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init. British Standard Fine, one of three screw thread standards contributing to the Whitworth threads standards set (see Wikipedia:British Standard Whitworth)


BSF may refer to:

  • Basilar skull fracture, a head injury
  • Bean Scripting Framework, in relation to Java programming language
  • Bibliothécaires Sans Frontières, a French charitable organisation
  • Bible Study Fellowship, an international Christian organisation
  • United States – Israel Binational Science Foundation
  • Biosand filter, water filtration technique
  • Biosciences Federation, a UK life science organisation
  • Black Sea Forum for Partnership and Dialogue, regional forum first held in 2006
  • Black Soldier Fly, a larva used in permaculture
  • Bootstrapping Server Function part of GAA/GBA Generic Bootstrapping Architecture
  • Border Security Force, Indian government paramilitary force
  • Boysetsfire, an American post-hardcore rock band
  • Brandy Station Foundation, an organization devoted to preserving a battle site in Virginia, United States
  • British Softball Federation, the National Governing Body of softball within the UK
  • British Standard Fine, an imperial-unit based screw-thread standard
  • Building Schools for the Future, a UK Government initiative to rebuild schools, begun in 2004
  • Bund Schweizerischer Frauenvereine, Swiss national federation of women's organizations
  • BSF (time service), Taiwan's Time signal
  • The Bit Scan Forward x86 instruction, used to compute find first set
  • Segelföreningen i Björneborg, Finnish yacht club
BSF (time service)

BSF is the callsign of the time signal transmitter for Taiwan, which transmits time information on 77.5  kHz in the longwave range, and 5  MHz & 15 MHz in the shortwave range from Chung-Li. The transmitter, which uses a T-antenna is situated at .