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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bear \Bear\, Bere \Bere\ (b[=e]r), n. [AS. bere. See Barley.] (Bot.) Barley; the six-rowed barley or the four-rowed barley, commonly the former ( Hordeum hexastichon or Hordeum vulgare). [Obs. except in North of Eng. and Scot.]


Bere \Bere\ (b[=e]r), v. t. [Cf. OIcel. berja to strike.] To pierce. [Obs.]


Bere \Bere\, n. See Bear, barley. [Scot.]


n. (context chiefly Scotland English) barley, especially (vern: six-rowed barley).

Bere (grain)

Bere, pronounced "bear," is a six-row barley currently cultivated mainly on 5-15 hectares of land in Orkney, Scotland. It is also grown on Shetland, Caithness and on a very small scale by a few crofters on some of the Western Isles, i.e. North Uist, Benbecula, South Uist, Islay and Barra. It is probably Britain's oldest cereal in continuous commercial cultivation.

Bere is a landrace adapted to growing on soils of a low pH and to a short growing season with long hours of daylight, as found in the high latitudes of northern Scotland. It is sown in the spring and harvested in the summer. Because of its very rapid growth rate it is sown late but is often the first crop to be harvested. It is known locally as "the 90-day barley."

Bere (surname)

Bere is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Jason Bere (born 1971), former Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Justin Bere, British architect
  • Rennie Montague Bere (1907–1991), British mountaineer, naturalist and nature conservationist
  • Richard Beere or Bere (died 1524), English Benedictine abbot of Glastonbury, diplomat and scholar
  • Thomas Bere (disambiguation)

Usage examples of "bere".

Archers from the New Forest and the Forest of Bere, billmen from the pleasant country which is watered by the Stour, the Avon, and the Itchen, young cavaliers from the ancient Hampshire houses, all were pushing for Christchurch to take service under the banner of the five scarlet roses.

It was but the other day, upon the feasts of the blessed Simon and Jude, that he slew my younger brother William in Bere Forest--for which, by the black thorn of Glastonbury!

The khepri in Armada, like those in New Crobuzon, must be descendants of refugees from the Mercy Ships, worshipping what was left, what they rememBered, of the Bered Kai Nev pantheon.

The prisoners could be put aboard a ship, with provisions, and pointed in the direction of Bered Kai Nev.

Petersburg some thirty thousand folios on the Bering expedition to America.

Leo Stejneger of the Smithsonian, Washington, for facts gathered on the very spot where Bering perished.

To Vitus Bering, the Dane, Peter gave the commission for the exploration of the waters between Asia and America.

As a sailor, Bering had, of course, been on the borders of the Pacific.

Lawrence Island, but the fog hung like a blanket over the sea as they passed through the waters now known as Bering Straits.

There was nothing for Bering but to retire in ignominy or prove his conclusions.

When they built a fort of their own outside, he set himself to tantalize the two Danes, Bering and Spanberg, knouting their men, sending coureurs with false accusations against Bering to St.

That was the question the officers accompanying Bering asked themselves as the white peaks of Kamchatka faded on the offing.

If the worst came, could Bering hold his men with those tied hands of his?

Without warning, contrary to his custom of consulting the other officers, Bering appeared on deck pallid and ashen from disease, and peremptorily ordered anchors up.

But what baffled both Bering and the officers was the fact that the coast trended, not north, but south.