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n. A people indigenous to Burkina Faso, Africa.


Bobô may refer to different Brazilian footballers:

  • Deivson Rogério da Silva (born 1985)
  • Raimundo Nonato Tavares da Silva (born 1962)
  • José Claudeon dos Santos (born 1982)
Bobo (Belgian comics)

Bobo is a Franco-Belgian comics series created by Paul Deliège and Maurice Rosy. The series features an eponymous prisoner of the jail Inzepocket ("in the pocket" with a French accent). In Dutch, the series' name is Jaap.

Bobo (gorilla)

Bobo (1951–1968) was a western lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) who was a prominent feature of Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington, USA, from 1953 until his death. As a publicly accessible gorilla in the wake of King Kong, Bobo was one of Seattle's most prominent attractions before the construction of the Space Needle and the introduction of professional sports to the city. After his death, Bobo's skin was stuffed and placed on display at Seattle's Museum of History and Industry. The remainder of his body was turned over to the University of Washington's Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture for research purposes; however, the skull went missing shortly after his autopsy and was reunited with the rest of the skeleton in 2007.

Bobô (footballer, born 1985)

Deyvison Rogério da Silva (born 9 January 1985), mostly known as Bobô, is a Brazilian footballer who plays for Sydney FC in the Hyundai A-League as a striker.

Bobo (singer)

Christiane "Bobo(lina)" Herbold is a German singer of Bobo in White Wooden Houses. She also contributed backing vocals to selected Rammstein songs.

Bobô (footballer, born 1962)

Raimundo Nonato Tavares da Silva, commonly known by the nickname Bobô (born November 28, 1962), is a retired Brazilian professional football right midfielder and head coach, who played for several Campeonato Brasileiro Série A clubs.

BoBo (band)

BOBO is a Chinese boy band composed of two members, Jing Boran and Fu Xinbo .

The two became famous after competing in the 2007 My Hero competition, with Jing Boran winning first and Fu Xinbo third. In 2008, the two released their own EP, Glory , and then the album, The Big World . Since their debut, they have won multiple new artists awards.

In 2008, they performed during the pre-ceremony performance of the 2008 Summer Paralympics opening ceremony. The two also began their acting career in 2008, with Fu Xinbo playing in I am Veeker and Jing Boran in A Tribute to Stephen Chow .

Bobo (magazine)

Bobo is a monthly Dutch magazine for children. The magazine follows the adventures of the protagonist Bobo, a nine years old blue rabbit. Every month there is a new theme. The magazine consists of stories and comics. The purpose of the magazine is learn and play, for an audience primarily consisting in children aged 3 to 6 years, and it is for the most part distributed through primary schools. It's published by Blink Publishers. Since 2010, Bobo has developed into a crossmedial brand. Bobo has its own apps, an educational television series (started in 2011), an online training program to be used on digital schoolboards and smartboards in the classroom, and a complete merchandise line.

The magazine in Indonesia has several 'trademark parts'. In July 2012, it already has:

  • Cergam (cerita bergambar) (picture stories): some sort of comics without speech bubbles. There are currently three comic series in the Indonesian version: Cergam Bobo; Negeri Dongeng (short of Ceritera dari Negeri Dongeng (Stories From The Land Of Tales)); Paman Kikuk, Husin, & Asta; and Bona.)
  • Chosen Stories: This is a collection of short stories.
  • FB Friends Story: This stories' happenings are decided on the readers' ideas on Facebook. There are two titles already, Rahasia Hantu (Ghosts' Secret) and Liontin Pusaka Kerajaan Peri (The Heirloom Pendant Of The Fairy Kingdom).
  • Dear Nirmala, Halamanku, Arena Kecil, Tak Disangka: Dear Nirmala is an advice column and the readers can send a letter by Facebook to have their questions answered. There are two letters featured each week. Halamanku is a page to show fan art and poems sent by readers. Arena Kecil, Tak Disangka are two specific columns in one page. Arena Kecil (Little Arena) is where readers can tell their fun and memorable experiences, while Tak Disangka (Unexpected) is a place where readers can tell embarrassing and funny experiences.
  • Kreatif: This page is filled with an art suggestion each week. It has been put there since Kreatif Magazines (by Kompas Gramedia Group) was not published anymore.
  • Potret Negeriku (The Portrait Of My Nation), features about specific parts of Indonesia.
  • Keliling Dunia (Travel Around the World) is somehow like Potret Negeriku, but specifies on a place outside Indonesia.

There are several yearly events organized by Bobo magazine in Indonesia and is held at Jakarta and Surabaya: Bobo Fair, which has fun activities meant for the readers, and Operet Bobo, which is held every year until it was discontinued and joined with the Bobo Fair.

In 2010 the magazine was completely renewed and in 2012, Bobo magazine Indonesia launched Bobo Online, the Indonesian magazine's official website.

Bobo (Swedish comics)

Bobo is a Swedish comic strip, created by Lars Mortimer, published periodically between 1978-1990.

The main character is the eponymous " troll bear", encountering adventures in the forest, and occasionally the town nearby.

He is fond of sandwiches with cucumbers, and always carries around his "flaxkikare", (lit. akin to "flash binoculars"), a pair of binoculars which could transport the user to the area looked at.

