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Andrea is a given name which is common worldwide, cognate to Andreas and Andrew.

It is traditionally popular because, according to the Christian Bible, Saint Andrew was one of the earliest disciples of Jesus and one of the twelve Apostles.

Andrea (disambiguation)

Andrea is a given name common in many parts of the world.

Andrea may also refer to:

Andrea (The Sunrays album)

Andrea is the one and only album released by The Sunrays. The album was released in 1966 under Tower Records. The album included the band's three hits, " I Live for the Sun", "Andrea", and "Still".

Andrea (genus)

Andrea is a genus of the botanical family Bromeliaceae.

Andrea (film)

Andrea is a 1973 Argentine musical comedy film directed by Carlos Rinaldi and written by Ulises Petit de Murat.

Andrea (Andrea Bocelli album)

Andrea is the tenth studio album released by Andrea Bocelli, in 2004. This album, being Bocelli's fifth pop release, peaked at number 1 on the Dutch Albums Top 100, stayed on that chart for 33 weeks, and ended up being certified Gold. The song "L'Attesa" was written by Italian singer Mango.

Andrea (Bulgarian singer)

Teodora Rumenova Andreeva (born January 23, 1987), best known by her stage nameAndrea (Cyrillic: Андреа), is a Bulgarian pop-folk singer. She and the Romanian singer Costi Ionita performed together and released music as Sahara. In 2013 BBC News described her as a "pop-folk superstar".

Andrea (Andrea album)

Andrea (Bulgarian:Андреа) is the third album of Bulgarian singer Andrea. It includes 12 songs. The album was released on 20 December 2010 and the promotion of it was the next day in Sin City Club in Sofia, Bulgaria. The promotion was broadcast on Planeta TV.

Andrea (The Walking Dead)

Andrea Harrison is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is portrayed by Laurie Holden in the American television series of the same name. The character was created by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore, and debuted in ''The Walking Dead ''#2 in 2003. In both mediums, she and her younger sister are among a group of survivors near Atlanta, Georgia.

In the comic book series, Andrea is a 25-year-old law firm clerk who develops from an insecure and inexperienced young woman into a mature and hardened warrior, having killed more than any other character. She forms a relationship and raises a short-lived family with moral compass Dale, while becoming the group's primary sharpshooter and, later, a main instigator in the war against the infamous tyrant, Negan. During this event, her grief brings her closer to group leader Rick Grimes, with whom she becomes romantically involved thereafter, also becoming a surrogate mother to Carl, who begins calling her "mom." She is currently one of the comic book's longest-living characters.

In the television series, Andrea is ten years older, and a former successful civil rights attorney who forms a good relationship with moral center, Dale Horvath. Her grief over her sister's loss causes her to attempt suicide. Robert Kirkman assured this would initiate her transformation into the "fearless sharpshooter," mirroring her comic book counterpart, although the character's motivations shift after other significant changes advance the story. In the series' third season, the direction of the character drastically changes even further and her primary story arc involves the character being caught in the conflict between Rick and The Governor.

For her performance as Andrea, Holden received favorable reviews, although the character's story arc in the third season was not well received. She was nominated for several awards including the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress on Television in 2010. She would later win the award in 2013.