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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The police identified the girl from a birthmark on her leg.
▪ Did he have a birthmark there?
▪ He had a star-shaped birthmark, and so was pronounced lucky.
▪ Now the vital laser needed to treat children with disfiguring birthmarks is already installed at the Ulster Hospital at Dundonald.
▪ Patients were told they would just have to live with the birthmarks.
▪ Please help little Jenny At last there's hope for the many hundreds of children whose lives are made a misery by birthmarks.
▪ Scar tissue all right; a birthmark she'd had removed in early teens in case it turned malignant.
▪ The subject of International Relations grew out of this intellectual and political setting; and it bore the birthmarks of its origins.
▪ You like a beer, sweet thing with a birthmark?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Birthmark \Birth"mark`\, n. Some peculiar mark or blemish on the body at birth.

Most part of this noble lineage carried upon their body for a natural birthmark, . . . a snake.
--Sir T. North.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also birth-mark, by 1805, from birth (n.) + mark (n.1). Birth marks in 17c. could be longing marks; supposedly they showed the image of something longed for by the mother while expecting. Related: Birthmarked.


n. A mark on the skin formed before birth.


n. a blemish on the skin formed before birth [syn: nevus]


A birthmark is a benign irregularity on the skin which is present at birth or appears shortly after birth, usually in the first month. They can occur anywhere on the skin. Birthmarks are caused by overgrowth of blood vessels, melanocytes, smooth muscle, fat, fibroblasts, or keratinocytes.

Dermatologists divide birthmarks into two types. Pigmented birthmarks caused by excess skin pigment cells include moles, café au lait spots, and Mongolian spots. Vascular birthmarks (also called red birthmarks) are caused by increased blood vessels and include macular stains (salmon patches), hemangiomas, and Port-wine stains. A little over 1 in 10 babies have a vascular birthmark present by age 1. Several birthmark types are part of the group of skin lesions known as nevi or naevi, which means "birthmarks" in Latin.

The exact cause of most birthmarks is unknown, but vascular birthmarks are not hereditary. They are thought to occur as a result of a localized imbalance in factors controlling the development and migration of skin cells.

Birthmark (band)

Birthmark are a pop electro band from Athens, initially formed in 2001 under the name Cuore Nero.

Birthmark (disambiguation)

A birthmark is a blemish on the skin formed before birth.

Birthmark may also refer to:

  • "Birthmarks" (House), an episode of the television series House
  • " The Birth-Mark", a romantic short story written by Nathaniel Hawthorne in 1846
  • Birthmark is the pseudonym of Nate Kinsella, an American musician
Birthmark (album)

Birthmark is an album by Danish jazz saxophonist Lotte Anker with two Portuguese members of the RED Trio, pianist Rodrigo Pinheiro and double bassist Hernani Faustino. Anker played at Lisbon in 2012 with Fred Frith and Ikue Mori, and Pinheiro invited her to play on this record session. The album was released on the Portuguese Clean Feed label.

Usage examples of "birthmark".

That is the birthmark of one of the oldest and most respected of Carpathian families.

There was mention of hockey and one page with a cartoonish image of Olie Swain, recognizable by the dark smudge of his birthmark, doing a flip on skates.

My mother told me that those with the vesica piscis birthmark have different metaphysical talents.

I said to the medical student, you must not see a lot of birthmarks around here.

Roman found the heart-shaped birthmark on the inside of her upper thigh and gently traced it with his fingertip, then kissed it, then tasted her, teased he rand f-nally, raised his body over hers and pushed into her with one hard, luscious lunge that sent her over the edge of ecstasy.

At one point, when it appeared some of the women might be raped, the conductor had appealed to the man with the birthmark to intervene.

The heart-shaped birthmark was not as distinct in the tangle of his unshaven whiskers.

He pointed with his other hand to an odd, bright red birthmark, then gently laid the forearm back upon the ground before returning to the princess.

On my right foot is a birthmark that my father jokes looks like a dark red Australia with a little New Zealand right next to it.

Shadow sat in a chilly office, facing a short man with a port-wine birthmark on his forehead.

There was Birthmark Sweetlocks, who was known to have been present at the killing of the logwood-cutters, so that his hideous scarlet disfigurement was put down by the fanciful as being a red afterglow from that great crime.

Copley Banks was chosen captain, but, as there are no mates upon a pirate craft, Birthmark Sweetlocks became quartermaster, and Israel Martin the boatswain.

There were the two captains, Birthmark Sweetlocks, Ned Galloway, and Israel Martin, the old buccaneers-man.

It did not hide her crimson birthmark, which splashed across the right side of her forehead and eyebrow.

Vicious lacerations on her pale skin, as if her unique birthmark had spread to cover all of her face.