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a. 1 (context of radio waves English) Having a wavelength of approximately 10 to 200 meters 2 (context of radio equipment English) Capable of transmitting or receiving signals at such a wavelength. n. 1 Any #Adjective frequency, having a wavelength between approximately 10 and 200 meters 2 Any wave in the #Adjective frequency band

Shortwave (meteorology)

A shortwave or shortwave trough is an embedded kink in the trough / ridge pattern. Its length scale is much smaller than that of longwaves, which are responsible for the largest scale ( synoptic scale) weather systems. Shortwaves may be contained within or found ahead of longwaves and range from the mesoscale to the synoptic scale. Shortwaves are most frequently caused by either a cold pool or an upper level front.

Shortwave (disambiguation)

Shortwave can refer to:

  • Shortwave radio
  • Shortwave (meteorology)
  • Shortwave radiation
  • Short Wave Live, the only album by Short Wave, a Canterbury scene band

Usage examples of "shortwave".

He had been regularly tuning in to test signals from a new shortwave radio transmitter in Eindhoven, Holland - now called Radio Hilversum, but in those days known simply as PCJJ, which was its call-sign.

The Lama, or Rinpoche, is busy listening to a five-band Sony shortwave radio.

Even better, we've got reports of several amphibiousassault ships damaged or destroyed in Davao Gulf, and we're still receiving shortwave radio messages from Samar's troops broadcasting from the airport.

They too reported delayed echoes with their five-hundred-watt shortwave transmitter.

Both were amateur radio operators, and they owned a shortwave set, which was why Jenny had come here.

It had everything from long-range fuel tanks and gun racks to a shortwave radio set, and the seats were upholstered in genuine zebra skin while the paintwork was an artistic creation in bush camouflage.

Some of the equipment he recognized Mark XV and Paraset shortwave radio transceivers, teletypewriters, scrambler telephones, an M-209 cipher machine, wire recorders.

Leather belts, cigarette lighters, paper, glue, answering machines, cordless telephones, shortwave radios, rubber sink stoppers, fish tank accessories, circuit breakers, toiletry articles, and innumerable other items were being hawked from wooden carts.

They had a shortwave receiver and would monitor a frequency in the twenty-meter band at 1200 Greenwich time whenever possible.

That meant only one thing: rockets able to home in on radar beams, even the new shortwave ones Jerry still hadn’.

That meant only one thing: rockets able to home in on radar beams, even the new shortwave ones Jerry still hadn't figured out.

Pascal Arriet had given orders for the rest of the convoy to follow Littleberry and Hopkins, and now he was speaking in French and English to various relay contacts on his shortwave radio, telling them there was a problem.

You must then be skilled in the use of shortwave radio, invisible inks, and so on.

Most of the stories appearing on the front pages had been picked up from Japanese shortwave broadcasts emanating from military headquarters in Tokyo, and all purveyed the straight Japanese propaganda line.

Bracing both knees on the roll bar, K6ATX groped for the microphone of the Sheriff's shortwave radio transceiver, swinging from its twisted cord.