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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Secondly, evolutionary biologists have tested their theories by searching for expected patterns of behaviour across different human cultures.
▪ Again and again in recent years evolutionary biologists have found themselves returning to the theme of parasites.
▪ Food for thought on a wet day for both the developmental and evolutionary biologist.
▪ In the 1970s evolutionary biologists realized that species do not change much.
▪ She had early ambitions to be a marine biologist, and always claimed that lack of formal educational opportunity prevented her.
▪ In the past few years, marine biologists have observed a jump in whale sightings in places not previously considered prime habitat.
▪ In another we see the same man, older, studiously working over a microscope as a marine biologist.
▪ Both started as marine biologists, and in Cambridge both worked on animals and plants.
▪ Conclusion Future advances will depend largely on molecular biologists and palaeontologists, although no data-source should be neglected.
▪ Recently, John Fagin, an internationally recognized molecular biologist and former genetic engineer from Fairfield, Iowa, made a stand.
▪ These databases are distributed to molecular biologists throughout the world, reaching a user community of some 10,000 researchers.
▪ The leader of the molecular biologists is Harris Bernstein of the University of Arizona.
▪ From the viewpoint of a molecular biologist, the distance between us seems to decrease as our knowledge increases.
▪ Keith, by training and inclination, is a cell biologist.
▪ Cantor, who was pushing sixty, had an international reputation as a cell biologist.
▪ Fitzhugh, other experts and wildlife biologists gathered at a special conference last week in San Diego.
▪ At the upper viewing area, Parks and Wildlife biologists are present seven nights a week to answer questions.
▪ Cantor, who was pushing sixty, had an international reputation as a cell biologist.
▪ In turn it means that adaptive evolution may be faster than biologists had thought.
▪ It could lead to changes in the way biologists monitor the species, as well as efforts to boost the dwindling population.
▪ Keiko suffers from skin lesions, malnutrition and a weak immune system, biologists say.
▪ Many birds follow the first object they see, be it parent or biologist, and take it as a role model.
▪ Many distasteful insects have bright coloration which, so biologists suppose, has evolved as a protection against predators.
▪ That would be a hard assertion to make, since their own biologists have already suggested hundreds of miles.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Biologist \Bi*ol"o*gist\, n. A student of biology; one versed in the science of biology.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1813, from biology + -ist. Earliest use is in reference to human life. In modern scientific sense, by 1874.


n. A student of biology; one versed in the science of biology.


n. (biology) a scientist who studies living organisms [syn: life scientist]


A biologist, or biological scientist, is a scientist who studies living organisms, often in the context of their environment. Biologists involved in fundamental research attempt to explore and further explain the underlying mechanisms that govern the functioning of organisms. Biologists involved in applied research attempt to develop or improve more specific processes and understanding, in fields such as medicine, industry and agriculture.

While "biologist" can apply to any scientist studying biology, most biologists research and specialise in specific fields. In this way, biologists investigate large-scale organism interactions ( ecology), whole multicellular organisms, organs, tissues, cells, and small-scale cellular and molecular processes. Other biologists study less direct aspects of life, such as phylogeny and evolution.

As with other scientists, biologists conduct research based on the scientific method, with hypothesis formation, experimentation and documentation of methods and data.

There are many types of biologists. Some work on microorganisms while others study multicellular organisms. There is much overlap between different fields of biology such as botany, zoology, microbiology, genetics and evolutionary biology, and it is often difficult to classify a biologist as only one of them. Many jobs in biology as a field require an academic degree. A Ph.D. or its equivalent is generally required to direct independent research, and involves a specialization in a specific area of biology. Many biological scientists work in research and development. Some conduct fundamental research to advance our knowledge of living organisms, including bacteria and other pathogens. This research enhances understanding and adds to the scientific database of literature. Furthermore, it often aids the development of solutions to problems in areas such as human health and the natural environment. These biological scientists mostly work in government, university, and private industry laboratories. Many expand on specialized research that they started in post-graduate qualifications, such as a PhD.

Usage examples of "biologist".

Henry Ogden, the fifty-year-old Harvard biologist, looked surprised to find her there.

The biologist grabbed a flashlight from a stack near the door, flicked it on, and aimed past the cluttered entrance hall to the dark passages beyond.

It snapped blindly at the biologist, coming within inches of his fingers.

The biologist would occasionally rub at the frosted glass of a tank with the cuff of his sleeve, peer inside, and mutter.

Matt finally realized the tension wearing at the biologist, close to breaking him.

The biologist nodded his head and muttered that it was hardly right to call a spaceship after a star that had perished.

Together with them two astronomers, the geologist, biologist, physician and four engineers departed into temporary forgetful-ness.

Those present obeyed him in silence and Nisa gave the biologist a smile, triumphant, despite the hopelessness of the moment.

The biologist, the geologist and the physician prepared a reconnaissance robot, the mechanics adjusted the landing locators and searchlights and got ready a rocket satellite that would transmit a message to Earth.

The irrepressible biologist, however, had managed to take a sample of the, air.

The commander and the biologist sat at her feet on the round ledge formed by the base of the turret.

At the base of the feelers the biologist noticed huge bladders that glowed inside and seemed to be transmitting the star-like flashes along them.

Nisa leaned towards the biologist, who sat beside her deep in thought, carried away in his mind to the far distant planet that was his, to that dear planet where nature had been harnessed by man.

The biologist had adapted an infrared screen and could follow the movements of the jelly-fish.

The biologist held his hand out towards the switch but Kay Bear held it back.