"Bobo" had his own magazine from 1978 to 1989. A spin-off character, "Gnuttarna", later had their own magazine.

Bobo (Italian comics)

Bobo is the title character of an eponym Italian comic strip created in 1979 by Sergio Staino. It was referred as a symbol of a whole generation.

The first comic strip of Bobo was created October 10, 1979 and was published in Linus in December of the same year. The comics later appeared in a large number of magazines and newspapers, including L'Unità, Il Corriere della Sera, Il Venerdì di Repubblica, Il Messaggero, L'espresso, Panorama, Cuore, TV Sorrisi e Canzoni.

The comic strip is pretty autobiographical, and the title character, a middle-aged former Communist average man struggling with family, politics and hobbies, is a self-portrait of the same author.

The same Staino starred in a live-action transposition of the comics, hosted in a segment of the television variety Drive In, in the 1984/1985 season.

Bobo (surname)

Bobo is the surname of:

  • Elizabeth Bobo (born 1943), American politician
  • Holly Bobo, American murder victim - see Holly Bobo murder case
  • Hubert Bobo (born 1934), American football player
  • J.B. Bobo (1910–1996), American magician
  • Jonah Bobo (born 1997), American child actor
  • John P. Bobo (1943–1967), American military officer
  • Matthew Bobo (born 1977), American soccer player
  • Mike Bobo (born 1974), American football coach
  • Orlando Bobo (1974–2007), American football player
  • Roger Bobo (born 1938), American tuba player
  • Rosalvo Bobo, Haitian politician leader of opposition to U.S.-backed president Vilbrun Guillaume Sam during the 1915 United States occupation of Haiti
  • Salha "Mama" Bobo, Syrian-American Jewish businesswoman
  • Sireli Bobo (born 1976), Fijian rugby player
  • Willie Bobo (1934–1983), American jazz percussionist
Bobo (nickname)

Bobo is a nickname for:

  • Bobo Baldé (born 1975), Guinean footballer
  • Bobo Bergström (born 1964), Swedish chef and restaurateur
  • Eric "Bobo" Correa (born 1968), percussionist performing with Cypress Hill, Cultura Londres Proyecto, Sol Invicto, and the Beastie Boys
  • Bobo Craxi (born 1964), Italian politician
  • Bobo Faulkner (1941–2014), British model and television presenter in Australia
  • Bobo Holloman (1923-1987), American Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Bobo Jenkins (1916–1984), American blues guitarist, singer and songwriter
  • Bobo Lewis (1926–1998), American actress
  • Bobo Newsom (1907–1962), American Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Bobo Olson (1928–2002), American boxer and world middleweight champion
  • Bobo Osborne (1935–2011), American Major League Baseball player
  • Charles "Bobo" Shaw (born 1947), American free jazz drummer
  • Bobô (footballer, born 1985) (born 1985), Brazilian footballer Deivson Rogério da Silva
  • José Claudeon dos Santos (born 1982), known as Bobô, Brazilian footballer
  • Raimundo Nonato Tavares da Silva (born 1962), known as Bobô, Brazilian footballer
  • Bobo Stenson (born 1944), Swedish jazz pianist
  • Emmett Till (1941–1955), an African-American whose murder energized the American civil rights movement
  • Christian Vieri (born 1973), Italian footballer
Bobo (Olamide song)

"Bobo" is a song by Nigerian rapper and recording artist Olamide off his fifth studio album Eyan Mayweather. Produced by Young Jonn, the song was released on May 2, 2015 through YBNL Nation. "Bobo" was nominated in the "Song of The Year" category at The Headies 2015.

Bobo (J Balvin song)

"Bobo" is a song performed by Colombian singer J Balvin, released as the second single by Universal Music on May 13, 2016 for his fourth studio album Energía.

Usage examples of "bobo".

It was the anesthetist who had slapped Bobo to consciousness after the operation.

Rubinstein had wanted his to be the first face Bobo saw, except for the nurses.

The puppeteer in the next room, watching through a screen, made Bobo bend at the waist and tilt his head.

The microhydraulics were very weak, and Bobo, somehow, was finding the strength to resist them.

There was a steady parade of prisoners against whom Bobo had grievances, both real and imagined.

Sami, from the Garden of the Clones, who had prevented Bobo from drowning the houri.

But Ismail was able to gloss over the failures by immediately occupying Bobo with another victim.

The immediate pressure was off now that Bobo had shown himself, but Rubinstein was all too aware that the period of grace would be short.

But he spent every possible minute with Bobo, cementing his influence, and in the end he was satisfied that his strategy was working.

The bad ones were made to look outrageously badand sometimes, not often, Bobo would perversely gravitate toward them, but that was a risk that had to be taken.

As Rubinstein summarized the position papers aloud, Bobo had merely to say yes or no, or make a multiple choiceand the rewards of decision were always manifest and prompt.

Rubinstein tried to show him how much the orbital extravaganzas cost the Palace exchequer in terms of its annual budget, but when he saw that Bobo was becoming bored, he wisely stopped.

He turned quickly to Bobo and even then might have saved the day, but Ismail was quicker.

With the Emir gone and the as-yet unhorsey Bobo taking his place, there was nobody around to care whether or not the project to clone an al-Janah variant went forward or not.

I guessed that if the little one was Orchid, the big one might be Bobo Rigmus.