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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The little man was ambling along in the middle of the street, looking around him with an expression of keen interest.
▪ You describe the trains as ambling along branch-line style.
▪ The men were ambling along, stopping every now and then for rests, biding time until their turn came round.
▪ Having nothing better to do on a blustery Sunday, I decided to amble along on one.
▪ People ambled along, indulging in the local pastime of frustrating car drivers who had the temerity to attempt a breakthrough.
▪ I amble over to Odd-Knut to ask a few dumb questions.
▪ When she saw where I was sitting she pushed her hands in her coat pockets and ambled over on her shaky heels.
▪ He ambled over to the nearest tree - happily some metres from where I stood hidden, and turned towards the tower.
▪ Heaving his body up to his feet he left his cool sanctuary and ambled over towards them.
▪ We parked downhill from the cottage and ambled over to the top of the falls.
▪ A pathway ambles up beside art galleries and chic boutiques to the domed church.
▪ C.-They ambled up the crowded tunnel, one after the other, their eyes as lifeless as their team.
▪ An old man appeared from behind the house and ambled across the yard.
▪ Cecil was ambling along as usual without a care in the world.
▪ One of the horses, a white one, slowly ambled towards me.
▪ From Ggantija we ambled down to Ramla Bay and then climbed up old terraces.
▪ He ambled towards us smirking, tapping a packet of air-mail envelopes on his palm.
▪ Paul ambles out of the shed,. 22 rifle in hand.
▪ The little man was ambling along in the middle of the street, looking around him with an expression of keen interest.
▪ The reason may be that they charge up the hill while their elders amble.
▪ The task force couldn't allow the elephants to spend a year ambling through a crowded settlement.
▪ They watched me until certain I was heading another direction and then ambled on into the cover of trees.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Amble \Am"ble\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Ambled; p. pr. & vb. n. Ambling.] [F. ambler to amble, fr. L. ambulare to walk, in LL., to amble, perh. fr. amb-, ambi-, and a root meaning to go: cf. Gr. ? to go, E. base. Cf. Ambulate.]

  1. To go at the easy gait called an amble; -- applied to the horse or to its rider.

  2. To move somewhat like an ambling horse; to go easily or without hard shocks.

    The skipping king, he ambled up and down.

    Sir, your wit ambles well; it goes easily.


Amble \Am"ble\, n.

  1. A peculiar gait of a horse, in which both legs on the same side are moved at the same time, alternating with the legs on the other side. ``A fine easy amble.''
    --B. Jonson.

  2. A movement like the amble of a horse.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 14c., from Old French ambler "walk as a horse does," from Latin ambulare "to walk, to go about, take a walk," perhaps a compound of ambi- "around" (see ambi-) and -ulare, from PIE root *el- "to go" (cognates: Greek ale "wandering," alaomai "wander about;" Latvian aluot "go around or astray"). Until 1590s used only of horses or persons on horseback. Related: Ambled; ambling. As a noun, from late 14c.


n. 1 An unhurried leisurely walk or stroll. 2 An easy gait, especially that of a horse (as above). vb. 1 (context intransitive English) To stroll or walk slowly and leisurely. 2 (context intransitive English) Of a horse: to move along by using both legs on one side, and then the other.


n. a leisurely walk (usually in some public place) [syn: promenade, ramble, saunter, stroll, perambulation]


v. walk leisurely [syn: mosey]


Amble is a town, civil parish and seaport on the North Sea coast of Northumberland, England. It lies at the mouth of the River Coquet, and the nearby Coquet Island is visible from its beaches and harbour. The civil parish is called Amble by the Sea, and in 2001 had a population of 6,044, reducing slightly to 6,025 at the 2011 Census.

Amble (disambiguation)

Amble is a seaport town on the North Sea coast in Northumberland, England.

Amble may also refer to:

  • Amble, Michigan, a small village in the U.S. state of Michigan
  • Chapel Amble, a small hamlet in Cornwall, England
  • Lars Amble (born 1938), Swedish actor and director
  • Ambling gaits, any of a number of four-beat intermediate gaits for horses, faster than a walk but usually slower than a canter or gallop
  • Michele Bachmann (born 1956 as Michele Amble), American politician

Usage examples of "amble".

The horses began to amble again, this time a little faster, as if they knew there had almost been trouble and wanted to leave the place of it behind.

And they were still more astonished when they saw him amble over to them when he reached the ground.

Abraham Amble had been lord of his wife in the water, but his innings was over.

Her tear continued to grow, eventually gaining enough weight to amble down her cheek.

The ka-tet ambled back toward the rectory, riding four abreast, feeling every town eye that watched them go: death on horseback.

His head was still bowed as he edged away from her and ambled down a narrow passageway.

Puzzling over this farmhold, surely the strangest he had seen, Taran drew closer, dismounted, and as he did so a tall figure ambled from the shed and made his way toward the companions.

As they ambled along, Taran caught his foot on a jutting edge of stone and he tumbled head over heels.

Some of the other cabbies and hustlers had ambled over to see what was happening.

She ambled away from the door to give the dried-out bodies a closer look.

She started to wave to the detective but a cluster of people ambled between them and she lost sight of him.

Pitts watched me for a few minutes, then picked up a bucket and ambled into the ladies room, his motives unknown.

Camps were hurriedly struck and horses saddled, then the entire forceeight thousand Ravensbundmen and three thousand Acharitesfell into file behind the great bear as she ambled along, grunting to herself and occasionally pausing to scratch the ruff of her neck.

She rose and stretched, her grunts waking the entire camp, and ambled towards the forest.

Carrying three of the children, Nila the elephant ambled past with her trunk curled around a bundle of hay.