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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Amb- \Amb-\, Ambi- \Am*bi-\ [L. prefix ambi-, amb-, akin to Gr. ?, Skr. abhi, AS. embe, emb, OHG. umbi, umpi, G. um, and also L. ambo both. Cf. Amphi-, Both, By.] A prefix meaning about, around; -- used in words derived from the Latin. [1913 Webster] ||

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

word-forming element meaning "both, on both sides," from Latin ambi- "around, round about," from PIE *ambhi "around" (cognates: Greek amphi "round about;" Sanskrit abhitah "on both sides," abhi "toward, to;" Avestan aibi; Old English ymbe, German um; Gaulish ambi-, Old Irish imb- "round about, about;" Old Church Slavonic oba; Lithuanian abu "both"). The PIE root probably is an ablative plural of *ant-bhi "from both sides," from *ant- "front, forehead" (see ante).


pre. both, on both sides

Usage examples of "ambi-".

He could not understand now the insane ambi-tion that had led to this tinkering with human lives and the structure of the universe.