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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A new HK$350m seaport is also planned and there will be a second bridge linking Taipa with the Macao mainland.
▪ Coal could only be mined where coal existed; great seaports had to have good natural harbors.
▪ Downstream lies Freemantle, the seaport with restored colonial-style Victorian buildings.
▪ For centuries a seaport - today the harbour is still a haven for yachtsmen, fishing boats and pleasure cruisers.
▪ For the closing of the Southern seaports, ships must be built.
▪ Puerto Catarina served as a seaport for an onyx mine and village called El Marmol 50 miles inland.
▪ Steers's dock laid the foundation of Liverpool's prosperity as a seaport.
▪ They took larger boats, had fewer engineering problems and provided good links to the northern seaports.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Seaport \Sea"port`\ (s[=e]"p[=o]rt`), n. A port on the seashore, or one accessible for seagoing vessels. Also used adjectively; as, a seaport town.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1590s, from sea + port (n.1).


n. A town or harbour with facilities for seagoing ships to dock and take on or discharge cargo.


n. a sheltered port where ships can take on or discharge cargo [syn: haven, harbor, harbour]

Usage examples of "seaport".

Haad Anchorage was not significantly larger than most other seaports on this largely archipelagic water world, but it had been originally designated Site Prime by the Terran expedition that had first settled here over a century ago.

For several weeks he lurked about like a malefactor, in low lodging-houses in narrow streets of the seaport to which the vessel had borne him, heeding no one, and but little shocked at the strange society and conversation with which, though only in bodily presence, he had to mingle.

Ged who had never been down from the heights of the mountain, the Port of Gont was an awesome and marvellous place, the great houses and towers of cut stone and waterfront of piers and docks and basins and moorages, the seaport where half a hundred boats and galleys rocked at quayside or lay hauled up and overturned for repairs or stood out at anchor in the roadstead with furled sails and closed oarports, the sailors shouting in strange dialects and the longshoremen running heavyladen amongst barrels and boxes and coils of rope and stacks of oars, the bearded merchants in furred robes conversing quietly as they picked their way along the slimy stones above the water, the fishermen unloading their catch, coopers pounding and shipmakers hammering and clamsellers singing and shipmasters bellowing, and beyond all the silent, shining bay.

Atlantic the prolonged bombardment of London, and later of other cities and seaports, aroused a wave of sympathy in the United States, stronger than any ever felt before or since in the English-speaking world.

But instead of pursuing his expedition by land, he was rejoiced to shelter the relics of his army in the friendly seaport of Satalia.

Quite possibly Adams had fallen victim to malaria, which in the heat of summer could be rampant in European seaports.

Ionian, Aeolian, and Dorian Greek cities and seaports of Asia Province made absolutely sure they treated this eastern potentate with all the obsequious prostrations his sort desired.

Rangoon, one of the chief seaports of the Burman Empire, situated on one of the numerous mouths of the Irrawaddy, and having a splendid harbor, is yet one of the meanest, and most uninteresting cities that can well be imagined.

They stop at ticket counters, gates, and exit controls at airports and seaports.

It was, then, towards nightfall upon the twelfth day of June 1685 that the news reached our part of the country that Monmouth had landed the day before at Lyme, a small seaport on the boundary between Dorsetshire and Devonshire.

Korea to Inchon, the seaport used by the American forces, a center of great cargo dumps and gasoline depots.

Genoese discovery of an all-water trade route to the Far East and Crimea, the Asian seaport city of Kaffa had evolved into a thriving gateway for Genoese merchant ships - however, it was not to last.

Assad hailed from the village of Qardaha, near the Syrian seaport of Latakia, and he and his main allies were not Sunni Muslims but Alawites.

The Prince de Ponte-Corvo was at Travemunde, a small seaport near Lubeck, but that did not prevent him from giving directions for the festival of the 15th of August.

After leaving Buenos Ayres she made short stops at Montevideo, Rio Janeiro, Maranham, and Para, the latter being the seaport of the Amazon River.