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skin cell

n. any of the cells making up the skin

Usage examples of "skin cell".

Since genes control the chemical functioning of a cell, why is it, then, that your skin cell can't do the work of a heart cell.

The skin cell looming large on the projection screen contained the complete genetic code for Seth Parsigian.

He moved aside, and his colleague moved into place and began to run over the surfaces with what looked to be a standard sort of skin cell- and fiber-collecting hand-vac.

But with me, if there's a sudden need for heart tissue, the skin cell converts into heart tissue.

Life is intimately entwined with death, as you can observe every time a skin cell is sloughed off.

If something as small as a skin cell came into contact with the stuff the explosion would be formidable.

While he watched, it invaded a stray skin cell, piercing the cell wall with ease.

A mutation in a DNA molecule within a chromosome of a skin cell in my index finger has no influence on heredity.

Sweepers didn't find a fricking skin cell that wasn't accounted for.