolkits that extend its functions. For example, Ch Mechanism Toolkit is used for design and analysis of commonly used mechanisms such as fourbar linkage, five-bar linkage, six-bar linkage, crank-slider mechanism, and cam-follower system. Ch Control System Toolkit is used for modeling, design, and analysis of continuous-time or discrete-time linear time invariant (LTI) control systems. Both toolkits includes the source code.

Ch is now used and integrated into curriculum by many high schools and universities to teach computing and programming in C/C++.

Usage examples of "ch".

They said the Mexican goddess, wife of the sun, was Eve, or 8 Egede, Greenland, ch.

Fhe best of the Bay men in the Arctic- characters like Ches Russell, Lorenz Learmonth, Scotty Gall, Sandy Liman, Bert Swaffield, Jimmy Ford, John Stanners, Bob Cruickshank and J.

Bettik, Rachel and Theo, George and Jigme, Kuku and Kay, Chim Din and Gyalo Thondup, Lhomo and Labsang, Kim Byung-Soon and Viki Groselj, Kenshiro and Haruyuki, Master Abbot Kempo Ngha Wang Tashi and his master, the young Dalai Lama, Voytek Majer and Janusz Kurtyka, brooding Rimsi Kyipup and grinning Changchi Kenchung, the Dorje Phamo the Thunderbolt Sow and Carl Linga William Eiheji.

WC, Hunter DJ, Stampfer MJ, Colditz GA, Manson JE, Spiegelman D, Rosner B, Hennekens CH, and Speizer FE.

He squattered about, wrapped his arms around his knee s , crou ched with back toward us.

Chalkwhyt chymnees ther ches he inno3e Vpon bastel roue3, that blenked ful quyte.

J/UPITER\ A/MMON\ is represented by C/URTIUS\ as a deity of the same kind (, Bk. IV, Ch.

The insignificance of earth in relation to the universe is not a modem discovery: nearly two thousand years ago Ptolemy (Almagest, bk. 1, ch.

Nor did he need to check whether all of these doors were primed, for he knew that Ches would automatically have triggered the internal locks electrically as soon as the alarm, now silent, had started yowling over the sound system.

They leaned over Ches, ramming it into place over the buckled screen frame, and clipped it.

Then he scrambled over Ches and moved fast across the cabin area to the door to unfasten it.

It made for generally better motoring for the war wag, enabling Ches or Hunaker to drive on at a steady pace.

He was on his way to the control room before Ches started calling him over the intercom.

At least, it being the month of Ches, the returning spring sunshine kept ice from forming on the leaded glass windows.

The last entry was dated the twentieth of Ches, yesterday, just before Drone was killed.