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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The two groups have a long history of bloodshed.
▪ A massive security clamp down aimed at restoring order resulted in major bloodshed, particularly in the capital, Baku.
▪ Ephialtes was assassinated by a Boiotian, hired by his enemies - the last political bloodshed in Athens for fifty years.
▪ He won the nomination early and with minimal bloodshed.
▪ In any democracy, a government can commit its people to certain bloodshed only if it believes it has their support.
▪ In parliament, Mr Rabin's Labour Party defeated by 50 votes to 41 a right-wing no-confidence motion prompted by the bloodshed.
▪ The news comes as thousands of members of one faction crowded on to ships in a bid to escape more bloodshed.
▪ Would there be bloodshed if and when they pulled out?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bloodshed \Blood"shed`\, n. [Blood + shed] The shedding or spilling of blood; slaughter; the act of shedding human blood, or taking life, as in war, riot, or murder.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also blood-shed, c.1500, "the shedding of (one's) blood," from verbal phrase (attested in late Old English), from blood (n.) + shed (v.). The sense of "slaughter" is much older (early 13c., implied in bloodshedding).


n. 1 The shedding or spilling of blood. 2 A slaughter; destruction of life, notably on a large scale. 3 (context obsolete English) The shedding of one's own blood; specifically, the death of Christ. 4 (context obsolete English) A bloodshot condition or appearance; an effusion of blood in the eye.

  1. n. the shedding of blood resulting in murder; "he avenged the blood of his kinsmen" [syn: blood, gore]

  2. indiscriminate slaughter [syn: bloodbath, bloodletting, battue]

Bloodshed (album)

Bloodshed is an album from the death metal band Krisiun. It includes half of the Unmerciful Order EP, as well as eight new tracks (including interludes). Though sometimes considered a compilation, or an EP, the band considers Bloodshed to be an album.

The album was released under the license of Scarecrow Records in 2004, and despite its length, it was wrongly marketed as an EP. Tracks 1–7 and 12 were recorded at Da Tribo Studios, produced by Krisiun and Ciero, and the songs 8–11 were taken from the Unmerciful Order EP released in 1993.

Bloodshed (comics)

Bloodshed (real name Wyndell Dichinson) is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. It is also the name of a supervillain in Marvel's Razorline imprint, as well as a character in comics from an acquired company, Malibu Comics.


Bloodshed or may refer to:

  • Violence, generally
  • Bloodshed (comics), a supervillain in the Marvel Universe
  • Bloodshed (film), a 2005 film directed by Jim McMahon
  • Blood Shed (2008 film), a 2008 short horror film directed by Jason Shipley
  • Blood Shed (2014 film), a 2014 horror film directed by Patrick Hasson and Juan Carlos Saizarbitoria
  • Bloodshed (album), 2004 compilation album by Krisiun
  • "Bloodshed" (song), a 2013 song by Soulfly
  • Bloodshed Software, the developers of Dev-C++
Bloodshed (film)

Bloodshed is a 2005 United States horror film by Jim McMahon based on a script by Jim McMahon and Michael Victor Roy, featuring Íce Mrozek, Christopher Childs and Shana Lee Klisanin. In this movie, two mentally unbalanced brothers become the prime suspects in a murder.

Bloodshed (song)

"Bloodshed" is a Soulfly song, played as the first track of the latest Soulfly album Savages. "Bloodshed" is the first Soulfly single released by the band's new label, Nuclear Blast (previously Roadrunner). This song premiered on the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show on August 6, 2013, two days before single was officially released.

Max Cavalera and his son Igor Cavalera Jr. wrote and sing this song together. Igor's punk vocals satisfied Max by explaining to Metal Exiles, "I needed a punk vocalist for the chorus and I was missing a punk vocalist to go with my vocals for the chorus. I knew Igor had a great punk voice so I called him because I knew it would be cool to sing with my son on the song."

Bloodshed (band)

Bloodshed was a Christian hardcore band established in the early 1990s. The band released a demo in 1993 and two EPs through Solid State Records. The band formed in 1992 with the original lineup of Jason Fleetwood, Sean Stopnik, Jonathan Caro, Justice Gulmatico, and John Kittrel. In 1997, the band changed their name to Slingshot David, but disbanded six months later.

Usage examples of "bloodshed".

By the beginning of 1915 they had accumulated a sufficient mass of evidence from the belligerent countries to convince them that great masses of people in these countries were as amazed and as anxious to end the widening bloodshed and brutalization as the neutral onlookers.

World War broke down many of the inhibitions of violence and bloodshed that had been built up during the progressive years of the nineteenth century and an accumulating number of intelligent, restless unemployed men, in a new world of motor-cars, telephones, plate-glass shop windows, unbarred country houses and trustful social habits, found themselves faced with illegal opportunities far more attractive than any legal behaviour-system now afforded them.

There might be a great deal of bloodshed before it ended, but most of the blood would be Medusan, not Manticoran, and the most likely upshot would be a powerful, permanent military presence on Medusa in place of the lightly-armed NPA troopers now stationed there.

The inevitable, plunging fall into bloodshed came presaged by refigured horror, as the intertwined ribbons of conscious life shivered to the blast of a war horn, mustering men to take arms.

It was very distressed to learn that the bureaucracy it had served had become the tool of a dictatorship, and was completely in favor of overthrowing the Protector, provided that it could be done with very little bloodshed.

Nazi leader Ludendorff now proposed a plan of his own that might still bring them victory and yet avoid bloodshed.

If anyone tells you that the arrow of recision is just a trick to reduce bloodshed .

What law has sanctioned a warfor one life, when no bloodshed was sought at Etarra?

It was too far back to Aberdeen to expect to be able to ride for assistance, enough assistance that the raiders, girl and all, might be captured without bloodshed.

I sighed and rubbed my face, willing the vision of Akkadian bloodshed to dispel.

He too wishes a settlement could be reached- to put an end to the bloodshed.

To Bima the causeway people were not a last stand, but a place for a decisive stroke to end the bloodshed.

The nearest approach to a truly Socialist state is Bolshevist Russia, that strife-ridden land of crime and bloodshed.

Before a second fusillade from either side, strenuous efforts by both Wheat and the commander of the South Carolinian skirmishers prevented any more bloodshed.

Oh, it is one continual, awful period of bloodshed from the time we break the shell until we gladly embrace the bosom of the river of mystery, the dark and ancient Iss which carries us to an unknown, but at least no more frightful and terrible existence!