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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Both men know the only way ahead to avoid a national racial bloodbath is to get together and start talking again.
▪ Clark was named by police as they launched a manhunt following the bloodbath in the market town of Melksham, Wilts.
▪ Our decision to back Tito led to our ally Mihailovich's execution and today's Yugoslav bloodbath.
▪ Political leaders claim to be fed up with big-budget bloodbaths, but market forces are blowing the other way.
▪ The eighteen-month bloodbath that ensued took place in inhabited areas, not in the hinterlands.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

bloodbath \blood"bath`\ n.

  1. Indiscriminate slaughter; the killing of multiple persons.

    Syn: bloodletting, bloodshed, battue.

  2. [fig.] Substantial losses by many people, as in a mass termination of employment or widespread financial loss; as, the sudden market drop created a bloodbath among overoptimistic investors.


n. indiscriminate killing or slaughter, a massacre.


n. indiscriminate slaughter [syn: bloodletting, bloodshed, battue]


Bloodbath is a Swedish death metal supergroup from Stockholm, formed in 1998. The band has released four full-length albums, two EPs and two DVDs depicting their performances at Wacken Open Air (in 2005) and Bloodstock Open Air (in 2010). The group comprises Martin Axenrot ( Opeth), Anders Nyström ( Katatonia), Jonas Renkse (Katatonia), Nick Holmes ( Paradise Lost), and Per Eriksson, who was previously the guitar technician for both Bloodbath and Katatonia.

Bloodbath (band)
Bloodbath (disambiguation)

Bloodbath is a Swedish death-metal group from Stockholm.

Bloodbath may also refer to:

  • Mass murder
  • Massacre, an indiscriminate killing or slaughter
  • Blood Bath, a 1966 horror thriller directed by Jack Hil and Stephanie Rothman
  • Bloodbath, the UK title for the 1971 Italian horror thriller directed by Mario Bava, Twitch of the Death Nerve
  • The 1945 VFL Grand Final, an Australian rules football game commonly known as "the Bloodbath" due to the brawls and violence which occurred during the game
  • Bloodbath (NCIS), a 2006 episode of NCIS
  • Bloodbath at the House of Death, a British horror comedy
  • The Stockholm Bloodbath, a massacre in Stockholm in November 1520
  • The Linköping Bloodbath, a massacre of the defeated advisers of King Sigismund

Usage examples of "bloodbath".

And while he wandered, blind and stumbling, mewling, the Akkadian general ordered a bloodbath.

Just today you had an article about a car accident on the Beltway where five people got killed, but you never said it was a bloodbath.

Like the initiate to Mithraism the human race has need, perhaps, of a periodical bloodbath and descent into the grave.

The bloodbath in Berlin was instigated by a group that included jokers, aces, and nats, and we would do well to remember that and remind the world of it forcefully.

Green had been committed here around the time of Election Day, plagued by psychological troubles - posttraumatic stress from the Pentagon Towers bloodbath.

The bloodbath would make headlines worldwide, putting a minor dent in our tourist trade.

The recent bloodbath among online content peddlers and digital media proselytisers can be traced to two deadly sins.

But the Emperor had insisted this would be a totally secure operation, which meant only Poyndex and his own personal IS staff were even aware of the bloodbath to come.

Yet a bloodbath of unusual proportions has taken place in the last few months.

The Miraculous Conversion By: Sam Vaknin hyperlink The recent bloodbath among online content peddlers and digital media proselytisers can be traced to two deadly sins.

Some analysts blame the recent bloodbath on a dearth of good content and wrong pricing.

When it turned out to be true, the sheriff got more than an earful from the governor and there was a bloodbath in the papers.

It was always possible that a bloodbath on Medusa would be grist for the Liberal/Progressive mill and wake such revulsion in Parliament as to enable the anti-annexationists to finally get Manticore entirely off the planet.

In the Book of Kings we have those utterly monstrous bloodbaths accomplished in the name, of course, of Yahweh by Elijah and Elisha.

This is what they produced: "reeducation" camps, political prisoners, and gruesome bloodbaths as Communists swept through Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.