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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Igfets have strange characteristics, which mean that they are not much use at frequencies of below a few kilohertz.
▪ Like a metronome, every five seconds the submersible generates an acoustic tracking pulse at 8. 1 kilohertz.
▪ With the values used, the frequency is several kilohertz but is in no way critical for this present purpose.

n. A unit of frequency equal to one thousand cycles per second; one thousand hertz


n. one thousand periods per second [syn: kHz, kilocycle per second, kilocycle, kc]

Usage examples of "kilohertz".

Counting taxes, that would be eight bucks and change for a complete digital recording playback device that contained enough nonvolatile memory to record ten seconds of audio at a capture rate of, he guessed, around 11 kilohertz.

So, for example, if you had a bandpass of a kilohertz, you couldn't make out a signal that was modulated at fasted than a millisecond.

The very low-frequency band, broadcast at between 3 and 30 kilohertz, could only penetrate the top fifty feet or so of the ocean.

He sauntered to one of his own works, a three-meter-high arrangement of oscillating rods that ran the whole sound spectrum into the high kilohertzes, and passed two fingers over the activator eye.

Craig's set was a Yaesu Musen, and he got the Africa service of the BBC on 2171 kilohertz.