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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Yet my feelings can't survive on a formal handshake and a chaste kiss of your cheek.
▪ a chaste white dress
▪ Girls were expected to remain chaste until marriage.
▪ A woman's chastity is considered as her highest virtue and all Hindu traditional literature extols the greatness of a chaste woman.
▪ Douglas makes the concerto sound almost chaste in its clinical brilliance.
▪ During his chaste vigil he had a vision of wolves, bears, lions, leopards and unicorns.
▪ He scorned Aphrodite, he worshiped only Artemis, the huntress chaste and fair.
▪ High government officials began to show symptoms, as did chaste wives who had been infected by their straying husbands.
▪ Morrissey is always taking off his shirt but he is also proudly and publicly chaste.
▪ When the little ones squeeze past me in the Superette I give their mops the chaste old tousle.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Chaste \Chaste\ (ch[=a]st), a. [F. chaste, from L. castus pure, chaste; cf. Gr. kaqaro`s pure, Skr. [,c]udh to purify.]

  1. Pure from unlawful sexual intercourse; virtuous; continent. ``As chaste as Diana.''

    Whose bed is undefiled and chaste pronounced.

  2. Pure in thought and act; innocent; free from lewdness and obscenity, or indecency in act or speech; modest; as, a chaste mind; chaste eyes.

  3. Pure in design and expression; correct; free from barbarisms or vulgarisms; refined; simple; as, a chaste style in composition or art.

    That great model of chaste, lofty, and eloquence, the Book of Common Prayer.

  4. Unmarried. [Obs.]

    Syn: Undefiled; pure; virtuous; continent; immaculate; spotless.

    Chaste tree. Same as Agnus castus.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1200, "virtuous, pure from unlawful sexual intercourse" (as defined by the Church), from Old French chaste "morally pure" (12c.), from Latin castus "clean, pure, morally pure" (see caste). Transferred sense of "sexually pure" is by 15c., perhaps by influence of chastity, though chaste as a noun meaning "virgin person" is recorded from early 14c. Related: Chastely.


a. 1 abstaining from sexual intercourse, celibate 2 virginal, innocent, having had no sexual experience 3 simple, austere, undecorative 4 modest, decent, morally pure

  1. adj. morally pure (especially not having experienced sexual intercourse); "a holy woman innocent and chaste" [ant: unchaste]

  2. pure and simple in design or style; "a chaste border of conventionalized flowers"

  3. abstaining from unlawful sexual intercourse

Chaste (Marvel Comics)

The Chaste is a fictional mystical martial arts enclave led by Stick, that was created by Frank Miller in the pages of Daredevil for Marvel Comics.

Usage examples of "chaste".

O thou, the very power by which I am, And but for which it were in vain to be, Chief next Diana, virgin heavenly fair, Admired Arete, of them admired Whose souls are not enkindled by the sense, Disdain not my chaste fire, but feed the flame Devoted truly to thy gracious name.

The lecture hall was a classic seventeenth-century aula resembling the theatres and opera houses of that period: , 136 chaste, intimate, and with perfect acoustics.

The ordinary bayadere is so common an object in India as to attract but little notice from anyone of refined tastes, but this girl, judging from the chaste beauty of her movements, was of a very different type.

Recollecting however the pure manners, and the delicate and ingenuous language to which Imogen had been inured among the inhabitants of Clwyd, the subtle sorcerer did not permit an expression to escape him, that could offend the chastest ear, or alarm the most suspicious virtue.

Augustus, weeping, with his head between his hands, muttered that he had never heard the slightest whisper, or entertained the faintest suspicion that his daughter was not the chastest woman at Rome.

O warrior, and while at first hearing it may seem to some to be curt and unseemly, not to mention saucy, I feel that it proceeds from none but the chastest of motives.

Joan never met, as a woman with a consuming passion for the chastest concubinal fidelity, whose fate it was to be continually falling into the hands of licentious foes and suffering the worst extremities of rapine.

And so it happened formerly, in the city of Antwerp, that a married woman, who was not the chastest person in the world, was desired by a good fellow to do--you know what.

Wings and buds of all the hues which aesthetic painters love to blend, crossed one another and intermixed in chastest harmony, while the sailors glided on into a phantasmagoria of loveliness and peace, yet bearing with them the horror of that awful carnage behind.

She might have been guilty of any amount of moral enormity, but she was held to be the chastest of virgins if Ananitis were her protectress and mistress.

She may break its every rule with careful concealment of the fact, and while it believes in her she may carry in genuine earnest the chastest of expressions as she traverses it.

The fourth, incomplete album began with a sparkle of her chastest images: Armande in a pink parka, Armande jewel-bright, Armande careening on skis through the sugar dust.

At a time when the chastest of chances allowed you to snatch, as they say, a first shy kiss!

Tommys in hunter camo and chaste Christers, twists in chains and spray-on, clumps of sisters wearing the uniforms of a group marriage, a couple of furries and one girl wearing a body suit that looked just like bot skin.

Courts of Love in France, places the reasonable and modest wish of a sensitive and chaste lady above all the eagerness of her lovers, all the incongruous counsels of representative courtiers.